March 28, 2009

Barack Obama, a pot smoker himself, talks about legalizing pot

Silly humans.

Silly humans who once were so silly they tried to criminalize alcohol.

Silly humans who currently criminalize smoking a plant. And put hundreds of thousands in prison and cause their neighboring country to fail, all so they can stop people from smoking a plant. Because if people smoke that plant they'll giggle and eat too much Taco Bell.

Silly humans.


Anonymous said...

pushy moron

Mitesh Damania said...

It's about keeping the drug profits high and the prisons full. 10% of the economy is illicit drugs.

Judging from California passing the marajuana legalization proposition years ago, the majority of the population is in favor of legalization.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would just be done with this silly law against pot. What is the old saying " If everyone who does it just came out in public and did it the law would be over" Keep writing letters to the elected people and maybe we can make personal use legal. It is the high price of it being illegal that causes any crime related to pot, I know from growing up in Northern Ca.

Anonymous said...

Pot smoking can trigger the onset of mental illness in people with underlying vulnerabilities. Lives are ruined.

Most schizophrenics have histories of potsmoking. It's not something to mess around with.

keith said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!

Bwaaa ha ha ha!!!

Man, you gotta give it to the anti-pot crowd, they can sure make up some good sh*t.

I don't smoke pot, but when I read stuff like that last comment, I cringe.

Tell us about how dinosaurs and humans lived together, or how the sun revolves around earth please.

Where or where do they get this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Keith, I think that the comment about pot triggering mental illness is correct. We don't all have the same wiring and/or chemistry. Mental illnesses are latent until some something triggers them, and alcohol is one of them. Why not pot too?

Anonymous said...

That said we did smoke way to much but then again define to much.
I do think it should be legal, taxed to death and the taxes and money saved from prison cost used to fund all the rehabs and mental institutions you will need . In other words let whole cycle pay for itself .I was a pot smoker for years , so were all my friends . I had 3 friends end up temporarily in a mental institution with what they call toxic psychosis , to much THC build up causing a chemical imbalance in the brain , apparently not every one's system gets rid of this powerfull chemical at the same rate .Feeling stupid yet keith.

Anonymous said...

From the government's standpoint, I don't see the profit in letting the dealers keep all the tax free cash, or in keeping the prisons full. There has to be some other agenda for keeping it illegal. Organized crime is taking their 'tax' on the sales, and legalizing it would hurt them. Hence, it will stay 'illegal'.

Anonymous said...

Obama's hands are tied. If he pushed for legalization of marijuana, can you imagine the outcry from the right wing nuts?
Glen Beck, Bill O. and Sean H. (all tokers themselves no doubt) would send up a hue and cry that would incite the masses of billy-bobs (most of whom are growing or considering growing their own crop in their busted little burgs to make some cash). Oh, the horror of it! Obama would be reviled as the degenerate druggy who must be run out of office TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!

Anonymous said...

"Most schizophrenics have histories of potsmoking."

Most schizophrenics also have histories of eating pizza and brushing their teeth, but those things don't lead to schizophrenia any more than pot does.

Batman said...

I believe we should legalize it all, or decriminalize it anyway.

But I do have a friend who went nuts and he smoked tonnes of weed. Don't know if the two are related but that's my one data point. He's a schizophrenic now and very very messed up - can't say for sure how he would have turned out if he didn't smoke it and of course I know lots of other people who do the stuff and aren't crazy.

I think Mexico has mostly collapsed because of cocaine. The DEA is abso-fucking-lutely crooked.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that the main source of profit for the mexican drug cartels is marijuana? Marijuana is bulky and has a relatively lower street value. And people can grow it here, albeit on a more limited scale. The problem is cocaine and heroine. And if we did legalize pot and cut off that area of profit, the cartels would simply shift over to the others. It's a bit silly to 1)blame us for the problems in mexico, and 2) naively believe that legalizing marijuana will stop it.

fat amelican said...

Keith, I grew up with two friends who became dopers in high school. They started with cigarettes them moved on to pot -- for awhile. Next came ludes, acid & heroin. Total zeroes, two lives wrecked. The same guys that sold them the pot sold them the other shit too.

