December 2, 2008

Connie De Groot has a new haircut and some really nifty cool ideas on how to stop the housing crash that she said wouldn't happen



And for the uninitiated, here's some of her greatest hits:


keith said...

Sorry, getting a little "HousingPANIC" out of my system today...

She is the gift that keeps on giving. Unless of course you were one of her clients. In that case, you've lost everything.

a mean and greedy sob said...

A bit off subject, but amusing just the same. Arnold is Californicated.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you losers say.

That woman is hawt!!!!

Anonymous said...

"keith said...
She is the gift that keeps on giving. Unless of course you were one of her clients. In that case, you've lost everything."

In other words, DeGroot and her ilk are more like a case of festering, chancre-ridden, dead T-cell count full-blown AIDS. You use it, and YOU DIE...

Res Ipsa Loquator

I nominate DeGroot for Skank-of-the-Year for 2008.

DIE RealWhores!

Find a pole and Dance, B.

Anonymous said...

"You could buy 100 houses if you want" -RealWhore with fresh haircut and still hysterical, Connie "Beverly Hils" DeGroot.

Cavuto shows his True Ignorance once and for all with this interview. Only on FOX could these incompetents have air time.

Danger, Danger Will Robinson...

Hang 11 said...

Jenna Jameson - Connie De Groot - separated at birth.

She's the housing porn star queen IMO

Jim said...

She is a looker, but what is that putrid gas belching out of her mouth?

Jonny De Splooge said...

Love Connie's subliminable message at the end of this clip. It's the Euro sign or close enough.

She really should have been a porn star !
But then again maybe she's a private hooker doing real estate. She probably throws in a blow job or three when the buyer signs on the dotted line.

De Groot - sound like some French translation for snouting around in the dirt for buried treasure.

Anonymous said...


Never apologize for HP.

THE Premier housing crash site.

Undisputed Champ HP is sort of like Ali standing over Liston after knocking him out in the First minute of the First round...

NO other site came close.

HP has saved more peoples bacon than you can imagine.

Be Proud of HP. Bring BACK HP!

Anyone else AGREE?

Hac? Snap, Crackle, POP...

Anonymous said...

Guys this woman, assuming it is human, looks like the Crypt Keeper. How desperate are some of you sick bastards.

JaneZ said...

nonymous said...

Be Proud of HP. Bring BACK HP!

Anyone else AGREE?

Hac? Snap, Crackle, POP...

Still HP to me. "Changing America, One Attitude At A Time"

Ross said...

I'd love to see more of Schiff vs DeGroot. What a matchup.

Anonymous said...

I thought most of us were waiting because we want to see the prices come back down to rational levels, not because I'm afraid of how much I'll be taxed when I sell. The longer I wait, the more I'll make when I sell. As long as things keep going down, I'll wait. Yay deflation!

SeattleMoose said...

And now, live on center stage right here at the Jug House, Connie DeSnoot!!!!

Anonymous said...

This isn't really about Connie De Groot but I have to say that this website (actually housing panic) and were sites that really saved my ass.

Last year while Apple was soaring and other stocks were still doing well, I dumped everything and paid off all my debt, started to bank cash as fast as possible and ended up with over 40K saved up by now.

I spent some on making the home more comfortable, investing in my business (paying cash for everything from hardware, software to other equipment), getting the car fixed and enjoying a few vacations with my wife and getting somethings for her that she really wanted (like tuition for her college year 2009).

I'm as ready as I'll ever be for whatever you all have been predicting here. So thanks keith "the little dog with the big microphone" and all the other posters and trolls around here.

Anonymous said...

new hair makes her look younger, or maybe more than her hair was done

satan said...

It tried to sell it's soul.

I didn't want it.

Anonymous said...

No captial gains tax on real estate bought in the next 12 months.

That's already the case, there's no tax when there's no gain!

Wind Farmer said...

HousingPANIC is in your blood. I like the guest stars!

Nevada Burning said...

Connie De Groot sucks. Hearing her talk makes me want to cut my self to offset the grating crunch of her voice that she uses to plead for people to buy 8-10 homes at a pop.

She is an Idiot.
Hope she goes bankrupt.
Her new "doo" can't hide her golddigging, cougar/floozy past.

May all realtors financially implode.

Anonymous said...


science teacher said...

HP for ever !

Keith for Prez!

Krazee Kat said...

Those are extensions stuck under her hair. Her face is haggard with worry and starvation. She's about as "hawt" as the housing market. LOL

Anonymous said...

She and Sarah Palin should just learn some songs and take their Barbie act on the road. They should forget trying to put sentences together that mean anything.

Anonymous said...

I agree on this thread with a few of the postings:

CDG is a good looking woman

CDG is a bag of wind

HP should come back only to do a "where are they now" segment to showcase some of the most retarded of the retarded statements made by the cheerleading pundits and hacks during the height of the housing frenzy - just to demonstrate how totally out of hand things became. HP and S&A go hand in glove - you can't have one without the other. To borrow a phrase from Bill Bonner, to do so would be like trying to have Christianity without the Crucifixion.

Smug Bastard

JAWS said...

Capital Gains tax is only paid on investment property anyway. Primary residence pays income tax.
Big difference.

Neither one will be an issue for a very long time.

What is an issue and will be for a very long time is tax that was deferred via an exchange from one investment property to another. If that tax was deferred from the gain on one investment property to a new investment property, and you lose your new one to foreclosure, you're still stuck with tax on the old property's gain.

