November 25, 2008

Obama wants a money bomb "of a size and scope to get this economy back on track". I'm thinking about $10 trillion will do the trick.

The only problem? We're already on the hook for $7.8 trillion (thank you Ben Bernanke).

Oh, and that the stock markets have shed $23 trillion. That's a bit of a problem too.

Man, these numbers are sick, aren't they?

Thank you Angelo Mozilo. You and your gang of fraudsters f*cked America.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Keith. You're going to get your "mother of all bailouts" to save America and make "America America again".

You and Ben Stein can rejoice and roll around naked on piles of worthless greenbacks together as Obama brings his New New Deal to America.

That's some "Change We Can Believe In".


WTF1920 said...

Keith, I hope you realize Obama is crazy.

He will utterly destroy the dollar.

vanilla ice said...

Oh boy. 7.8 trillion. I can't allow myself to get upset at this like I used to, I'm going to have a heart attack.

your bitch said...

bend over an meet your new president elect!!!!!!!!!

LibVet said...

What if the American economy can be controlled? That is a question that has not been asked here.

Repeat: What if the American economy can be controlled? There is a question that has not been asked here.

Granted, I'd give the Obama dream team a 10% chance of winning, but it is not impossible.

Unlikely? You bet. Have you ever been to the county fair?

Should one put some of ones cash holdings into the dream? Maybe.

Oil and natural gas are going up. I'll give 5 to 3 odds that by next June it's $90 and $9. Buy XOM and COP if you are braver than me.

How much influence do the ruling powers really have? Answer that and you can be rich in 2 years.

Who am I?

Like Odysseus, I am a nobody hiding under the underside of a sheep.

You're bet is really not as good as mine.

When the clarion call to get your money out sounded, I listened. Did you?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty young guy to talk of spending 10T. Let's hope we chose wisely.

gwk said...

now really do you feel safe with him at the wheel and do you think he looks like he really has any clue or is this just paint by numbers and have you noticed a theme developing in his cabinet something like 1992 thanks to all you change voters you have been officially had enjoy the stick ball game

eric in vegas said...

Where is the money going to come from? I doubt the Chinese can lend that much and they sure as hell won't let the US print it.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

"Across the Board People Feel this Stimulus is Critical" .... Oh Really?

Just like the $700bil was critical in resolving the wave of foreclosures across the country.

Obama is an intelligent man, but he's (unfortunately) buying into a dumb plan which will only lengthen the decline in housing prices and jobs across this nation, as well as burden future generations with taxes they'll never pay off.

Weimer Germany, here we come.

Meanwhile, China and India are set to become the next world dominating powers.

satan said...

My name is Satan. I am here to ruin America. I am going to print undisclosed amounts of fiat currency and use it to build bridges, dams, prisons, roads, and a big house for my red ass.

I hope you dont mind, but while I do that I'm going to take away a bunch of your rights for the common good.

When I am done with you my job will be complete.

You will be in HELL.

Your Friend in DC...

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to pay taxes from any cash income I get this year. F*ck them all. I cannot hide W-2 but cash is different.
This will be a cute stimulus package for my family.

Anonymous said...

OK buys. It's time to buy f* gold.

les said...

Obama's chief economic advisor--Larry Summers--will do wonders. Summers was an advisor to both Lithuania and Russia in the early 90s. Both countries defaulted on their debt. Lithuania went back to communism and Russia voted in Putin. He's an expert in destroying the value of currency and defaulting on the subsequent loans. He's the perfect choice.

Summers is given credit for Reagan's economic success. Success? Deficit spending your way to economic growth is not a sign of genius. In fact, you can say he started the whole mess in the first place, 28 years ago.

For the Bilderberg conspiracy nuts, Summers changed his name from Samuelson. Why? To hide his jewish identity?

Ross said...

NO NO NO NO!!!!!

Did you not hear that Obama wants to make all of his decisions based on what's good for the middle class?? That's what he wants right?? He said it and there's no way that it could be pacification. I just know he means it because he comes off as being so genuine. No way a Chicago politician could be on the take from Unions and special interests.

Nope Nope Nope.

Obama is the real deal. Pass the Xanax. Pass the Bong. Pass the Obama. I need another dose/hit/money bomb.


vanilla ice said...

"My name is Satan."

On earth I think you're called Ben.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to pay taxes from any cash income I get this year. F*ck them all. I cannot hide W-2 but cash is different.
This will be a cute stimulus package for my family.

I applaud this. Good luck to you. I think more of America goes into the underground economy.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke . First change who the winners and losers will be in the de-leveraging ,than charge it to the taxpayers so you can continue with debt spending . Won't work because the American people are wise now .

Paul E. Math said...

I am ashamed of myself but this process of rolling bailouts has made me cynical and opportunistic.

I came to this country for a job, intending to stay for a year or 2. But you welcomed me into your homes and your hearts and I have been here for 8 years and do not want to leave.

Then this happened.

Like so many HPers (and by the help of so many HPers) I saw the direction the economy was heading. I gave money to Ron Paul, I tried to reach out to people and convince them of the recklessness of this path of asset bubbles and government bailouts. With no success.

I feel completely disenfranchised.

All I seem to care about is getting my own. And when all this really hits the fan, I'm not sticking around to work and pay for your budget defecits.

I'm sorry. I apologize. But it's not fair to ask me to pay for this reckless and irresponsible behaviour which I did not choose and did not benefit from.

Anonymous said...

Step 1: Stop digging.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as Stupid does. Change we can believe in!!!