January 26, 2009

Eleven years ago today, Bill Clinton lied to the American people.

And at that point, Americans and people all over the world lost trust in America's leaders.

Liars. Corrupt conmen. Incompetents.

And they were right.

Let's see if Obama can reverse this stain in history.

Or if it'll be more of the same.


Guberville Smack said...

That smile on her face says it all. The picture must have been taken immediately after an Oval Office business meeting.

Tray Deee said...

Funny...didn't realize today was the anniversary. Saw him speak today and he seemed tired and worn out to me.

I really dispised him about 11 years ago today. But today I thought he sounded like a president should and I missed that. Also, at the time I thought his investment in the poor was socialism and I wanted more Republican. Jeebus was that a stupid idea. The Republicans tooks us to socialism.

Doublespeak Fail said...

I always thought there was a distinct period after "that woman". He is trying desperately to construct "weasel words" - if the sentence ends there, then the participial phrase has no antecedent and - voila! - it is not a lie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please - so what. The only scandal was that our "media" and the "congress" spent so much time sniffing panties and not attending to the economy.

I'm so tired of this lie being the be all and end all of corruption. It's petty to keep bringing it up because it's so picayune in the grand scheme of things. Get over it. There's more than enough real scandal and corruption to discuss.

By the way - you are completely and utterly wrong that anyone started losing trust in institutions or politicians because of this. People the world over gave a collective shrug at this and were appalled by the media and congressional reaction, not by Clinton's pecadillo. And, he was more popular than ever after people found out - not because of the affair - but inspite of it. People just. didn't. care.

a mean and greedy sob said...

The world is falling apart by the minute and you're thinking Clinton.


Monkeys I tell ya.

Here's a subject. Where the fuck has all the money gone? Wages flat for last 10 years, stock market flat for over 11 years (even by the rule-book fat cats didn't cash in). One would think there had been no productivity gains, but those gains were enormous in the last ten years or so. So, WHERE THE FUCK DID THE MONEY GO???

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the messianic farce is so perfect. Hasn't the corrupt MSM and bloggers been praising to death his oh-so-"smooth transition"?

By the end of his first full day in office, President Bill Clinton had all but one cabinet nominee in office, even after a very rocky transition. President George W. Bush also had all but one cabinet member confirmed by the end of January 2001, despite the protracted Florida recount following the November election.

This time, Mr. Obama will start his second week without Treasury, Labor, Health and Human Services or Commerce secretaries, not to mention an attorney general to head the Justice Department. By the end of next week, Senate aides say the president may have only secured two more cabinet confirmations: Timothy Geithner at Treasury and Eric Holder at Justice.

Since President Jimmy Carter's first term, only President George H.W. Bush has had more problems than Mr. Obama on this front -- and the current president's issues have arisen after what is widely considered a smooth, quick and organized transition.


Nope, the head of Treasury doesn't need to pay taxes for 4 years, and can have illegals working in his house. Totally acceptable, right?

keith said...

Agreed, the whole Starr thing was a political witch hunt. Eight years of Bush and nothing was investigated. Eight years of Clinton and where he took a dump was investigated.

But it still is a telling moment when a US President lies under oath, and then lies to the American people, so brazenly, so coldly.

You wonder what he was thinking.

After the disasters of Nixon and Carter and Clinton and Bush, I sense that the Obama administration, however long it lasts, will be pretty calm by comparison. Kind of like Bush the elder. No drama.

Anonymous said...

"Reverse the Stain" bwahahahahaha

Seriously though the day Dubya told the nation he was going to restore honor to the office of President, I thought to myself, "it's going to take more than not getting a hummer in the hallway."

Dubya = Fail
Obama = To early to call

fruity pebbles said...

Yeah, so what about Monica. Who really gives a care about who these pols are legally banging, licking, sucking, whatever. How is that relevant to their jobs? Huh? I don't call it a lie when a person is forced to answer a personal question by someone who has no business asking in the first place. No one should be forced to account for their private sex life to anyone except their God and their spouse. That's it! For everyone else, it's NONE YA.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are going to pull on that zipper it is hard where to justify stopping. I think that bj-gate was stupid in hindsight. If our economy and currency can be brought down by a bj or lying about it then something is really really really wrong. Perhaps I want to change my suggestion on the other thread. The one that asked about the price of gold at the end of the year. Since the meaning of a dollar is in serious question perhaps this makes sense: I am now thinking 20 bjs per ounce. Up from say 8 today. This line of thought does lead some interesting conjecture about what has been going on with Wall Street and Finance the past 30 years.
I'll let your imagination run with that.

