March 31, 2009

Whiplash Alert: "Global stocks set for best month in over 6 years"

What goes down must come up???

Or not?

World stocks looked set on Tuesday to achieve their best monthly performance in more than six years in March, while commodity prices also rose and the Japanese yen fell.


Anonymous said...

Keith's law of anti-gravity. Newly minted bull always runs ahead.

Anonymous said...

Counting using this graph

This is the fourth rally since the peak. It's way to early to say if its real or just another dead cat bounce.

I vote for cat.

keith said...

I'm not a bull or a bear

And hey, it's just a casino anyway.

wallstreetveteran said...

I love the way people clip coupons, drive miles to get the best gas pump prices, all very conservative stuff, then their entire life savings outside their home is in the stock market? Once things are branded and made to look impressive and complex, people believe it. Sad

PerryCuomo said...

I agree.

Its just a casino. Wall Street is not about people investing in companies because they think the companies make a good product or provide a good service.

People buy stocks on the gamble that they'll be able to re-sell the stock to some sucker upstream at an inflated price. To assist in this scheme they engage in stock manipulation.

And the SEC? Zzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Much better image to use for your post... check it out.

Anonymous said...

lol...not one post about the new idiot CEO of GM...barack obama.

your sad keith.

how's that hope and change treating you?

still got that thrill?

Anonymous said...

I lost more money in bonds than in stocks with ( despite my low allocation to stocks). My Bond portfolios were mostly Junks, some CDOs and Emerging Mkt currencies.

Hoping for them too to rally like stocks.

casey said...

The SEC wont let me be!!!!!!!
You wil be wishing you bought stocks a year from now.Cramer said dow 12000. I have some certificates for sale.They make good ass wipe.

Anonymous said...

"...And the SEC? Zzzzzzzzzz..."

Don't forget the media's role in betrayal of the public trust.

Here's a good example; a blatantly false piece of campaign propaganda:

"...Well-placed sources in the administration are confident Bush's decision will be to get out..."

Purpose of the article was to gull the rubes into thinking Bush would get out, but just couldn't say so.

How many times have you been caught, you old Queen?

Anonymous said...

Hurry Hurry Hurry. Step Right Up.

1. They aren't making any more companies.
2. Stocks only go up.
3. Buy Now or be priced out forever.

By Warry Yunnoski , New NASDAQ spokesman.

NASDAQ like NAR with a few less letters in the title...

Stuck in So Pa said...

Commodities must be going nuts! Anybody know how steel is doing. I went into Home Depot last week to get a 5 lb. box of drywall screws, $15.00/box. Outrageous!

A couple of months ago it was $6.29.

Went in yesterday for something else, checked nail isle, 5 lb. box was up to $20.00. Five dollar increase in one week!

Stopped in at Lowes, they were already up to $30.00/box.

Steel products in both stores are going through the roof. I mean, $6.99 for a one pound box of common nails, Gimme a break!

Looks like the financial world is creating and chasing their own bubbles as they go along.

I wonder what will be next?

vanilla ice said...

"March 31 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have spent, lent or guaranteed $12.8 trillion, an amount that approaches the value of everything produced in the country last year, to stem the longest recession since the 1930s."

What does this mean for the rest of us? Inflation?

gregoryw said...

Uhhhh. I was going to say it's one of the worse quarters ever, down 11%.

Mammoth said...

Okay, fellow S&A'ers!

Give this your best shot:
What will the Dow be on April 30?

Anybody venture a prediction here?


Anonymous said...

Deficits don't matter.

Anonymous said...

The best stock,bond,commodity tip I have about making money is,

Never,ever,never buy stocks,bonds or commodities PERIOD.

Because the very worst you can do is to win money with investing in it. This is a sure guaranty that at some point in time YOU will LOOSE most or all of YOUR own hard earned money.

PLUS it will DEMAND lots of your valuable time and peace of mind without compensation!!

Take it easy save your money, make no debt, and pay with cash.

By the way, what product is MOST in demand all around the world ?........... and winner is... CASH!!! Even cash haters love cash, especially yours and mine.

The best investment is in YOURSELF!

Go slow, time is on your side even if you run out of it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a reason why stock price are up.

Maybe it has something to do with job cut.

3M Corp
BP Solar
Brush Engineered Materials Inc
Clipper Windpower
Citrix Systems
Hollingsead International
Kinetic Concepts Inc
GE Solar
Goleta’s Citrix Online
Special Devices
Zebra Technologies

Anonymous said...

Maybe stock price are going up due to cheaper labor cost.

Predictions are the USCIS (U.S. Customs and Immigration Service) is likely to again quickly hit the quota cap of 65,000 applications when the program's annual lottery begins April 1.

The unemployment rate in the Silicon Valley was 10 percent in February

Silicon Valley Manufacturing Employment Drops 18.2%

Mitesh Damania said...

65,000 more H1s are a coming!

Anonymous said...

Whether a company wants to openly admit it,

Cutting out the dead-wood (non productive employees)

Getting lean and mean is Great!

They love it!!!!