March 12, 2009

Didn't you expect flying cars and Mars landings by now?

If we could do this forty years ago, why aren't we flying around in George Jetson cars, and taking holidays to Mars?

America lost its way.

It'd be nice to get it back.


Anonymous said...

liberal were able to get a strangle hold on the government at all levels which is why we are spending hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars on condoms rather than mars landings.

gwk said...

probably your best post ever made complete sense so we ask why?

alex3191 said...

"If we could do this forty years ago, why aren't we flying around in George Jetson cars, and taking holidays to Mars?" - good question, indeed !
My believe is that WE DID NOT LAND ON THE MOON ! 40 years ago the technology was primitive , close to non-existence. Cold-war. Propaganda.
We can not land on the moon today , so how in the world could we've done this in 69 ? nope, we didnt. just like 9/11. Smoke and mirrors. Cheap show for the snaper-turtle :)
But hey, dreams are still free. It's human nature.

Anonymous said...

Here's an uplifting piece of news.

Hopefully, this is the begining of a massive trend...

Client Shoots Real Estate Agent in Rock Hill, South Carolina
March 11th, 2009 • Related • Filed Under
Filed Under: Real Estate
I am afraid as people feel their savings are disappearing that they will take out their frustration on agents, both real estate and financial.

All I can say is be careful out there.

Police say an 88-year-old client who wanted his down payment back on a deal shot a South Carolina real estate broker.

Rock Hill Police Lt. Michael Belk says Richard Blow burst into a Coldwell Banker office in Rock Hill Wednesday and shot 68-year-old Jerry O’Neil in the abdomen and was taken to a hospital.

Belk says Blow had been charged with assault with intent to kill and could face more charges. Belk says he wanted his money back. via Yahoo


Anonymous said...

Here's were it's at:

In fact, a friend of mine just exclaimed, "the least the government can do is give me a tent; after all the taxes I've paid. Now that I think of it, I'll need five for my family."

hp fan said...

If You Believe

Dave S said...

Absolutely 100% correct. Expansion of the human race into the near solar system is, I believe, the 'missing ingredient' to continued growth of our economies and societies. It got short circuited in the 70's and we've been swirling the bowl ever since.

It would have been equivalent to the expansion into the New World in the 15th and 16th centuries... minus the genocide, of course.

We made a HUGE mistake turning our back on exploration / settlement, and now we can't AFFORD it.

We're all complete dipshits.

Anonymous said...

little incentive for Americans to study science since they have to compete with H1B visas & outsourcing

Anonymous said...

Keith, baby, you are living in the past. America was the greatest lender to the rest of the world, not the greatest borrower from the world. In 1969, America was over 90% white. Where did the technology come from to build that rocket? Germans from the WW II era. And who won WWII, mostly American Germans and Italians fighting their European brothers. You should read State Of Emergency The Third World Invastion of the United States. He also talks about Eurabia. I know you don't want to hear it and doubt you will publish this, but America is a third world debtor nation, filled with non European third worlders who keep coming here. Go to Los Angeles, which is the second largest Mexican city in the world. The USA just happens to still have the reserve currency due to its military strength. Take that away and its over. Look America has a mulatto as its President. That is America. Like it or not, America was built by European ideals and people. As America has become less European, it will mirrow the third world it is becoming by its finances and its people. Truth be told, the rest of the world will be happy not to be American or told what to do by Americans. America will be no different than Latin America. No Moon and no Mars.

Anonymous said...

Flying cars? Gays aren't allowed to marry yet. I think we need to become a first-world country before we tackle first-world country problems.

Anonymous said...

We never went to the moon. Check out Ralph Rene'

Preston said...

Maybe not flying cars but we do have some amazing things like:

- 1TByte hard drives for $100
- cell phones everywhere
- The mars rover missions

We are all pretty jaded by technology and just take so much for granted

Mitesh Damania said...

There was supposed to be more freedom, happiness, no wars, no poverty, no starvation. What happened? What have people learned? What do people cherish?

Something must be said about the type of mind that would help create the atom bomb, use it, or blackmail/threaten others with it.

Anonymous said...

got this outta what passes for the 170 year old historic newspaper that was once my hometown rag...roads paved in piezo elecrtic generation capacitors....or that generate electricity when weights like automobiles are driven on thats for needing to be part of the problem and mess??????????????

Anonymous said...

The answer is that we did not do it. It was a hoax.

