March 15, 2009

Here's a classic Countrywide Toxic Mortgage commercial that explains for all to see how they committed the biggest financial fraud in human history

They called them "Liar's Loans".

And they took their commissions.

They called them "Liar's Loans".

And now trillions and trillions and trillions have been lost, lives have been ruined, the world economy is in shambles.

And Angelo Mozilo and the thousands of criminal fraudsters at Countrywide/BofA still roam free.


Ross said...

I keep offering and if anyone at the Justice Dept or Senate Committee on Finance is listening, you just tell me who you want at Countrywide and I'll get them for you.

I will start those dominoes tumbling and it won't take much. Trust me when I say that I could make it happen tomorrow.

This is really not a joke. I will make it my life's work to bring that corrupt group of monkeys to its knees.

Went2puke said...

Sh*t! I missed that commercial!! I could have taken that 500K loan!

Ooh well! That's the price one pays for being outside the US for too long!

Went2puke said...

Just an after thought Keith: You may want to change that Mozilo watch from hours to days.

In a few weeks, I'll remind you if you have to change that to years! I am here to serve!

Went2puke said...

Ross! Why are you looking at the Justice Dept or the Senate Committee?

Let's make a documentary on all this. I am serious. I am a filmmaker. Do you have solid information? Want to join? Let me know on this blog. I already have important material on a notorious swindler (70-yrs-old con artist) who is still open for "business" in Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

It seems the drumbeat for INDICTMENTS is getting louder. As Martha Stewart used to say, It's a good thing.

GT said...

wow, could the fraud be any clearer?

tivo has ruined me! i never saw these commercials! seriously, i do feel dumb, from the time i graduated in 2001 to 2005, i assumed you needed 20% down to buy a house. when i found out you didnt, i soon thereafter found HP

BG said...

"A lender that actually finds ways to make loans."

Classic!!! Could the flag have been any more red??!!!!

What a fucking joke this country is and especially the free marketeers and their self-regulation blabbing.

Paul E. Math said...

Ross and Went2Puke, New York Times article about former Countrywide execs profiting again from their own bad mortgages:

Stanford Kurland (former Countrywide President) and John Lawrence.

Their company is called Pennymac, cleverly named to insinuate the government sponorship of Freddie Mac though no such government sponsorship exists.

So these guys made bad mortgages to the worst borrowers. Then the government bought these bad mortgages from them at full price. Now the price of these mortgages has plummetted and these crooks are buying them back for pennies on the dollar.

And it is the taxpayer, you and I, who pays full price for these bad mortgages and then eats the loss when they get sold back to Kurland and Lawrence.

Went2Puke, this makes me Want2Puke.

Anonymous said...

but that would make the politicians who got special deals look bad

Anonymous said...

THe Corruption has not stopped ,the loans are still bogus .

When our wonderful Leaders decided to protect the quilty and themselves it kept the corruption in place . People wonder how the defaults continue even after a person gets a new loan .

The swine is out there alive and kicking . Its a new set of con jobs ,but same old story if you don't bust crime . I said it a long time ago that this mess had to be purged like a rotten cancer that will kill the host .The moral hazard of the path the leaders have chosen will come back and bite the World like the devil laughing that he pulled it off.

This crime wave has in fact subjected the World to more likeyhood of war ,riots ,and politicial upheavel .

Mozillo should of been marched before the public in handcuffs for his fraudulent loans pump and dumb stock scheme . Instead the government tranferred his crummy loans to Freddie and fannie with the help of his buddy Senator Dodds .Why do you think Dodds was so intent on raising the loan limits of F%F tranfer the junk to the bagholders (taxpayers).

Mozillos ill-gotten wealth is just as bad as Hank Paulsons and all the other clowns that got the money out because they faked retirement .

First rule . Don't hire a Treasury Sec. that is part of the scheme like Paulson was who made a half a billion in 7 years because of faulty leverage . A independent group of parties should of conducted a investigation with recommondation as to the "final
answer ",with the Justice Department on hand to make the arrests . You don't let the parties that engaged in the scheme and profited by the scheme or allowed the scheme to be the same clowns that come up with the "final answer".

Wasn't it silly when Paulson said in essence that they were going to work on the regulations and what have you after they address the emergency . What emergency ?....the Feds could of continued making short term loans for complying Banks until the matter was investigated .

I posted at the time that this emergency plea by Paulson was a ploy .

There is a serious price that is paid for obstruction of justice ,and I mean serious . Its the elephant in the room and it would be as bad as letting that scum Madoff have time to hide the money and set up a new operation and never arrest him and give him a 65 billion dollar bail-out .

The only reason why Congress/Senate played like dummies and allowed this BS is because no doubt they knew that some blame would come right back on their face. Its a joke watching the Politicians getting fired up and about how the Tarp money was not spent the way it should of been ,after they gave Paulson a blank check with immunity ,

Oh well ,keep believing that the Congressional hearings are information bearing meeting and a perjury oath has any meaning any more .Its a dog and phoney show . If the COngress/Senate was serious ,the crime would be investigated behind the curtain ,not this bogus opportunity for CEO's to claim they didn't see it coming .

The elite crooks have been protected as well as the tugs on the front lines ,to the dumb borrowers that were prey but equally greedy liars for a buck .

The "final answer" has been set in place ,and the World will view the result of the path chosen .They have done it people ,they have destroyed anything good and now we will have a shell of a Country with the wrong people suffering .

Anonymous said...

If I was the Orange One, I would be moving to Paraguay asap!!! Better call Ken Lay and ask for some help getting "dead"

Anonymous said...

Those corrupt monkeys are rich. You can't jail one of the American Plutocrats. They are above the law.

Anonymous said...


Same thing happened in the S&L era, but the true purpose was not to profit presently.

It is insurance to cover up the underlying collateral fraud, and preserve those ill-gotten gains.

Eerie parallels.

Contains a classic line about the "real estate equivalent of a salted gold mine"; a thin veneer of respectability used to reel in victims.

Trump just had a Baja fraud blow in his name and is being sued.

Place is right next to a sewage processor for Tijuana; many(including he) had never even been there.

The best laugh is that even though the aeration ponds couldn't be seen from the site, were they really going to have no windows in the towers looking east that could see them?

RICO said...

"No one can do what Countrywide can."

Any legitimate prosecution of Mozilo & Co. should base its case on the validity of this marketing ploy.

The smoking gun is hiding in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to ever get FREE $$ Again?

Anonymous said...

Duh, there's a reason you got turned down honey!

Still Puking! said...

Paul E. Math; helpful link dude. Looks like Ross had a long Saturday-night party! Still no answer from him. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

She has a purty mouth.

Resembles the Realwhore I did on her own family tabletop where the family eats last year.

REIC and realwhres know no shame.

They give good head though.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!! I can't believe I never saw this commercial! " A company that FINDS a way to do loans".....

Mitesh Damania said...

There is fraud involved. The top guys knew it. False appraisal. Falsifying loan documents. There's more evidence than you than ever use in court.

Miss Goldbug said...

No we can't anymore!

Anonymous said...

It's ok, Suzsanne researched it!