When the government starts making money from taxing pot do you really think they will stop at that drug? Hell no, they will do what every dealer does and expand their inventory and product offerings to include other substances their customers demand! What could be easier to control than a nation of fu*ked-up dopers?

an overleveraged sob said...

I was hoping one of the positive things that would come from dem control of government would be legalization of at least mary jane type cigarettes.

This would take a huge burden off law enforcement across the country and on the boarder and also defund the mexican cartels.

I don't know if that's "helping the economy" but it is definately "fixing problems".

keith said...

I've known potheads too - total losers, did other drugs, wasting their lives

But I've known alcoholics too. Same story.

So should the government ban one drug and make one legal?


The government should legalize, and then spend mad amounts of money (that they saved) educating. And leave it up to private enterprise to determine whether they want alcoholics or potheads working for them, including drug testing if they so desire.

America needs to work on the demand side, not the supply side, which has completely and totally failed.

Hey, anyone heading to Mexico to be kidnapped or murdered? Thank you America.

Civil War Advocate said...

The real reson hemp is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Not to put anyone down, but I knew some pot smokers that fried their brain with that shit. Not sure if there were into other stuff, but these dudes did get pretty stupid.

I have to admit that alcohol is a bit different than pot, as I know tons of people that drink ocassionally (thereby getting stupid ocassionally), but pot seems to have a longer lasting effect, especially when you do it more often.

The pot head I mentioned on the first paragraph smoked everyday pretty much, by the time he stopped, he was a dunce.


Anonymous said...

"What could be easier to control than a nation of fu*ked-up dopers?"

How about a nation of fu*ked-up jack daniels-swillers and cheetos-poppers?

Paul E. Math said...

Actually, I might believe that pot can trigger mental illness. It's kinda the reason I don't smoke pot and don't recommend it to anyone.

But I still think it should be illegal. It is a codification of stupidity just as bad as the deductibility of mortgage interest, which is completely stupid.

The worst hangover I ever had was a combination of booze and dope hangover. I was up in the 3rd floor of my parents house and kinda freaked out, panicked. It was sort-of like an idea got stuck in my head and wouldn't go away. I lost it.

Thank God my mother was home. I didn't tell her what was happening - I just started blabbing to her about random stuff and eventually I calmed down, mellowed out.

This doesn't sound that bad but it's the most scared I've ever been in my life. And I've jumped out of airplanes.

But the point is that pot triggering mental illness isn't a reason to keep it illegal.

Making pot illegal doesn't stop anyone from smoking it. Never has, never will.

Pot being illegal just means that we waste billions of dollars trying to enforce this law and putting (some) otherwise decent people in jail.

And it gives billions of dollars to the scum of the earth, human parasites: organized crime.

Anonymous said...

If you can't handle your buzz, you smoked too much.Though it can be fun to smoke too much.
Never had a weed hangover although it's been a while since I smoked. They say it's much more potent now.

Keith, how about a $1 a gram weed tax?

mimi said...

Legalize it and charge a huge tax on it - it would be a tremendous help to the states if they could collect that revenue. It costs $7.50 for a pack of cigarettes in NYC - $3.00 of which is tax - imagine how much they could charge for pot. People would probably get cancer - but at least they'd be happy and complacent.

Guberville Smack said...

Nothing wrong with pot.
If you don't mind being 40 years old, living on your Mom's couch eating cereal and watching cartoons. Doing it right now myself.

Anonymous said...

People use substances for two reasons, even when they know the legal or health risks involved.
1. they are in pain, emotional or physical.
2. they enjoy the high.

If it were me, I would get into treatment for the first problem and for the second, find a natural high instead. Why do we need these drugs at all?

Anonymous said...

"I have to admit that alcohol is a bit different than pot"

Correct! Unlike pot, it's entirely possible to die from consuming too much alcohol.

"The pot head I mentioned on the first paragraph smoked everyday pretty much, by the time he stopped, he was a dunce."

