November 15, 2008

The theft is so complete, and so blatant, that it's actually funny. These guys were good. Heist of the century.

The monkeys in Congress let them steal our wallets. And our homes. And our 401ks. And, we'll, pretty much everything.

Damn, those guys were good.

We got grifted like never before.

They'll make a movie out of this one day.


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how Democrats always state they are on the side of the little guy, the working class, etc... But when it comes to actually defend the working people, they engage in this "phony outrage" and then DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If they had any guts at all, they would immediately start impeachment proceedings against Treasury Secretary Paulson and take away the money what is left and then decide what to do with it. Also, they wouldn't have passed a bill in the first place that gave all of this authority to the Treasury Secretary in the first place. People of America, wake up! Neither Republicans or Democrats give a damn about you. They only care about the very wealthy.

Anonymous said...

Keith- I don't see how they are banking off of this. I think the plan was to conduct a huge Friend of Hank program that would have allowed a select few to buy MBS at huge discounts to market and then make enormous profits and enormous commissions. That plan blew up when the European nations announced their equity injections into the banks. Hank was then forced to do the same and his scam was blown. Now the treasury is simply taking preferred shares in companies. As a result, I don't see them fleecing the US the way they had intended.


JAWS said...

Congress, one-by-one, is just beginning to wake up. It's sad for us because, as they wake up, we have to listen to each of their examples of how they're finally "getting it."

Listening to Paulson plead for the "corporate bailout" was sad because anyone who has ever been in the real estate industry could tell he didn't have a clue how he was going to even access one loan in trouble; they're not even accessible anymore. No more than smoking a cigarette and trying to catch the smoke - it's vanished. Those contracts have been mushed like grapes into wine.

There is no accessing a loan that's gone out the door. BUTT, if ya did, bless your soul sucker because you're gonna get sued to the end of the earth.

I listened to the FDIC chair lady this morning and just laying there in bed listening to public radio, I could tell that she's full of crap. She's either lying her ass off or she really believes FDIC has gotten a hold of a loan that's been sliced, diced, sold, bought, and shipped to China, and little ol' FDIC has managed to rip up the many contractual agreements between investment houses and countries and get little ol' ma and pa to sign a new contract that suits their little ol' lifestyle, my ass. I wouldn't believe one word that comes out of that witch's mouth.

gwk said...

Hey Keith this is all happening because your hero has been elected and his cronies are feeling pretty good right now so please stop with the tear posts you wanted it you got it and America will turn on these clowns and he will be a 1 term President but it will be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

"They'll make a movie about this someday."

Do you really think there will ever be any money around to make movies, or cars, or houses, or airplanes, or space shuttles, or anything else at all in this country any time soon?

Anonymous said...

How can you "Reinvent America" and not invite Ron Paul to the party?

Ron Paul on the G-20 Summit aka Bretton Woods II aka Birth of the New World Order

Honica Jewinski said...

Well, hopefully the movie will have a happy ending..... Something along the lines of the American people gathering up the senate, house of reps, fed reserve owners and chairmen etc, and lynching every last one of the fuckin scumbags.

Anonymous said...

The truth always arrives by process of elimination.

Save failing banks? Nope.

Underwater homedebtors? No.

Make credit available? Sorry.

It's almost like asking a realtor what they actually do for a living.

The best part of this wholesale daylight robbery is about a third actually appear to believe the cover story of incompetence.

Not really; we know you're lying because of a nickel at stake somewhere.

But we do ADORE the maudlin theatrics. Really convincing there.

Silly Wabbit said...

This is not theft by "the man" somewhere. In every transaction, there are two sides to it. Follow the cash flow, and you will see who "stole" the money. The winners in this are those that got out in time (the few), and those who got to live the good life with a big house and big toys for a period of time without paying for them (quite a few more).

The losers are the banks who own rights to a bunch of devalued junk and anyone who bought a derivative of that, which is most everybody, from what I understand. Apparently, our government has decided it wants in on this action and has invested in the American Bankruptcy Candidate Fund (symbol DUMBX). Given government's propensity to mismanage money, this is not surprising.

The thing that is sickening is that the thieves are the ones perceived to be the victims in this. Instead of allowing the free market to issue efficient justice, "those poor people" are sent to an arbitration of sorts to have binding contracts changed.

Has there ever been another time in history when a thief has been given a reward for stealing?

Anomymouse said...

His name is Kashkari

"Cash carry"

That's the secret message.

JaneZ said...

gwk said...

Hey Keith this is all happening because your hero has been elected and his cronies are feeling pretty good right now so please stop with the tear posts you wanted it you got it and America will turn on these clowns and he will be a 1 term President but it will be fun to watch.

No this is why it is happening.

Anonymous said...


Hang them ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!