March 24, 2009

Anyone seen John Edwards? How about Mark Foley? Or Ted Stevens? Or Ted Haggard? Or Larry Craig? Or Bill Clinton?

We were run by scum.


Scum with no morals.

Scum that shamed themselves, and destroyed their country.

Scum that should be rounded up and imprisoned.

Scum that should serve as an example to future generations.

It didn't matter what the definition of is is.

It didn't matter who was in the next stall.

What mattered is that scum took control of the greatest country on earth, enabled other scum, and led America and the world to destruction.

And the people, many of them scum themselves, let them do it.


We were led by scum.


Anonymous said...

Scum is one definition.

I prefer Illuminati Puppets.

Not sure why that isn't the norm.

Anonymous said...

So, why is someone like Ted Haggard or Jesse Jackson up there, but not Barack Obama? Neither one of them held a political position of power, ever. They might be losers, but they aren't the ones who landed us in this mess. Obama was part of the powerful class who did.

You talk about Dodd constantly who took hand-outs from AIG, yet Obama was second in line to Dodd at the AIG political contributions trough when he was in the Senate. REmember that Keith? - Obama was a bought-and-paid for Senator, not Jesus the community organizer like you all tried to make the sheeple believe, before he became POTUS.

You talk about Congress urging the jailing of Mozilo. Well, Obama oversees the DOJ which is the only entity that can actually jail Mozilo, unless he commits some state crime, like public indecency or something. Why not tell Obama and Holder to jail Mozilo.

Obama has been in political office virtually his whole career, yet he's not up on the wall of shame??? As a US Senator, he supported just as much financial mismanagement as did anyone else on that poster. And, I dare you to spend some time in the district Obama represented in Chicago, like I've done when I worked with young black teens caught in the criminal justice system. You want to see what all of America will look like after 4 years of Obama misrule - just go spend some time in IL's 13th district. You haven't had nightmares 'till you've spent the night there. But, don't worry - your hero, BO, will make sure you have some bad ones soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for some of these people to get whacked. Really looking forward to it.

image009 said...

What about Eliot Spitzer?

no one died for my sins said...

Hey Keefer,

Take a chill pill..
Drink a cold beer.
Have A glass of wine
Or a shot or 2 of JD

Calm down there mister.

First of all let me remind you that human beings have never had it soo good in all of our history, with all of today’s problems combined it is nothing compare to the hardships of the past.

Second, each and every single person on that poster has struggled through incredible indivdual challenges to achieve the things they have.

Are they humans with selfish intentions? Sure..

But compare to the masses who just wake up each morning cause their mommy had a passionate night, eat, work sleep.
Eat, work, snore.
Eat, work, steal, snore.
Eat, work, watch lots of TV, snore.
Eat, watch lots of TV, blame others, snore.
Pig out, hurt others, watch lots of TV, snore.
Eat, watch lots of TV, snore.
Live on a social program for 20 years
Then die

I personally would rather be the person the masses hate.

I personally would rather be a person on that poster.

Anonymous said...

Funny that even Obama is "DONE" while AG Gonzales is nice and clean on the face. Hehehe.

Which REPUBLICAN nazi put this one together. WHITE POWER. WHITE POWER.



Anonymous said...

He telephoned the White House for a weekly consultation;

saying here's what Jesus thinks of all the pending legislation...

(He did some other things he'd later disavow)

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, if you keep it quiet, they will cut you in for a nice percentage. Ok, maybe a tiny percentage, but, these days anything helps...

shultzie said...

c'mon Keith - every nation on the earth over the entire recorded history has had scandalous, letcherous, cheating leaders with no morality. And they still do - this is not an area where the US alone has notoriety.

This is about reinventing America - not calling out a few bad eggs that really - other than Clinton - had only a modicum of power.

Why not focus on virtuous and sincere leaders? They maybe hard to find but that makes it so much more important. That they exist and serve selflessly and tirelessly for the greater good of the people.

RICO said...

They are agents of influence.

They are recruited to the political arena by the power brokers of our ruling elites and allowed to accumulate varying degrees of influence through their abilities to manipulate public confidence.

They are expendable and readily dispatched by exposing their innate duplicity.

Mitesh Damania said...

Mad Max:

Mitesh Damania said...

"This will entail breaking up companies, raising taxes on the rich and lowering them for the poor. I'm not sure the country is ready for this yet, but it will be once we fall deeper into the abyss." - Dr. Ravi Batra

Anonymous said...

Anger can be a useful tool. Don't let it define you Keith. Relentless vitriol and hatred -- no matter how righteous -- is not only off-putting, it's counterproductive. Belee dat.

Anonymous said...

Yep. And if you voted for the Republicans, you are to blame ... well, you and the people who voted for Democrats.

Seriously, people. Wake up. Stop pointing the finger at the politicians. You picked 'em.

Try voting for anything that is not a Democrat or a Republican and see what happens.

Mitesh Damania said...

Good old Catherine Austin Fitts (5 minutes into the file):

Mitesh Damania said...