Don Payne

Anonymous said...

He had an affair and then lied about it. Anyone who can't get over this is just needs to look in the mirror.

Meanwhile, there are real criminals in government that will never even get a slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, if you google "Carla Bruni", you'll see a zillion pictures of her naked on "Google Images". France's first lady naked all over the net. Never mind that the late French president Mitterrand never hid his mistress, Mme Pingeot, to the point of her attending his funeral next to his widow.

But if Clinton has an affair, all hell breaks loose. Funny how that works. Not that I'm a Clinton's fanboy, to the contrary, since he's just one more Illuminati tool with his Nafta New World Order crap.

So now you know why D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, was murdered before exposing all the big-wig hypocrites in Washington. That gets a pass.

Anonymous said...

A whole year of nothing but BlowJob TV®; 24/7.

Like NOTHING else important was going on.

Now we know better, and remember what half our government chose to spend all it's energies on then.

Compare: a horny sleazebag goofing off on the clock, versus our recently-departed, detached water-boy.

A more cynical person might think something's wrong with our system. Not to worry though.

The SEC will soon straighten itself out.

JaneZ said...

Keith said...
After the disasters of Nixon and Carter and Clinton and Bush, I sense that the Obama administration, however long it lasts, will be pretty calm by comparison. Kind of like Bush the elder. No drama.

I don't understand how you can say that when you have a "global riot meter" listed on the right hand side of the page. Unless you really do believe that we Americans are so stupid that we will just calmly stroll to get the gubmint cheese.

Anonymous said...

Keith, baby, Tricky Dick Nixon lied and then we had Jimmy Carter Peanut Farmer say he would never lie to us. White trash Clinton should have been impeeched by the Senate if the rule of law was upheld and not politics. America's mulatto messiah will be found wanting when the economy declines due to the demographics of boomers ending their life/spending cycle (regardless of trillion dollar borrowing to get the borrowing back), and there is no socialized medicine, or Robbin Hood policies passed.

Anonymous said...

Obama is already a proven liar / backpedaler.

Anonymous said...


Edgar Alpo is right,

I think B Husein is going to make Clinton look like an amateur when it comes to BULLSHIT!


burbing baby said...

"He had an affair and then lied about it. Anyone who can't get over this is just needs to look in the mirror."

umm, the big lie was that the stock market would always go up! and, since it didn't, it was bush's fault! and, oh by the way, he thought our quality of life would get better by sending our manufacturing jobs to china.

KWM said...

30 years ago the U.S. supported the Shah of Iran

30 years ago the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein

30 years ago the U.S. supported Ferdinand Marcos

20 years ago the U.S. supported Mobutu

40 years ago the U.S. supported Pinochet

25 years ago the death squads in El Salvador

And yet, to hear the puritannical tell the story, faith was lost when Bill Clinton lied about a blow job.

With intellectual dishonesty and pseudo morality like that this country has no future.

Anonymous said...

I'd been on several continents, during the aftermath of the scandal and what troubled most persons abroad was why the most powerful political leader in America couldn't have a regular, attractive mistress (and more than one, if he so chooses)?

They were astonished to see that he had to testify in front of a grand jury about an affair, something which seldoms happens anywhere else in the globe for a top ranking official.

You see, the world really didn't care and in fact, was appalled at how average Monica was. I think they were expecting someone more like Claudia Schiffer. At least it gave every average, overweight woman hope that she could attract a powerful man in her life.

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when the biggest problem we had in America was that the president had a girlfriend.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

You know when the rest of the world lost respect for America re: Clinton's lie? Not so much when he uttered it. No, the rest of the world started laughing at America when Congress got Monica's panties in a wad for the next two years. They were saying (to paraphrase that great philosopher Bugs Bunny) "Wadda buncha maroons."

You're in England now, Keith. You travel. You talk to non-Americans. What did more damage to their opinions -- the lie, or the reaction? What did more damage -- Clinton's dumb-assery about sneaky sex, or Bush's dumb-assery about everything EXCEPT sex? What's a bigger shit-stain on the aniversary calendar -- 11 years ago with Clinton, or 6 Marchs ago when Bush launched his lie-based attack on Iraq?