Once you get that, the rest is self explanatory.

Anonymous said...

Did you expect China to have these kind of submarines.

The U.S. says that Navy mapping ship USNS Impeccable was operating legally when it was harassed by Chinese boats in international waters about 75 miles off China's southern island province of Hainan.

Defense Department officials say the Impeccable was on a mission to seek out threats such as submarines and was towing a sonar apparatus that scans and listens for subs, mines and torpedoes. With its numerous Chinese military installations, Hainan offers rich hunting for such surveillance.

Anonymous said...

Because we are too busy fighting wars overseas to secure cheap oil (Republitards) and giving subsistance living to the lazy phucks (Demorats). Indeed, we have lost our way. But not for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Boy did mankind look promising in those days . We should of spent all that time developing a great
cheap energy sourse .

Anonymous said...


Will you please tell Keith that the Moon landing was staged just like 911?


Lost Cause said...

Too bad we had crooked republicans like Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon to inspire decent Americans to avoid like the plauge anything that they asked us to aspire to. They were only exceeded by George W. Bush, whose call to greatness was similarly shirked.

Whenever you see a country in decline -- look for corrupt leadership.

We have landed on the Moon! Lloyd Christmas 2001 said...

Yea...We could send a man to the moon in a flying jiffy pop tent back in the day but we cannot figure out how to get more than 18 MPG in a pickup truck now. Either that's not really moon dust they are standing on or the oil companies have paid off all the shills for 40+ years.

George Jetson said...

DOPES was right after all. You really are a dolt. Technological advancement since the Moon landing has been so incredibly fast, the speed itself is a problem. We don't have flying cars because they are dangerous enough with two degrees of freedom. We don't vacation in outer space because space, not to mention a goodly portion of Earth, is extremely hostile to life. We send robots to Mars, but I guess that's not futuristic enough for you.
Want outer space? How about NASA/ESA's Space Telescope?
The problem is that social progress is at a snail's pace compared to technological progress. We could have been much further along with alternate energy if Reagan and other Republicans had not cut the R&D budget. Oh, well - it's just the end of the world at stake. Wouldn't want their rich buddies to have a down quarter for that!

shultzie said...

Yes...yes i did

In 1975 I had a school project to make something we thought we would have in 2000. I made a moonbase (big Space 1999 fan).

Anonymous said...

It was filmed on a sound stage in the UK. NASA's (Never A Straight Answer)piss-poor evidence couldn't stand up in court. The astroNOTs only went into low earth orbit. Sally Ride Commission said we could not do it for another 25 years YET. What about the Van Allen Radiation belts: How'd we get thru that with only thin aluminum shileding? Why'd no astroNOT ever jump 6 feet off the moon? Photos with details in the pitch black shadows of ariless moon. NO flashes were used on their cameras. How'd the film go from -200 to + 200 and survive? Why no blast crater at Tranquility Base; and why no rocket noise over Armstgrong's voice. Rubish I tells ya !!!

Anonymous said...

amazing how the flag sticks straight out in a zero g environment. wait a sec, how come the astronauts don't go floating off into space then?

oh yea, it is coming back to me. they have lead in their boots.

mimi said...

I was hoping for the Star Trek transporter or that cool little device that Bones used to use to scan, diagnose and cure whatever was wrong with you. Other than that - glad they don't have flying cars - there are already too many people that can't drive. Beam me up Scotty.

void_genesis said...

The stone age didn't end because they ran out of stones.

The machine age wont end because they run out of machines.

The human age wont end because we run out of humans.

All of these things will be superseded by something superior.

But the stones will still be there, ground down into the foundations.

Alongside the machines, and the humans.

Anonymous said...

Competition. The world is a kinder, gentler place. Instead of "We're going to kick your ass and do it first!" we say "We're going to ship a bunch of jobs and money your way, then we'll work together toward a common goal! Ebony and ivory...."

Only it isn't quite working that way...

Anonymous said...

Keith it's sometimes difficult to believe this country of obese consumers is the same one that had the cojones and commitment to put men on the moon, build the great dams and waterways, railroads and highways.

We can't even fill in the potholes in the fcking highways anymore cuz nobody wants to pay tax for it.

Anonymous said...

After they invented the TV dinner ,what more do we need ?

Anonymous said...

Americans could not figure out that planned obsolescence was going on in cars 40 years ago.