It may seem odd, but the public outrage against $135 million in AIG bonuses is a godsend to Wall Street, AID scoundrels included. How can the media be so preoccupied with the discovery that there is self-serving greed to be found in the financial sector? Every TV channel and every newspaper in the country, from right to left, have made these bonuses the lead story over the past two days.

What is wrong with this picture? Is there not something over-inflated about the outrage led most vociferously by Senator Charles Schumer and Rep. Barney Frank, the two leading shills for the bank giveaways over the past year? And does Pres. Obama perhaps find it convenient that finally, at long last, he has been able to criticize something that he believes Wall Street has done wrong? Even the Wall Street Journal has gotten into the act. The government’s takeover of AIG, it pointed out, "uses the firm as a conduit to bail out other institutions." So much more greed is involved than just that of AIG employees. The firm owed much more to other players – abroad as well as on Wall Street – than the assets it had. That is what drove it to insolvency. And popular opposition has been rising to how Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain could have banded together to support the bailout that, in retrospect, amounts to trillions and trillions of dollars thrown "down the drain." Not really down the drain at all, of course – but given to financial speculators on the winning "smart" side of AIG’s bad financial gambles.

"The Washington crowd wants to focus on bonuses because it aims public anger on private actors," it accused in a March 17 editorial. But instead of explaining that the shift is away from Wall Street grabbers of a thousand times the amount of bonuses being contested, it blames its usual all-purpose bete noire: Congress. Where the right and left differ is just whom the public should be directing its anger at!

Here’s the problem with all the hoopla over the $135 million in AIG bonuses: This sum is only less than 0.1% – one thousandth – of the $183 BILLION that the U.S. Treasury gave to AIG as a "pass-through" to its counterparties. This sum, over a thousand times the magnitude of the bonuses on which public attention is conveniently being focused by Wall Street promoters, did not stay with AIG. For over six months, the public media and Congressmen have been trying to find out just where this money DID go. Bloomberg brought a lawsuit to find out. Only to be met with a wall of silence.

Until finally, on Sunday night, March 15, the government finally released the details. They were indeed highly embarrassing. The largest recipient turned out to be just what earlier financial reporters had said was rumored: Mr. Paulson’s own firm, Goldman Sachs, headed the list. It was owed $13 billion in counterparty claims. So here’s the picture that’s emerging. Last September, Treasury Secretary Paulson, from Goldman Sachs, drew up a terse 3-page memo outlining his bailout proposal. The plan specified that whatever he and other Treasury officials did (thus including his subordinates, also from Goldman Sachs), could not be challenged legally or undone, much less prosecuted. This condition enraged Congress, which rejected the bailout in its first incarnation.

It now looks as if Mr. Paulson had good reason to put in a fatal legal clause blocking any clawback of funds given by the Treasury to AIG’s counterparties. This is where public outrage should be focused.

Instead, the leading Congressional shepherds of the bailout legislation – along with Mr. Obama, who came out in his final, Friday night presidential debate with Sen. McCain strongly in favor of the bailout in Mr. Paulson’s awful "short" version – have been posing as conspicuously as possible for the media to cover a deflected target – the AIG executives receiving bonuses, not the company’s counterparties.

There are two questions that one always must ask when a political operation is being launched. First, qui bono? Who benefits? And second, why now? In my experience, timing almost always is the key to figuring out the dynamics at work.

Regarding qui bono, what does Sen. Schumer, Rep. Frank, Pres. Obama and other Wall Street sponsors gain from this public outcry? For starters, it depicts them as hard taskmasters of the banking and financial sector, not its lobbyists carrying water for one giveaway after another. So the AIG kafuffle has muddied the water about where their political loyalties really lie. It enables them to strike a misleading pose – and hence to pose as "honest brokers" next time they dishonestly give away the next few trillion dollars to their major sponsors and campaign contributors.

Regarding the timing, I think I have answered that above. Talking about AIG bonuses has effectively distracted attention from the AIG counterparties who received the $183 billion in Treasury giveaways. The "final" sum to be given to its counterparties has been rumored to be $250 billion, do Sen. Schumer, Rep. Frank and Pres. Obama still have a lot more work to do for Wall Street in the coming year or so.

To succeed in this work – while mitigating the public outrage already rising against the bad bailouts – they need to strike precisely the pose that they’re striking now. It is an exercise in deception.

The moral should be: The wetter the crocodile tears shed over giving bonuses to AIG individuals (who seem to be largely on the healthy, bona fide insurance side of AIG’s business, not its hedge-fund Ponzi-scheme racket), the more they will distract public attention from the $180 billion giveaway, and the better they can position themselves to give away yet more government money (Treasury bonds and Federal Reserve deposits) to their favorite financial charities.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Financial experts see recession ending this year (!!!)

"...there's an end in sight.

The economy will pull out of the recession at the end of this year...

...stock prices should soon stabilize...Home sales will turn around by midyear and home prices will begin recovering..."

upthecreek said...

the Tax revolution is here Now...April 15th 2009 all around the country.. when the fed and states see the deceases in tax revenues.. They will have a New reason to PANIC and print even More Money...join the movement now find out where your Local Tea party will happen..
April 15th 2009 all around the country

Anonymous said...