And what about your alcoholic friend who drank he an intelligent corpse?

Anonymous said...

Look at those people in the background smiling like a bunch of morons that don't know any better!

Wait.....they don't!

Mike Hunt said...

To Paul E Math and others,

Pot can cause some people to freak out but it may be very strong weed and mixed with something else. If you got this reaction I definitely wouldn't recommend ingesting mushrooms or LSD.

Otherwise all of the above are great for mind expanding experiences. The nice thing is there is usually not much compulsion to keep taking these drugs regularly, it's more of an experience maker. For me, my musical ability improved dramatically thanks to Ms Mary Jane - at least back in college when I started to play several instruments, something that has given me enjoyment over the past decade plus. As Ozzy said in Sweet Leaf: "You introduced me to my mind."

The only disadvantage is trying pot makes you realize what a sloppy, harsh, crappy drug alcohol is and yet that is the drug of choice around the world. It's a pity, really. Alcohol is very bad for the body if taken in large amounts (6 drinks a night for 1 week straight will make your liver work overtime and turn to shit) but that doesn't stop most people.

People who drink to oblivion also are sick as hell but they still get back on the horse after a few days....

I think it's insane that the gov't outlaws Pot while keeping alcohol free and available. Maybe we need more marijuana lobbyists to get their agenda passed in congress!


Anonymous said...

Keith I used to be a massive pot smoker, I used to grow it on a commercial scale and later used to smuggle it into the UK from Holland too. I have barely touched it myself for years now but the point is I have known many people who smoke pot and at all levels of use. Personally I think it should be legal, as should all drugs, but you are utterly wrong about the mental health implications. Your derision of the poster who first mentioned them is particularly sad given your usually enlightened position.

Longtime reader.

keith said...

Is alcohol harmful? Gee, with the millions that have died as a direct result of alcohol, I'd say yes.

Is tobacco harmful? Gee, with the millions that have died as a direct result of tobacco, I'd say yes.

Is pot harmful? Sure. It apparently makes you eat a lot of taco bell. Now show me a study where it's killed someone.

Consistence folks. Our laws are a joke. We make alcohol and tobacco legal, which are SIGNIFICANT AND PROVEN causes of death and destruction, while we make pot illegal.

We are idiots.

Pure and simple.

There is no justification. None whatsoever.

Mitesh Damania said...

Obama's hands are tied. If he pushed for legalization of marijuana, can you imagine the outcry from the right wing nuts?
Glen Beck, Bill O. and Sean H.

As if they represent the majority of people who are in favor o legalization?

keith said...

William F. Buckley, about as right as you could get, was in favor of legalizing all drugs.

Ron Paul is in favor.

This IS a conservative issue. 100% should be in favor of it - get the government off the backs of the people.

Unfortunately, the fake conservatives (i.e. religious nutcases) are confused with TRUE conservatives. And that's why the current Republican party needs to die, and become two separate parties.

And then we'll be getting somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how the pro-legalization crowd always cites references by doctors, tenured university professors, and the like while the anti-legalization crowd tends to cite themselves or perhaps their cousin Ernie? It wasn't hard to figure out who was wrong about the housing bubble, both public and private, likewise this issue isn't rocket science either.

Anonymous said...

By the end of his first term we'll all need to be stoned to deal with how worthless the dollar is.

an overleveraged sob said...

> Unfortunately, the fake conservatives..

Yes, this is impossible for the republicans to do for internal reasons (any rebub that would support it would never win an election). That's why it has to be done now. Don't blame the conservatives on this one. Who's running the show anyhow?

Anonymous said...

Since I never expected anything out of Obama, I'm not surprised.

As far as pot is concerned: I am 55 years old; started smoking it when I was 12 and have smoked it pretty much daily since I graduated high school. After getting my bachelor's degree I successfully passed the CPA exam, and while I am not a millionaire I have made a decent living. And while I admit that I have tried just about everything, I know many people who have only smoked pot.

The War on Drugs and War on Poverty have greatly contributed to our future demise, so I favor legalizing drugs and poverty!!

Paul E. Math said...

