March 9, 2009

Bernie Sanders on the Fed's $2.2 trillion dirty little secret


Anonymous said...

Well, Sanders, Why not fucking DO something to Helicopter Ben to show your phony bullshit outrage? Citizens Arrest maybe?

Pussy. Showman. Corrupt Punk.

Just like the rest...

Anonymous said...

Money? It's only paper. You can use it to wipe you a$$ and then return it to the bank.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Bernie! My favourite socialist! He does a weekly one-hour talk radio call-in segment with a guy named Thom Hartmann. We used to download it when it was on Air America, the liberal talk radio network. But Air America keeps screwing up every successful talker they have, and Hartmann/Sanders bailed on them this month, so I'm almost without any American AM radio to listen to on my computer.

For those of you who wet yourself when you think about big, bad socialists under the bed, you'd be surprised at how normal Sanders sounds. Like he does in this YouTube clip. He talks about decent conditions for working people, health care for everybody and keeping the rapacious corporations in check. Sanders is a down-to-Earth guy, and he speaks the plain truth instead of Washington bullshit.

He can do that because he's not owned by big corpos that have bought every other top politician (except maybe Kucinich.) Sanders can win high office because he comes from a small state where people know him from all the years when he was mayor of Burlington and later, Vermont's Congressman. And he got elected while openly acknowledging he was a Democratic Socialist, like what they have in Europe. Name recognition, and doing a good job, means he didn't have to sell out in excange for campaign contributions to buy deceptive 30-second TV ads.

Too bad that doesn't work in big-population or big-territory states, where TV to fool the sheeple is the only route to power. That's why there are so many buffoons, including clueless corporate Democrats, in Congress. That's why I don't hold out much hope for the United States. You'd be better off if you had more socialists like Sanders and fewer cows like Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Anonymous said...

Of much more concern(to the papers/tv/gullible rubes) is 1/100,000th of that to bailout car makers.

guy n. cognito said...

somebody needs to give Bernanke the Big Lebowski "where's the money, shithead!?" treatment.

i couldn't find the actual toilet clip from the movie but i did find this funny re-make done by a bunch of kids...

vanilla ice said...

Yeah Bernie stick it that smug bastard. He's the only person I've seen willing to take on his highness Bercracky. And as I recall during the TARP bill hearings, Bernie was one of the only ones to call the TARP a giant disaster in the making. And Bernie turned out to be right, and all the other F'ers in congress including Obama and McCain turned out wrong.

F you you bitch Bercracky. Bernie should have gone over and started beating your ass with a bat.

Anonymous said...

I said it a long time ago that the
reason for the bank bail outs is that the money was already loaned out and the banks started to default ,so they needed to be bailed out .

The Feds loaned Banks money based on junk paper , Than all of a sudden the Feds and Treasury come up with the Tarp program in which they are going to purchase this junk paper ?

The Fed Chairman and his sidekick Paulson set this up .When I saw that the Feds were lending on the junk paper I knew that massive bail outs were the next step . Making loans to insolvent Institutions is just as bad as making a loan to a liar loan sub-prime borrower .

The first bad mistake was the Feds/Treasury loaning against this junk paper .So,this is why the taxpayers were left holding the bag . It was so easy to predict what was going to happen by seeing the first move that BB and Paulson made .

Mitesh Damania said...

go baby go!

Anon E. Mouse said...

Here's federal reserve homepage:

Bernanke refers to.

vanilla ice said...

"He can do that because he's not owned by big corpos that have bought every other top politician (except maybe Kucinich.) Sanders can win high office because he comes from a small state.."

Great explanation. I was wondering how he is getting away with yelling at Bernanke.

RICO said...

Financial AIDS has stricken our economy.

Systemic corruption created the disease.

Systemic failure is a certainty.

The bail-outs are intended to smother complete investigation/full disclosure of ALL fraudulent activity.

There can be no recovery until the full truth emerges from beneath this elaborate cover-up.

Truth is the treatment.

Accountability is the recovery.

Justice will be the cure.

Anonymous said...

Those monies might not be "lost" but they are not "found".

not me said...

health care for everybody

Bukko do you live in Australia? If so, STAY OUT OF MY FUCKING WALET! If you want to chip in for "everybody" to get health care write a check from YOUR OWN GODDAMN MONEY, dick weed.

Wana push the USA of the edge?

Universal Health Care.

Look assholes, this isn't "Fame". You aren't gonna live forever.