January 22, 2009

IcelandPANIC: It's getting bad. Now they're throwing yogurt and eggs at their leaders. Oh, riots too.



Oh, man, history needs to teach the people of Iceland how to get it on, if they really want change.

Sure, they've shut down their Parliament, but come on.


More matches. Less yogurt.

Kick ass national anthem by the way.

I gotta get up there. I'll bring ice cream.

Envious of Obama, Icelanders hurl yogurt and stage riots for new leaders

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Protesters hurled dairy products and rage at their elected leaders here during increasingly violent demonstrations this week over the handling of the country’s collapsing economy.

Parliament was suspended Wednesday and the prime minister’s limousine was attacked with snowballs and eggs.

Demonstrators are calling for immediate elections, but the prime minister appeared on television Wednesday night, saying his government has no intention of stepping down.


Guberville Smack said...

Looks like the up and coming dairy bubble to me.

Anonymous said...

Call me when they replace yogurt with bullets/grenades.

They should call some corner boys in Detroit for their sage advice on rioting and arson and then get with the brothers in South Central LA for know-how on arson and looting.

America soon, WITH bullets...


Guberville Smack said...

There has to be something cheaper coming from a cow one can throw?

keith said...

You just can't make headlines like that one up.



I wonder if they sell Ramen in Iceland.

Now THAT would be cool.

Iraqis throw shoes.

We should throw top ramen.

vanilla ice said...

Geithner should never have been approved for treasury secretary. He sounds just like Paulson except he can't even pay his taxes. Different administration, same policies; Geithner says we're going to spend and debt our way out of this debacle.

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, sing along:

"We are the world, we are the Ponzi..."

(Bloomberg) -- Allied LLC, an Osaka-based asset manager, is under investigation on suspicion it bilked Japanese investors, mostly housewives, using a currency trading fund, a police official said.

Investigators said a woman they declined to name who ran Allied seminars has disappeared after getting 300 people to invest 2.4 billion yen ($26.57 million) in the fund. The company stopped paying dividends in November last year.

Officials handling complaints from investors say Allied, which promised risk-free returns of as much as 5 percent a month, may have operated as a Ponzi scheme.

“There are people who lost 20 million yen and some who lost all their financial assets,” Asai said. She said investors were told they would receive a finder’s fee for introducing new clients.


heart said...

May Europe burn!

Anonymous said...


If Geithner, Obama's Treasury Secretary, doesn't pay taxes, we don't have to pay either.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

It's not a serious riot if you still have food to throw. Means you're not starving enough. Those stoner I-rockis have the right idea. Iceland has loads of volcanos. I'll start paying attention when they work up a lava catapault.

KSR said...

Emergency UN session being called to study the ‘grave’ impact on ‘climate change’ caused by the co2 emissions from the ‘excessive’ rioting by the Eurotrash barbarians.


Man; what a bunch of un-civilized bums.

Alex3191 said...

Zeitgeist Addendum

Anonymous said...

This is pure disinformation. I'm quite sure the people of Iceland has no yogurt to spare right now.
If it's real, then there's no crysis to be seen over there.

Afterthought said...

This version of La Marseilles always brings a tear to my eye, a quiver to my lip, and a lump in my throat...

Imagine! The Greatest Criminals actually getting punished!

"Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven." Wordsworth

Anonymous said...

Guns are banned in Iceland. That's why there is no motivation in the Govt. No threat no action.

Butch said...

Look for similar riots coming soon to towns all across America.

Except they won't be throwing eggs and yogurt.

Now onto other subjects. As the person who gave you the term "Real Esatae Clerks", I have another one for you.

The new nickname for Tim Geithner:

"Turbo Tax Tim".

...or, if you prefer the shortened version:

"Turbo Tim".

Please feel free to use this moniker to your heart's desire.

Anonymous said...

Not to be out done:


This guy in the article drove his truck through the bank.

Throw in that Caroline Kennedy withdrew due to unpaid taxes and a housekeeper problem and suddenly eggs and yogurt don't look so bad.

Anonymous said...

If you want the latest in Iceland and the Riots , go to another fellow Blogger at...


Blogs are the NEW MEDIA. That Blog is the REAL NEWS.

Iceland is getting near the tipping point. They will have the new elections SOON.

bandit 1 said...

Why don't they throw polar bear shit?They won't be around in 20 years cause global warming is going to melt all the ice in iceland.

Anonymous said...

Police will be employment will be a growth employment industry I imagine (as long as the state can afford to put more officers on).

The politicians will be shit scared and will do anything to keep the great unwashed under control.

Pamela said...

Isn't the tune the same as "La Marseillaise" (the French anthem)?

Anonymous said...

Iceland Jewish Prime Minister Geir Haarde allowed the country to become an international Zionist banking center. They offered astronomical rates on CDs, and people transferred their money in. Then the Zionists took the money. and the banks collapsed.

Wind Farmer said...

Geithner is a liar, too. He's blaming his Turbo Tax software on the "mistake". They need to sue him IMMEDIATELY. Slander.

Just what we need...a liar and tax cheat as the new Treasury Secretary.

Let them eat ramen!

Vive la revolution!

Anonymous said...

Geithner should never have been approved for treasury secretary. He sounds just like Paulson except he can't even pay his taxes. Different administration, same policies; Geithner says we're going to spend and debt our way out of this debacle.

He could pay his taxes he chose not to after the IMF sent him numerous notices informing him of his obligations. Hey Obbbbbammmmyyy lets put a criminal in charge of the treasury. Don't ever trash Booooooosh again. God these socialist thugs are corrupt.

Mammoth said...

Keith, you were ragging on us Americans for not getting up and starting a revolution.

But look at Iceland. They are merely throwing yogurt and eggs at their government.

See, if you have yogurt, then you have cattle, right? And if you have cattle, then you must have piles and piles of sh!t lying around. Now, if you have piles of sh!t, then you must have pitchforks, right!

If the Icelanders had balls, then they would be chasing the people who got them into this economic mess with pitchforks, and not merely tossing eggs and yogurt at them. Wimps!