Just re-read my post - I meant to say that pot should be legal.

I'm actually super hung over today from about a million ciders. Not sure what got me onto the cider kick but I sure regret it now.

It is completely inconsistent that the self-abuse I engaged in last night was legal but pot smoking is illegal.

I have a buddy who's a father of 2, masters degree in genetics, successful guy, smokes pot occasionally. What he does is a lot healthier than what I did last night.

Ross said...

There is so much that I want to address on this thread. Nice post Keith. You really got the juices flowing on this one.

Just to state my opinion about Pot, I will say that I hate it with a passion and I don't ever need to do it again. I have never been a heavy user or actually even purchased any. However, I did have a few friends in College who smoked a lot and I would partake with them. I kept wanting to like it, but it never took with me. I was completely miserable under it's effects. I can see how people could go a little nutty if they smoke too much of it.

My friends who kept smoking pot are working at sandwich shops and those who didn't have real jobs and real ambition. Pot is for losers. I say that even though one of the most successful people in my family is a habitual pot smoker.

With all that being said, I can't understand why the stuff is illegal. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I'm not even going to say that it doesn't ruin lives like alcohol and smoking cigarettes can. It definitely does, in my opinion.

However, the law against Marijuana is the root cause of some of the worst organized criminal activity in the World and no one can tell me otherwise.

This law is ancient and sadly outdated. Let's get rid of it(or at least decriminalize) and move on as enlightentened people. NEXT!!

Paul E. Math said...

To Mike Hunt, you are absolutely right.

I dropped acid exactly once and totally wigged out. I have like zero desire to repeat the experience.

I am definitely more vulnerable than others to the effects of what we call drugs. Alcohol is really a drug too but I handle alcohol fairly well. Most of the time.

I know other people though who should never drink since it makes them try to fight their own friends or cry or have sex with super unattractive people. Not cool.

Unintended Consequences said...

The president may say no, but fortunately many states are saying yes. Just consider the rate of change of public opinion towards marijuana laws versus the commander in chief. Barack is doing an exceptional job of further marginalizing his office and bringing the country back to what is sorely needed; a collection of sovereign states.

Anonymous said...


Tent cities of displaced homeowners have sprung up in the state's Central Valley--even in the capital, Sacramento. Anthony Sanders, a professor of real estate finance at Arizona State, terms the huddles Mozilovilles, after the former Countrywide Financial chief executive.

Anonymous said...

If the prez says legalizing pot is 'bad economics', then that is proof that he doesn't know jack about economics.

Anonymous said...

"...the current Republican party needs to die, and become two separate parties..."

Amen, brother.

One for the never-realized lie of small government...

The other for self-indulgent chest-thumping about God, gays and ganja...

and a Big Government to enforce that on the rest.

Separated at birth!

an overleveraged sob said...

Ross, I had the same reaction to pot as you. Just didn't agree with my system at all. Horrible experiences, yet I did it when young because of peer pressure.

Like you I support legalizing it though because most do enjoy it and more of it's effects will be known. Like if it had a warning label that said.


One thing I don't understand is that most who do enjoy it stop using it as they get older. Can anyone share what's up with that situation? Like how about you Anon 2:30.

keith said...

Serious question - why did it take a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, while drugs are banned with no constitutional change?

Here's the 18th (later repealed by the 21st)

Section 1. After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.

Section 2. The Congress and the several States shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.

keith said...

Can you imagine the businesses that would sprout up if pot were legalized?

Think Philip Morris times ten.

Also, think of getting rid of all that law enforcement, all that DEA. All those jails.

For purely economic reasons, it must be done.

But of course, it won't be. It's as if we just stepped off the boat from England. We haven't moved on.

And we're in denial.

Anonymous said...


Beware the Trojan horse of tolerance!


Tony said...

Right on keefer..

an overleveraged sob said...

Here's another point. What do you think novocaine is made of?

answer - cocaine. That's why you can't buy novocaine. You would essentially be buying cocaine. The only man made magic in the invention of novocaine was synthesizing it to remain in liquid form.