All presidents lie. I'm reading a book that recounts "Speeches that Changed the World" and in retrospect, it's amazing how much bullshit there was even in mostly well-received, positive, uplifting oratory. There's a reason why Slick Willy's pathetic fib isn't high on the lie memorialiser. Because in the big scheme of things, it was little.

Anonymous said...

"After the disasters of Nixon and Carter and Clinton and Bush, I sense that the Obama administration, however long it lasts, will be pretty calm by comparison. Kind of like Bush the elder. No drama."

Are you kidding me? Keith, I think you're senses need a 10,000 mile tune-up. For one thing, Obama is one of the most accomplished liars I've seen in a while, so should be fun to start the count of whoppers during his term.

For another - maybe you didn't realize it because the Obama media isn't reporting it, but 3 of his senior aides all were supboenaed in the Blago case already, and it's not even his second week as President - certainly has even Clinton beat there.

Thirdly, you despise Clinton so much, but Obama's administration is 99% full of ex-Clinton people - including many who spent many an hour testifying before Congress in the various "scandals" the Republicans dredged up.

No drama with Obama? I'll wager you an ounce of gold on the other side of that!

Mike H. said...

Don Payne,

An interesting idea but a blowjob would never become a measure for a store of value. The reasons:

1. A blowjob cannot be divided into a fractional unit unlike other forms of 'money'.

2. You can't store or accumulate blowjobs. Once a blowjob is given it is then gone (i.e. consumed) as opposed to the receiver keeping the blowjob.

3. All BJ's are not created equal. And surely some are delivered in more desirable circumstances than others. The lack of standardization makes it impractical as a measure of wealth.

I think I've been reading S&A too long.

-Mike H.

Anonymous said...

I live in Portland and our mayor Sam Adams went through a similar thing, luckily for both men, neither stepped down. 20x as much U.S. tax monies was spent on trying to prosecute Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal then was spent investigating the 911 attacks. Americans are extreme novices when it comes to politics. If someone asked you in public, in front of your family and office staff, how many times you've masterbated, how, what you used, and what you thought of....you would tell them to mind their own business.

Anonymous said...

more of the same.

Anonymous said...

...lied to the American people in the form of an answer to a question that did not deserve an answer. Oh, the humanity!

Anonymous said...

what is up with lying politicians that then say, i have never lied or I have but for give me, but I need to get back to work for the people.

The embarrassment of a mayor of Portland said almost the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

"that depends on what the meaning of is is".

Classic weasel line.

Anonymous said...

Nope, the head of Treasury doesn't need to pay taxes for 4 years, and can have illegals working in his house. Totally acceptable, right?


but congress is willing to over look that because America really NEEDS HIM.

what a crock of sh*t.

The guy had to sign a document stating that he understood that the additional IMF payout was meant to pay for his employment taxes.

so, either the guy is a liar or an idiot. either case we are screwed.

Anonymous said...

You wonder what he was thinking.


he was thinking what nixon thought. when the president does something it can never be illegal.

Anonymous said...

it still amazes me how posters on this board only see the sex part of what clinton did.

It wasn't the sex. I could care less.

It was the lying under oath that upset me.

Anonymous said...

He had an affair and then lied about it. Anyone who can't get over this is just needs to look in the mirror.


I wouldn't lie under oath about it. I expect the president not to lie under oath (or any other time for that matter)

Anonymous said...

I live in Portland and our mayor Sam Adams went through a similar thing, luckily for both men, neither stepped down.


unluckily for Portland, adams is not stepping down. come on, a 42 year old kissing a 17 year old in the city hall restroom? hmmmm, yea, that restroom kiss was not a sexual thing.

once again, it is the lying and in adam's case, convincing the 17 year old to lie for him, even having people on his staff help the kid with "the story".

that lying tainted the whole election. heck, when lying, he even accused people of lying about the relationship in order to bring him down.

a real class act.

I heard that Sam Adams was late to city hall this morning. He didn't want to leave his protegee's behind.

Oregon is the only state when a 17 year old can legally get a Sam Adams.

Anonymous said...

"...I expect the president not to lie under oath...

...(or any other time for that matter)

Bonus: stoic bust of Lincoln looking at him the whole time.

Heh heh.