What does Keith mean we WERE run by scum? We still are. The people he named were sock puppets for the people who ran, and still run, the country. All that's changed are the sock puppets, beginning with the Sock-Puppet-in-Chief, Obama.

Mitesh Damania said...

New video from John Perkins. Economic collapse is a good thing!

Mitesh Damania said...

Riverside metal scraping, store closures, and government workers all in one video!

Mitesh Damania said...

Obama's isn't doing anything for us hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

So it's scum now, eh? Whatever happened to "monkeys"??? It doesn't matter what you call them we are screwed, blued, and tattooed!

Anonymous said... post about obama's worthless pime time press conference last night.

Anonymous said...

I personally would rather be a person on that poster.

March 24, 2009 11:29 PM

Believe me you are that person. Anyone who posts like you is alone because it is sooooo foul. You will spend eternity getting cornholed by one of your idols, lets say Barney Frank.

Anonymous said...

"This will entail breaking up companies, raising taxes on the rich and lowering them for the poor. I'm not sure the country is ready for this yet, but it will be once we fall deeper into the abyss." - Dr. Ravi Batra

In the Marxists world everyone who has anything not provided by the power is rich and their riches will be siezed for the commen good. That includes yours smart guy.

cheese and whine said...

Whoever continues using words and theories like ‘puppets’ or ‘sock puppets’

You come across like a total idiot because you don’t name the master.

You paranoid little brain appears consumed with conspiracies but you’re too lazy to validate your thoughts.

It is the easiest laziest way out = just blame some incredibly powerful imaginary underground figure.


Anonymous said...

Hey helecopter boy working with Obbbaammmmyyy is printing 2 trillion dollers MORE, the market is up. My airline pilot buddy is blissfull. Nooooooo inflation can't I mean CAN't happen. People are so f*ckin gone in their ponzi dream world they will never come back. As inflation burns everything down they will wander through the flames flesh dripping from their bones demanding Obbbammmmmyyyy and his masters print more money so their ponzi stocks go up. Zombies.

Anonymous said...

you know how disgusted the world is in pelosi, reed, barney fag, and the messiah??

vanilla ice said...

"Are they humans with selfish intentions? Sure.."

So just let them keep going about their corruption? The working people keep these scum in business not the other way around. We keep paying for their corruption and shortsighted self serving ways. They are net destroyers of our country.

Feeling anger is perfectly appropriate. If not angry, you probably don't care what's being stolen from you. When possible they should be brought down. F letting them get away with anymore.

vanilla ice said...

Bill Gates and Jimmy Carter share the poster with all the others? Sure they've done some stupid things but overall much preferred to the stupefied GW, or corrupt Barney the Evil Dinosaur Frank, or that manipulative fear monger Diane Sawyer.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Obama press conference last night. Strange assumptions going on with that dude.

O says that basically the last 20-30 years has been a fraud financially due to derivatives and the financial services industry.

Then he says we will grow at 2.6%. Based on what? If all of the standard 3%/year inflation is BS, how do we know what we are capable of growing at? All the historical data is skewed.

The man clearly doesn't know a thing about the middle east. When asked about Israel and Palestine, he gave some soft "two sides" answer with no mention of names or people.

I loved his response when he was questioned about why it took him two days to feign his outrage at the AIG bonuses. He said he likes to know about something before he talks about it. It took him two friggin' days to figure out that if you leave the cookie jar open people are going to stick their hand in it? Has he been in liberal la-la land his whole life, trusting the government and people, or what?

Unfortunately my wife and I couldn't finish watching the program. You see, we were playing a little game. Every time The Great Messiah said "I inherited", we took a drink. I was bombed!

Guberville Smack said...

"Every TV channel and every newspaper in the country, from right to left, have made these bonuses the lead story over the past two days".

Way to go Mitesh! It stunk to high heaven that suddenly there was this supposed "outrage" over bonuses that had to be covered for an entire week on every media outlet.
And I thought the exact same thing. When Paulson was handing out 350 Billion dollars without any accountability, nobody cared!
The only issue to the media was, will it pass.
It stinks to high heaven! This whole AIG bonus outrage seemed completely created.

Anonymous said...

Considering Gordon Brown is all washed up, I thought this was interesting...

vanilla ice said...

"March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Treasuries fell for a fifth day after an auction of $34 billion in five-year notes drew a higher-than-forecast yield, spurring concern record sales of U.S. debt are overwhelming demand."

Does this mean anything?

will shill for coin said...

BTW - who's on Dancing with the Fucking Stars tonight?

Anonymous said...


Gimme Cheese.

rescu-bail-ed said...

Oh Dear ! Now Yahoo Finance has lost the Philadelphia Banking Index, ^BKX. Oops ! It was there this morning !
(Still on Bloomberg though.)

Anonymous said...

Clinton & Edwards screwed women. Republicans screwed the entire country.

I would rather have Clinton & Edwards than the reaming the Republicans gave us.