March 19, 2009

Do you think Congress, Obama and their banker sponsors understand the level of populist RAGE that is building by the day?

Independent Special Prosecutor.

Or it's gonna blow.

I hate using a clip from Fox News, who conveniently forgets who got us into this mess. But Shep Smith's populist rage here, and focus on Dodd and Frank, is a good example of what I'm seeing.

The one piece of good news is that this anger is uniting America. It's on the left and it's on the right and it's in the middle. And hopefully Democrats see that their party is corrupt and responsible and Republicans see that their party is corrupt and responsible. too.

Bottom line: If Obama doesn't name an Independent Special Prosecutor soon, this is gonna blow. And it's gonna get dangerous.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Keith, I don't see your heroes Olbermann, Matthews, and the angry lesbo exposing the crooks. Do you? Why is that?

All this must the Rush's fault, right?

And no, I'm not a Republican...but I'm not a domesticated retard either.

Anonymous said...




upthecreek said...

pay no taxes in 2009 .. did't you here it is a TAX holiday 2009 .. i would rather pay the fines and penalties and let them choke on the lack of reveunes.. The best way to do this is hold back on the states Taxes.. the feds will just print more money.. it will BK the states ..Hey they can't arrest everyone.. No room in the jails

Anonymous said...

Whatever. Were the sheeple mad as hell when their home prices were rising artifically year after year? Privatize the reward but socialize the risk. Even the most illegal of aliens knows The American Game.

Anonymous said...

yep. time to declare a tax holiday.

Anonymous said...

tax holiday time.

tomorrow morning I am cranking my withholding from my paycheck down as far as I can.

Anonymous said...

Obama aint doing shit. He has his orders.

Anonymous said...

well, who knows. but, Dr. Drew compared the state of the US to right before the French Revolution today, and, tonight KQED in northern cali is showing a doc on Marie Antoinette.

Anonymous said...

it's gonna blow all right.

"...your heroes...And no, I'm not a Republican...

The first 500-or-so posts like that had me fooled, but I'm starting to get suspicious.

yoski said...

What's up with all the scripted outrage? Those were the idiots/crocks that gave CITI, BoA, AIG, Freddie, Fanny, etc. the money. They took the money from competent people and gave it to the most appalling failures in our society. Now they act like they are outraged by what happend. The results were 100% predictable. Even now they're taking this a step further by printing up over $1 trillion to give even more money to these same people they are "outraged" about. It will only stop once all the politicians that are so mad right now are removed from office through elections or otherwise. Unfortunately Americans are too complacent to go on a full scale revolution like France did in 1789. The biggest enemy of the American people doesn't sit in Moscow, Bejing or in a cave in Afganistan. No, the biggest enemy of America sits right here in Washington DC and Wall Street. Bring the troops home and clean that place up. I want them to waterboard that disgusting slimy toad Barney Frank live on TV.

Mike Hunt said...

Yes we can, yes we can.

Obama is part of the problem.

Sadly, in just 2 months he has turned the strong feelings of promise I had in January into complete rage & disgust.

Hope he doesn't make it through 1 term. But who is there to take up the leadership role?

I think we need a real revolution. No party members around to lead this mess. Need to start new. Scour the blogs, go underground, get some new blood into the system.

Keep Ron Paul as an advisor and remove the rest. Hopefully not violent and bloody, but even if it comes to that at least it will be a one off painful event and we will emerge stronger from it.


Anonymous said...

these idiots are getting mad about a few million in bonuses and forgetting about the billions that this scam israeli company has already stolen and sent to israeli banks.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully not violent and bloody, but even if it comes to that at least it will be a one off painful event and we will emerge stronger from it."

It will be a one-off for our generation only.

Brother fought brother during the American Revolution and Civil War, and we will fight again.

The OC said...

Barry Hussein Obama will NOT be naming a special prosecutor. The dems thrive on this type of chaos; they are deliberately provoking it (Pelosi's comments about giving illegals amnesty asap; BO's comments in Costa Mesa about getting them to join unions). Gasoline prices are on the rise. They WANT riots - then people shall clamor for govt to DO something. This crew is more than willing to oblige.

Anonymous said...

I had the dream!

In that dream Obama looked a lot like Richard Nixon.

I am glad it was just a dream. it??

Singular said...

No, it's not uniting America. It's corporate media honchos providing a little safety valve for Americans to think that 'somebody' cares, that somebody does look out for America, that there's a watchdog and so on.

Truth is the corporate media are up to the necks in being part of the corruption that led to the present crisis. They are just being hypocrites, pretending to be the People's sympathetic friend when they are no such thing.

When you think about anybody who gives commentary on mainstream media, you have to think WHO is paying their wages, and then you know who these commentators are speaking for. And they're not speaking for you and me.

The mainstream media will ALWAYS maintain the status quo because they ARE the status quo, and even when you think they are on your side, they are not. They are just playing both sides of the game to get the lemming stay hooked on the MSM.

I do not look up to any PAID talking head as a reliable commentator or someone on my side at all.

Singular said...

The people who are complaining about the problem are the same people who helped bring about the problem in the first place. The liberals like Olbermann and Stewart are the people who supported the Slavocracy that has brought the nation to its knees. Slavocracy is where the hardworking taxpayer has to work as slaves to support the incompetents, drug addicts etc live their life of indolence. In the old days, one worked as a slave so that the king and the aristocracy could live lives of indolence. Now, one slaves for the people like that woman who had 8 babies or the teen who deliberately gets pregnant so she can live off welfare and her drug addict boyfriend can too.

We are slaves for the trash of our society.

And then the corrupt at the top also treat the taxpayer as a slave.

So the most competent, moral people are slaves and the incompetent and immoral people are their masters.

Such a society cannot stand upright for very long. It is not a wonder that with the advent of the 'welfare' society, the economy started to go bad. This is not just about the US but about all the nations that have this welfare kind of system.

The welfare system is worse than communism. At least in communism, the competents get to share in the fruits of their labor by getting free or subsidized housing etc. In a welfare system, they get nothing free - they are 100% slaves - everything they buy they must pay for and top of that they are charged tax.

Once a 'slave' becomes broken and cannot work anymore as a slave eg loses job, gets sick, etc they are still denied the benefits of their labor, and instead of being allowed on the welfare system they end up on the scrap heap-after 9 months dole - thrown out, end up homeless etc.