January 22, 2009

I think MTV Cribs was the now-unwatchable show that brought down western civilization as we knew it

12 year old spoiled punk kid gets a Willie Wonka McMansion full of tasteless crap.

Then idiots all over the world go out to get themselves Willie Wonka McMansions full of tasteless crap.

Even though they couldn't afford them, committed rampant mortgage fraud to 'buy' them, and the banks had no business loaning to them.

I hope this REIC housing porn crap is off the air soon, if it's not already.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget PIMP MY RIDE and the Twenty plus size rims on all the Hummers.

I just bought a used car and the owner of the lot told me that back a couple of years ago he was calling sub prime lenders and telling them they were closing out a loan and dealing with someone with 2 repos and a very low FICO score. The lenders did not care at all at the time. Just like mortgages , it got rolled into fancy diced up packages by those Wall Street folks.

Martha Steward Croaking said...

WAPO Style section did an article on folding "shelter" magazines (housing pron):


Paid Off said...

The kids and their parents will not have a choice now. It's back to the apartment complex. Silly

Anonymous said...

buh buh they're the Obama's youth, they pledge to smile, pledge to be happy, pledge fluffy clouds, pledge pink unicorns...I thought you obamanoids loved that spirit.

How can you people continue to be so stupid?

vanilla ice said...

I think MTV broadcasts the Hills or Laguna Beach too. Oh man, you think Cribs is bad? Watch those two shows. It's just a bunch of spoiled brats complaining and going to expensive restaurants and driving their Mercedes around.

Just garbage on top of garbage, one big compost heap. MTV used to do some cool things like show Beavis and Butt Head and play music videos.

Anonymous said...

Why should Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer be in charge? No realy, what have they done to California to deserve be in power?

This couple below probably will be moving to Australia soon and start speaking "mate" all the time. Meet your typical ultraliberal-Californian-knows-all snob:

WP -- "Wake me up, can this really be happening?" the 42-year-old Bohnen says. As she tries to describe how it feels to have the nation's financial crisis land in her living room, the phone rings. She ignores it. "It's probably the bank -- again," she says.

Bohnen once owed her comfortable lifestyle to the dizzying growth that transformed Southern California over the past decade, creating a boom that led many to believe their home values would keep climbing. As the owner of a furniture store born during the housing boom, she provided bean bag chairs and bedroom sets for the brand-new communities that easy credit built.

Now, she and husband just owe. They cannot afford their $6,400 monthly payment, and in this plummeting market, they wouldn't make enough on a sale to pay off their mortgage or recoup the 20 percent they put down



Towjam said...

The new housing porn


Anonymous said...

HGTV needs to run an hour special every night during the month of February. The title should be "We Are So Sorry". HGTV has deliberatly deluded people about housing, buying, selling, trading, remodeling, rehabbing, and you cant watch ONE house hunter show without the buyer DEMANDING granite counters and stainless steel. HGTV should appologize. To us all. After all: "YOU CAN DO IT----START AT HOME"!!! Moxnix bullshit!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we talkin bout practice!