Nobody's been paying any attention to that little tax hook. Even Coldwell Banker brokerage owners don't get it.

Tax Deferred Exchanges are slippery slopes. A sh*t-load of idiots, calling themselves "investors" were gleefully doing "Exchanges" for the last 5 years. Most of them are clueless to the fact that Capital Gains Tax is due even though they've lost their butts.

Lolcatzp said...

Why would you pay capital gains when you buy a house?

I stupid please sumbody xplain!

Guberville Smack said...

You are not getting HousingPANIC out of your system.
You are HousingPANIC!!
And always will be.
Don't deny it.
Don't fight it.
Looking at the last dozens posts, you are back to your old ways.
And even better, so are the angry followers.
This clusterfvck is just beginning to unravel.
As for this skanky 'professional', she has to be the posterchild for the term 'Realtwhore'.

guy n. cognito said...

well done, Connie! you no longer look like a sketchy haggard 80s porn star, you now look like a coked up 90s porn star.

Paul E. Math said...

Is she serious?? Capital gains?? What gains??

If homebuyers aren't buying because they believe the property will be worth less in the future then what possible relevance is a feature that only operates if the property value goes up??

I couldn't watch the whole thing, I was so embarrassed for her.

Anonymous said...

Those are extensions stuck under her hair. Her face is haggard with worry and starvation. She's about as "hawt" as the housing market. LOL

Man, some people don't know true beauty when they see it. Sure she's had more surgery than Michael Jackson but that surgery is top of the line.

That 6% commission went a long way.

i've had it said...

She is undoubtedly one of the most stupid, if not THE most stupid person, I have ever heard speak about the housing crisis.

She is uneducated and has no understanding -- at all -- of micro or macro economics, capital markets, or international finance.


It is because of people like her that we need federal laws restricting Realtwhores speech with respect to what they say to buyers. They should be legally prohibited from saying things like:

1) housing always goes up
2) it's always a great time to buy
3) they aren't making land anymore
4) etc.

if stockbrokers said the following, they would be thrown in jail:

1) stocks always go up
2) it's always a great time to buy
3) they ain't making companies this good anymore

she spent her last commission check on a $2,000 look like like a XXX star! Now we know what she's doing to make a buck during the downturn.

Anonymous said...


She smells of cigarettes, cheap whiskey and Vagisil!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit she looks a lil softer,

but, once a Realtwhore always a Realtwhore!


Peter Hollin said...

Good one Keith. Laughing my ass off at the part right around 1:16 where Peter Schiff's eyes boggle while she's talking. Had to go back and watch that part a few times over.

Peter Hollin said...

@Jonny De Splooge

De Groot is Dutch for "the great". Though it means more in the sense of large rather than superlative. Hard to translate actually.

Don't mean to be pedantic. I have a feeling though that the potential irony from the real meaning could lead to something funnier.

@no-one-in-particular: I don't think it's fitting to make crude or nasty comments about her. Salespeople have to believe in what they're selling. Even the more ethical among them have to at least lie to themselves in order to meet the expectations placed on their performance.

Making fun of how ignorantly and aggressively wrong she was, on the other hand, is not only appropriate but almost a moral obligation on our parts. She was a blustering opinion-bulldozer with no analysis to back anything up.

marco said...

Incentives... especially short term schemes to boost sales, is that all these Realtors know? How about incent fundamentals to buy a house that you can live in and/or raise a family in and one day own outright. Instead good ole Connie has another way you can use it as a piggy bank.

Peter Hollin said...


Realtors have souls???? I think you just shocked a lot of the readers here.

(props to the honest and ethical realtors out there who have probably languished in obscurity because of your choices)

Peter Hollin said...

@I've had it:

I like your line of thinking. Maybe have some kind of disclaimer that they have to read out real fast when they address certain topics. Kind of like the ads from the drug companies...

Anonymous said...

Unintentional masterpiece: "Who's gonna pay for it?"

That is really our Global Dilemma in a nutshell; is it not?

All that scheming and heavy thinking to create a financial architecture specifically designed to deliver the fruits of future labor upwards to people who do nothing.

The stark terror unfolds as we all realize there are not enough people to do the work represented by that debt.

We wanked ourselves silly thinking it was easy money, but that's all it really was.

Johnny De Splooge said...

Peter said:

De Groot is Dutch for "the great".

Nice to know that. I was just going on how it sounded if you said it real fast like "Dig Root" i.e. snorting around in the dirt for little pieces of gold truffles.

I can just see Connie on all fours with her goldilocks and her mud-covered face and a wide open mouth like Lucile Ball used to make when she cried - but that's going way back.

Connie, the little gold digger.

My name is translated as Johnny the "load" but that's only a rough translation since "load" can mean so many things.


bali girl said...

That isn't a plain new haircut: Connie shelled out to trade the electro-perm for seriously pricey hair extensions. No less than a grand to glue on, takes all freaking day, needs to be done every 6-8 weeks. With the SoCal market tanking, wonder if she moonlighted a little to pay for the new do...

Anonymous said...

"DeGroot" is actually Old German for The Grub.

As in grubbing for money.

Anonymous said...

First off, I wish someone would tell Cuvootoe to clear his throat.
Secondly, Connie looks like an angel w/ her new doo, sort of fitting since all her former client's wealth is now in money heaven.
keyser soze

Anonymous said...

"First off, I wish someone would tell Cuvootoe to clear his throat."

Amen, someone should give him a year's supply of Ricola for Christmas and tell him to take a hint.

Anonymous said...

I made it to :32 and couldn't take it anymore.