A little more detail, novocaine has two main purposes. 1, kill local pain, 2 stop bleeding. The second is also very important because you can't work on a wound if it's bleeding badly and because wounds heal better with the absence of dried blood.

So having cocaine would allow you to have topical novocaine, and thus be able to dress and stitch wounds at home.

That could come in handy during the social unrest.

Anonymous said...

BO clearly doesn't care about increasing US jobs, the environment, or reducing the kidnappings and violence that are a result of prohibition. Industrial hemp isn't even the same thing as what people smoke. Both should be legalized, but at least legalize industrial hemp.

While more hemp is exported to
the United States than to any other country, the United States Government does not consistently distinguish between marijuana and the non-psychoactive Cannabis used for industrial and commercial purposes.

vewy silly said...

I’m not for or against legalizing pot..

Just want to educate you all a bit.

It is surprising to see how little people know and understand about such a popular recreational and natural substance.

First of all; all the mental, emotional and psychosocial symptoms mentioned on this post are actually caused by stress, different people respond to stress in different ways, there are stresses associated with doing something illegal as well as fear of self expression, hence the occasional anxiety when smoking pot.

If Marijuana were legal the first cause of stress would not be there.

Humans have used Canobise as medicine as long as the concept of medicinal plants existed.

All the research shows that the benefits of THC are ONLY POSITIVE for the human body.

Anti cancerous benefits, unlike nicotine that causes lung cancer THC protect the lungs from cancer.

There are 2 basic types of Marijuana Indiga and Sativa and every ratio in between
They each have a unique effect on the consumer, 1 increases the heart rate for a while, and will generally cause one to be more productive, and 1 increases other senses like taste buds and perception of things etc.

Over all, scientific research done on the impact of marijuana has been only Beneficial to the Human body.

One of the major myths about ‘being stoned’ is that ones thinking gets fuzzy.
Fact= Pot is beneficial to mental focus and has been used as such for thousands of years by Asian healers.

Weed does wonders to the digestive system as well, with all the munchies potheads do, you will notice majority are not over weight.

In the end: When dealing with life’s daily challenges;
One can spend hours a day deep breathing and meditating with Yoga
Or one can assume prescription drugs with deadly side effects
Spend the evenings out in pubs and bars very costly and risk of losing a tooth in a brawl.
Or one can smoke a bone (natural healing with NO side effect).

Fact is THC has a positive mental impact.

If one were to experience Weed in a safe environment there would be No paranoia.. ;-)

Keith is right about this one.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the fake conservatives (i.e. religious nutcases) are confused with TRUE conservatives.

So true. There needs to be a secular conservative movement. The Republicans will keep losing and alienating many of their own as long as they push big government, anti-science views associated with the religious right & neocons. Leave abortion and drug laws up to the states.

Nothing against religion on a personal level, but religion does not belong in government, and government doesn't belong in religions that don't harm others.

Anonymous said...

Remember couple of years ago when the US Dollar was so weak that even the drug dealers didn't want to take the US Dollar

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Support Call for Global Currency

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They HAVE to do it. Two reasons: keep people stupid and raise taxes.

The biggest problem is what to do with the violent ghetto blacks and browns that do quite well selling illegal dope. They won't just shrug their shoulders and go get that back-breaking job they have been putting off. They have standards of living too and will try to meet it any way possible.

Anonymous said...

My friends who kept smoking pot are working at sandwich shops and those who didn't have real jobs and real ambition. Pot is for losers

This why the US will legalize pot. Americans need to get used to being less. Weed will help the Revolution of Lowered Expectation.

Anonymous said...


"Pot smoking can trigger the onset of mental illness in people with underlying vulnerabilities. Lives are ruined."


If you dont like "the effect" of alcohol, then dont drink it.

If you dont like "the effect" of coffee, then dont drink it.

If you dont like "the effect" of cigaretts, then dont smoke one.

If you dont like "the effect" of a greasy 1/2 pound double-cheesburger with bacon, then dont eat one.

If you dont like "the effect" of smoking herbs, then dont smoke any.

