November 8, 2008

S&A Quote of the Day

"People all over the world are celebrating Obama’s victory. Sarah Palin watched the Russians celebrating from her house"

- Craig Ferguson, November 5, 2008


keith said...

Here's why McCain never let Palin have a press conference

I'll sure miss her.


bali Girl said...

She is so totally consumed with getting herself on the air. Just 100% focused on getting any coverage she can get her hands on - seems like it blinds her to the fact that she's sounding like a utter moron. Or maybe that doesn't matter?

Ya know she got pretty drunk on all the attention she got in only 2 short months. Guess now she thinks any publicity is good publicity, with NO concerns about making any sense.

And that 'belly of the plane' line of hers is so fake-folksy lame.

Anonymous said...

tooo funny!!

Anonymous said...

She is clearly meant to be a Fox News anchor. And that is all.

tom12008 said...

Amazingly, one poll shows 64%Republicans in favor of a Palin 2012 presidential run. You were right, Keith; the GOP has done itself in but good this time.

Anonymous said...

i thought you all liked Palin. She said Obama probably wished that he'd picked H. Clinton after her reception. Everyone (well not all, me for 1)treated her like a rock star. I thought she looked like an airhead. The people wanted her to be the white female version of OBAMA. Guess the difference was graduating from Harvard and the graduating from Wasilla High wasn't noticable when any white person would do against a black man. PS: aren't teachers supposed to be the most honored professions, the leaders of charitable foundations respected for their public commitments, people who go to people to vote are supposed to be honored for their contributions to democracy. 9AS IN OBAMA'S CASE) But people ranted Palin had more experience because she was a mayor, a beauty queen, a moose hunter, and she was in charge of a budget for a state with many employees under her doing the work and she was taking the credit. And folks can't understand why some folks were pissed. POOF disappear. I for twice am with Chavez (el diablo) and you gotta feel sorry for her. No I don't agree, this is what you get when you are greedy and actually convince yourself you were the best choice. I was, at least I knew what North America consisted of and I knew Africa was a continent. Perhaps McCain was told to loose this election and that is why he picked her.

Anonymous said...

When Sarah Palin was selected as VP candidate, I looked her over and thought uh-oh she's got the looks to blow Washington away, and I thought she's bound to be an intellectual heavy-weight to compete with Obama, so I was ready, as a woman (albeit a Democrat), to be pleasantly impressed and proud of my 'sister'.
And then....oh, and then.....she spoke. (Sigh)...NEXT!