December 17, 2008

And then Chris Cox, the incompetent head of the SEC, threw the SEC under the bus (while taking no blame himself, being the piece of sh*t he is)

"I am gravely concerned by the apparent multiple failures over at least a decade to thoroughly investigate these allegations or at any point to seek formal authority to pursue them"

- SEC head Christopher Cox, one of the most destructive human beings of all time, speaking on his incompetent organization's almost surreal abdication of duty in investigating the $50 billion Madoff Ponzi Scheme, December 16, 2008


Went2puke said...

Great photo! That effigy in the background of Cox's photo speaks volumes! Just take a second look at the dummy staring at Cox and you'll understand the real reason behind the mess we're in!

Anonymous said...

God that guy is such a "cox"!

Anonymous said...

America must still "feel" rich. The fact that people aren't getting whacked just tells me reality hasn't hit home yet. A bunch of these guys assuming room temperature would do wonders. It's coming.

Deb said...

Yeah he's "concerned" now that they've been concern while all the hanky-panky was under the radar...these people are immoral pigs. We should cut off their heads, I am not kidding. How come folks had the balls to do that a couple hundred years ago but no more?

cox's page said...

With a name like cox he must do something right once in awhile.Not sure what that is but have a feeling you all might.

SeattleMoose said...

Let's see....Cox has lunch wth, golfs with, and is friends wth....all the WS/Financial maggots he is supposed to police. He is beyond just being ineffective, he is one of the "in crowd" ruling this country.

The following are rotten from top to bottom:

1) U.S. Government (full of CEOs/WS execs)
2) Supreme Court as they are picked by 1)
3) FED - an unelected unaccountable cabal representing the financial elite of the world
4) Wallstreet - nuf said
5) Big banking - nuf said

This is country ruled by CEOs for the benefit of CEOs. Why aren't more CEOs and execs being frog marched for their crimes? Because they call ALL the shots. They can steer their companies onto the rocks while giving themselves huge paychecks and then ask their cronies in government to bail them out. Even when they don't get bailed out they NEVER have to give back all their millions. So essentially CEOs have no skin in the game. They win no matter what and we pick up their tab. Welcome to Corporation America!!

The WHOLE system is broken and corrupt. There can be no FIX without a complete enema with all the above being washed out.

You want to know why our schools, infrastructure, and the direction of this country is into the toilet? Because the parasitcal "ruling class" have been concerned with only one thing....padding their own wallets at ANY cost...with OUR money. NOBODY is watching out for the common good.

Look at Obama's appointees....same old same old. Anyone who thinks Obama is gonna be an agent of REAL change is fooling themselves.

None of the old rules/fixes apply (e.g. rate cuts). This is truly the end game playing out. Any actions taken by the Govt/FED to "fix" the economy will be as effective as juicing a dying junkie. The junkie may perk up but the perk ups become less and less until there is no more response.

We (and Europe) are headed into a grinding depression and nobody can change it.

But a grinding depression coupled with a purging of the existing set of "rulers" IS THE ONLY REAL FIX. The depression is "in the bag", only time will tell if the "purge" will occur.

Watch for the sharks to start eating each other with the "eaten" smaller sharks retaliating by taking down the remaining "big sharks". When the extent of the greed and corruption of the last few decades is finally laid bare, it will be astounding.

Honica Jewinski said...

Ummmm........ Madoff is a trustee of the Yeshiva University, and you KNOW what that means.

Yes folks, there IS a certain sect of people that are allowed to run giant scams here in the States.

Ya gettin tired of gettin scammed yet people?????????

Wake up goyim!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Madoff replaced poor old Ponzi by now? Going forward,it should just be callled a Madoff Scheme.

Anonymous said...

Just one looking at the clueless chimpy asshole in the background of your image tells me all I need to know. You don't even need a heading/subtitle to know with an ignorant corrupt drunkard steering the ship you are bound for the rocks...

Mission Accomplished!

Guberville Smack said...

They keep playing the "mistakes were made" card.
They are not incompetent, they are corrupt. Big difference.
Every time a mistake was made, I bet money was exchanged for a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the whack jobs will come. you can read it in the wind.

Throwing shoes will be so "Pre-depression II" in a few months.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you put a bunch of "golden boys" in charge of institutions that have a direct impact on the lives of the citizenry. These idiots always go crawling back to "daddy" after Mr. Market hands them their asses. Afterward, a sensible group of dudes who still put their pants on one leg at a time and have personally learned some lessons about how to respect Mr. Market must come in and clean up all the messes and put things right. It may be boring, tedious work that probably won't attract a tropy wife, but somebody has to be the grown up every once in a while.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

former congressman from Orange County California - what would you expect from such a dolt producing area of the country. and, not just the average run of the mill OC dolt - this was a congressman so he is like uber dolt, a dolt among dolts, a dolt's dolt, Gunga Dolt, lord of the dolts, Dolt Czar, to put it into boxing terms - Rocky Doltciano, i guess you get my drift now.

Anonymous said...

long standing problem in the culture - the law is for "little people"

dig around a little - I love Google and the internet - thanks Al Gore! In your honor, I named my fishing kayak after you (USS Algore) because of its small carbon footprint.

Who the hell names their kid Hitler? said...

"How come folks had the balls to do that a couple hundred years ago but no more?"

Because a couple hundred years ago police forces didn't exist and there were not automatic weapons, pepper spray and tasers, nor were there high security prisions and there was not enough tax base to imprison a huge swath of the population so rulers often got whacked or poisoned or infected with some deadly disease and died.

Now they get health care, have small standing armies that surround them and watch their every move (aside from when they are eating pretzels or dodging flying shoes). And they are far, far removed from the public on most occasions.

But don't worry, the guillotine will be making a comeback and it will be during your lifetime. You'll certainly have some stories to tell your grandchildren about these times and the "Night of the long knives II". Except this time it won't be a rise of National Socialism, it'll be a rise of revolutionary patriots. Notice I did not say rebels!

You of course know the difference between a rebel and a revolutionary right?

Anonymous said...

what would you expect from a guy who would either stoop to / be dumb enough to say "I do" to the former chief of staff for Ted Stevens?

you are judged by the company you keep - he is either immoral or really stupid or a combination of both

RobertM said...

If this was Japan, Cox would at least have had the decency to commit harakiri. But this is America, where greed is king and the rule of law is a dirty joke so it should surprise no one that the amoral "Free Marketeers" Made-off with billions of ill gotten booty.

Anonymous said...

All crimes should be punished with humiliations - public exposure in ridiculous and grotesque situations - and never in any other way. Death makes a hero of the villain, and he is envied by some spectators and imitators.
- Mark Twain

President Georgie Bush said...

Oh, back off.

I for one say, 'Coxie,, you're doing a helluva job'

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

I don't know why everybody is picking on Madoff. He ran his business the same way the social security administration runs theirs.
Cox is some piece of work. The agency he runs screwed up but it's not his fault. Maybe Bush should fire him.....oops, can't do that, people would be calling Bush a Cox-sacker.

Anonymous said...

Guilty ! Give this guy 2 options...

Option 1:

Strip him of ALL assests, and make him work as a WalMart greeter for the rest of his life.

Or Option 2:


Anonymous said...

You're doin' a heckuva job Chrissy....