My god, eating a BIGGIE fry will kill you faster than weed!

Take a bight out of crime! leagalize weed for 21 and over!

And earn $60 Billion EACH YEAR!!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Ketih, you'd be surprised at who holds the stupid beliefs about pot. In medical circles here, it's "officially" considered a substance that causes schzophrenia. Patients who cop to it are identified as "cannabis abusers" on their medical data sheet. Hip young nurses, the kinds who talk casually about how they went out the night before and got so drunk they were puking in the kerbs, titter about the pathetic souls who have been labeled as druggies.

I've worked in mental institutions. I know that schizophrenia is a powerful brain dysfunction, not something that cvan be caused by a substance. Tell me, believers in the myth: if pot makes you schizo, why don't you get normal once it's out of your system? Why did people get schizophrenic before marijuana was widely available? What about all the people who are mentally ill after being totally straight, and all the people who smoke pot yet are mentally normal?

As a male nurse, I get assigned to the disruptive/aggressive patients. I get the alcoholics who are going through delerium tremens from booze withdrawal, and I get the meth-heads and heroin junkies. They act up, especially the DTers, but I can handle them. I have NEVER had a behavioural problem from someone who uses pot (aside from their standard, usually whiney and self-pitying BS, but lots of people are like that.)

My wife is friend with lots of Greatful Deadheads. They smoke pot, and used to drop lots of acid (back when you could still find that shit.) Some are losers; some are not. Just like they would have been if they had never smoked/dropped.

My wife and are I high-functioning, successful people. Not sayin' what we do here, and I never indulge in anything on days when I have to work, because I'm serious about my responsibilities. But I will say that when we go to Europe, the first thing we do is head to Amsterdam to pick up hashish for the road. Then we travel through different cultures, speaking several languages (at least fragmentarily) and doing complex things. All the while enjoying those groovy colours! (Hint -- get stoned and look at the van Goghs in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. You can just SEE the madness in Vincent, emanating through the wavery lines of colour in his paintings.)

I say legalise EVERYTHING -- even heroin, cocaine and crystal meth. Warn people about it, but give it away to registered addicts -- on the condition that they get no medical care.

You have a problem with deadly constipation from shooting smack? Here -- have some more smack. Shoot it until it kills you, you like it that much. You're freaking out and picking at the coke bugs under your skin because you've been smoking too much crack? Here -- have some more crack. It's free. Smoke up until your heart stops.

That's my nasty side. Let addicts kill themselves, as long it's of their own choosing. The world's got too many people as it is. Anyone who wants to take themselves out of it, by their voluntary action... Hey, more room for me, the sane people and the little wild critters.

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of decriminalizing pot but not showing it respect and legitimacy by making it "legal." I don't want my kids to think its OK.

That means we don't want to create a whole marketing infrastructure to glamorize and promote a drug that creates passivity and aggravates mental illness in many people(if the SA community is representative of anything) We don't need a new series of Superbowl "bud" commercials. As in this "buds" for you

I recoil at the image of Obama taking a "toke" from someone or lighting up a joint after a stressful NSA session. I want a president who is serious and sober and humane(with a sense of humor.)
Somehow, having a beer is more benign. A single hit off a hybrid bud is going to seriously fuck up anyone but a chronic potsmoker's head.

I bet there a a lot of growers in N. Cal. who would love to stop lurking in the shadows and come clean and pay their share of taxes.

Maybe the government could control sale and distribution at prices that would kill the competition, thereby killing the importation business from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Legal pot makes big government look pretty.

comply, stoned slave.

Anonymous said...

Pot is a gateway drug to Ben & Jerrys.

Mike Hunt said...

To an overleveraged SOB,

I would probably still partake on occasion if not for the fact that I live in a truly zero-tolerance country (life imprisionment or death penalty for possession) and don't want to deal with the hassle. It's a fun recreational drug but not worth risking your life over, in my opinion.