We spent 40 years going into debt for crap designed to become obsolete. Our genius economists can't tell us what has been lost on the depreciation of the trash every year since then.

We have great computer though. Most Americans aren't smart enough to figure out what to do with them and our educators don't want to use them to educate. LOL

Of course now we have the planned obsolescence of computer software. ROFL


Mitesh Damania said...

You remember the boss from the Jetsons LOL.

too much rope said...

Well,what I didn't expect was to be living in a third world country, but I'm sure the Republicans would tell me this is because my expectations have changed.

Anonymous said...

The enonomic system was built on people spending and being a consumer . We built our ecoonomy on creating spending for every new piece of junk or fashion that is created . Its a waste .People need jobs to keep the party going along with people buying the products .

When a Country cannot provide jobs for its people and people cannot afford to buy products the system breaks down .

Automation was suppose to be the big threat to the World back in the 60's.

We live in a Nation that requires more popution to keep the Ponzi schemes going . A population controled Nation would be the right thing to do ,but that would mess up growth that is required for the economic scheme we live by .

Quality of life is eroded if you have a policy of just having population ,no matter how dumb it is . Big Business likes to have head count ,not a intelligent population . Big business has had their way for years regarding policies and laws . The fact that America started outsourcing jobs and giving up its manufacturing to a Nation that has billions of people ,like China ,must of been the most stupid mistake we could of made .

Rome failed because it expanded to far and the Corruption cycle is built in to all systems that start out being productive .

The answer lier in a contraction of America and all that entails, which would include a returning to a time in which the objectives were more balanced .That contraction would mean that we could have a static economy for years .

Growth is always considered good ,but there are times ,like in the wild ,it sets the stage for starvation in the future .

The stupidity of dealing with China ,who has a population problem and a Communist government is not to be underestimated .Not that I'm against China ,let them solve their problems and give to their people .

The 1950's/1960's will be seen as the model to return to. Don't say that it isn't wise to go backwards
as long as you get rid of some of the bad things that were associated with that era . Take the good and dumb the rest . Draw from all the good ideas of the last 100 years and scrap the rest .
Admit when somthing has failed and don't continue to feed into it .

Anonymous said...

"...We don't have flying cars because they are dangerous enough with two degrees of freedom..."

Could you picture some of the numbskull drivers on the road commanding an aircraft?

Mammoth said...

"If we could do this forty years ago, why aren't we flying around in George Jetson cars, and taking holidays to Mars?"
On the same token...
If GM could build cars 40 years ago that could go for over 300,000 miles, why can't they di this today?


Anonymous said...

Civil Aviation was well on the way to everyone having flying cars, only they are called light aircraft. You know, Cessna-type airplanes.

Problem is, every time there was an accident, someone lawyered-up and sued the crap out-of everyone remotely connected to airplanes.

Subsequently, it became very expensive to for the average person to enjoy the friendly skys. Cessna even stopped production for awhile of their smaller planes due to all the litigation and expense, they almost went out-of-business. Not to mention the insurance people that got into the act and went happily ripping-off everyone too.

Of course airplanes are very sophisticated these days, but they still won't fly themselves yet, unless you're talking airliners. Of course there has been highly technological advances in most areas of aviation.

The fact that civil aviation was nearing destroyed by paper pushing lawyer monkeys isn't well noted in the history books, and now that the same-type-of-paper-pushing-monkeys have ruined the financial stability of the entire world, maybe we'll someday see the path of greed, manipulation and easy money, as wrong.

I doubt it, though I'd like to remain optimistic about the future, even the thought of, yes, flying cars.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain to me how retro-reflectors, privately verifiable targets that return laser beams to their origin, got on the moon? Moon aliens? Naturally occurring lambda/20 mirrors at arc seconds within 90 degrees of each other? Secret robotic moon mission in the 60's? Telekinesis?

Research the facts, and unlike 911 you will see the official explanation is correct here.

i've had it said...

It's amazing how many idiot conspiracy theorists there are on this site. Just Amazing! All left wingers no doubt.

by the way: the flag on the moon was extended by a metal rod so it would not, in fact, rise up and ruin the photo op. The rod was not extended the whole way and it was bent somewhat to give it a look of movement. And there are other dynamics of the pole itself that contributed to how the flag looked.

Stupid conspiracy theorists. Just go away.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which one is more fake:

Man walking on the moon, or Madoff's financial statements to investors.

Anonymous said...