March 27, 2009

Daniel Hannan, the hero who destroyed Gordon Brown, on Glenn Beck. Getting kind of weird now, eh?

And remember, Gordon Brown is hosting the G20 riots meetings next week.

Let's get it on.


keith said...

Someone said f*cked?

Privately, something close to desperation is starting to develop inside government. After watching the slide in bank shares on Friday, one cabinet minister did not altogether joke when he said: “The banks are f**cked, we’re f**cked, the country’s f**cked.”

Buiter, according to Cameron, told him “the last time we built up this much debt was when we were fighting … half of Europe. This time we’ve done it on our own. It’s quite a chilling thought. This is my worry is that it’s like the man in the casino has lost it all on red and you know … what’s to stop Gordon putting it all on red all over again?”

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was misheard, and actually said "DUCK mf*****s! DUUUUCK!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Oooo Glen Beck, the source of all wisdom on the current crisis.

The light of truth, knowledge and "I told you so"

Beck - a fat, flapping-cheeked, flaccid tongue donut hole.

Why you insist on posting him here makes me question your sanity Keith.

Too lazy to find something different to post like the old days? Or is it getting harder to come up with something to say?

Be a journalist blogger again please. I'd rather read your own posts, even if you recycle, than see this blog fill up with youtube clips of crybaby doughboy.

I learned more from watching the most recent South Park "Bailout" episode than watching "Glenema Bag Beck".

Nicker said...

I'm starting to sympathize with a Fox News host. This is a new and frightening experience.

On a side note, I actually found Jim Jubaks last article kind of englightening on the big picture of things:
Low on doom and gloom, but high on common sense.

xxxooo said...

Beck is being a weenie; George Bush overspent by more than every single president before him so why the hell is Beck saying that Obama is doing bad things? Pyramid schemes are pyramid schemes.

If Beck doesn't understand that, he certainly won't be Superman that'll save this country.

sally johnson said...

BTW: Obama looked desperate, I think, in his live TV appearance; someone has to start asking "why the hell is education going to save this country?" the truth is, my opinion, that the US education system killed diversity and it ain't coming back any time soon so the goose that laid the golden egg is dead.

Regardless, Obama says "education will save us." year, right! maybe I'll be wrong though and he really is the Boy Wonder he pretends to be.

Anonymous said...

" a fat, flapping-cheeked, flaccid tongue donut hole."

Damn! THAT was FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

At least Bleck is trying to bring up issues that should be brought up . Also , thinking that we have that many education based jobs
available is a joke . The salespeople try to sell you a benefit and they make money off of it .If the sales person was full of shit ,you loose ,simple as that .

Love the way Daniel Hannan mentioned the grand thing that
America did have going for it when he referred to the "We the people"
of the Constitution . We the People just got robbed ...well more than normal .

Brandine said...

How can you save the education system when students can't be given below a 60 on anything, even if they make a zero.

My husband taught school and that was the rule.

Most of the public schools are sewers and the teachers union is corrupt to the core.

Harg said...

Yes but "we the people" could change it if we could stop being so dumb. I personaly hope things get worse to the point to the 2 party system fails and we can get back to "we the people" again. Of course things will have to get a lot worse for that to happen but it is the only path that can fix the root of the problem.

Ron said...

I went to a gun show today at the OC Fair Grounds, let me tell you right now....the wolf shirt fanny pack crowd was there of course but many others were there as well families with kids. It looks like the Americans are gearing up for war now, people are buying guns and ammo faster than they can make it. Don't believe me look online for ammo "out of stock" is what you will see over and over again.