You could probably tolerate mushrooms or LSD if you took a very small dose. It's quite hard to titrate though, as it usually takes more than 1 hour to kick in after ingestion. People are used to alcohol or nicotine where the effect is very fast so the instinct is to take more, which is often, a huge mistake. Too much will make you feel like you are permanently insane and that you damaged your brain. Actually it passes but the feeling of time stopping and feeling truly insane is pretty panicky.

The people who can handle these heavy experiences repeatedly turn into Bill Hicks or Danny Carey, the drummer from Tool.


danm said...

When will people understand that by banning stuff, you don't make the problem go away, you just make it go underground?

I'll never understand why Americans are so fixated on the imprisonment threat. With the number of people going to jail, isn't it evident that the system is failing?

Everyone knows that the poor and sick go to jail and the white collars get away scot free.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Hey DanM (and Keith too): you want to know why America is so fixated on punishment? You want to know why America is a "punishment society" where the "rule of laws" applies to poor people but not to corporate titans (and Chris Dodd)? Here's a good analysis of it. (From the Left -- i.e. Glenn Greenwald -- but hard to disagree with.)

Anonymous said...

Buko is a male nurse!!!


That explains it all

Anonymous said...

Buko is a male nurse!!!


That explains it all

March 29, 2009 4:47 PM

Bukko makes Barney Frank look hip.

Anonymous said...

OK Bukko, I didn't realise that just stopping something automatically makes everything all better again - you should publish your findings because I bet there's a lot of cancer sufferers out there who'd like to know that as soon as they stop smoking tobacco they'll be cured. I think you might even be on for the Nobel prize!

It's pretty obvious to anybody that has known a large sample of people that smoke pot that in time it can trigger mental illness in some of them. The BBC just did a very interesting documentary on pot actually, I challenge you to watch that, particularly the experiment with the rats in the water, and tell me pot causes no effects on the mind.

It should still be legal though, a few people going crazy is nothing when set against the violence trafficing it costs society.

Ross said...

Bukko, you're started to sound a little like Roccman at the end there. *Shudder*

I understand where you're coming from, but there has to be a happy medium between our bullshit Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" patronizing bloated pot prison nation nonsense of today and total legalization of "everything" right? No?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

You're right, Ross, that IS the unsympathetic part of me.

I've got libertarian leanings in my personal philosophy, so I believe people should be free to make their own mistakes, and suffer from them too. "Go ahead -- knock yourself out" is my attitude.

I've dealt with so many whiney, self-pitying addicts that they've worn out my last compassion nerve. There are a lot of people who struggle valiantly against physical illness. The limited amount of money society has to spend on sick folks should be devoted to them. They can be helped.

But take people like the 51-year-old drug-abusing white chick who had one leg amputated below the knee from years back, who was on my ward from Christmas Eve until early March. She refused to get out of bed or shower most days, refused to eat anything except nutritional milkshakes, just wanted pain pills as often as she could get them. She WAS capable of shifting herself to her wheelchair when she wanted to go outside to smkoe cigarettes. Meanwhile, she was occupying a scarce hospital bed that could have been used for people with actual physical ailments.

My nature is to want to help, but some people are best left in a room with a big pile of dope so they can do themselves in. I don't rub my hands with glee over it like Roccman, but society has to do triage on the people who are beyond help. So yeah, I got some hard bastard in me. Another reason why I enjoy Keith's blog.

alex3191 said...

Pot and prostitution must be legalize in USA. And tax them. Are we adults or sissies ? where the hell is our freedom ?? what happened down the road ... gee, i'm mad like hell ..

gutless and lazy said...

And let's legalize prostitution while we are at it.

Making prostitution illegal is another silly policy that denies Americans freedom.

It can both help or screw up the part takers lives, but hey, that's freedom for you. It's the power to help or harm yourself.

Anonymous said...

You hate people who smoke, even if they don't smoke around you apparently. You also want to legalize marijuana, a hallucinagenic. This sounds hypocritical to me. And the majority of your readers support the legalization of this highly illegal substance, one that has destroyed countless families and ruined countless lives.

It is no wonder your goals will never be achieved, nor will you or your site gain any respect from those who hold public office. They simply won't listen to someone who supports drug pushers and users.