March 16, 2009

I go back and forth between grand conspiracy and total incompetence. This 60 minutes interview with Bernanke has me again leaning toward the latter.

Life's losers, incompetents and lazy bums end up in government (or become realtors).

Go-getters and winners go to private enterprise.

Corrupt monkeys go to both.

The big problem is that the go-getters rolled over the life's losers, who were supposed to keep them in check, and now we all pay the price. And the corrupt monkeys infested both.

I hate The Fed. I hate Alan Greenspan. I hate George Bush and Dick Cheney and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and Chris Cox and Phil Graham and Angelo Mozilo and Dick Fuld and Michael Perry and Lawrence Yun and every monkey who got us into this mess - corrupt and incompetent both. I think they should be arrested, I think they should be taken to the town square and flogged. If not worse.

But I also see the humanity in a person like Ben Bernanke. Or Barack Obama. Or even AIG's
poor new CEO Ed Liddy. Maybe they made a deal with the devil. Maybe they didn't understand the powerful interests at play. Maybe they're just human chess pieces in one hell of a sick game.

Watch the Bernanke interview. Is he evil? Is he part of a secret cabal? Is he just picking up the mess from the most evil and destructive human in the history of the world - Alan Greenspan? Is he being threatened with assassination if he goes outside the lines? Is he just a good smart guy, doing his best?

Oh, to know the truth of this epic disaster.

At this point, after the tens of trillions that have been lost, and the worldwide human suffering at hand, that's all I want.

Were they corrupt, or were they incompentent? I just want to know.


Anonymous said...

Go-getters and winners ALSO go to government.

They are the ones that own the monopolies on finance, media and industry.

casey said...

I heard zimbaubwee was giving away 100 bills to anyone willing to bend over and grab thier ankles.

We are in a global economy now.China can make widgets cheaper even after shipping them across the ocean.You simply cannot print more money to support an economy.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, incompetence? Really, just look around you see any of these "incompetents" being fired or getting poorer? Sure buddy, fall for the "government is too incompetent to pull something like that" trick. The puppet masters know exactly what they're doing.

Case in point, this must be the "Messiah's outrage about bonus" #1,251, but yet you don't see your messianic hero doing anything about it, do you? The corrupt media, as usual, put his outrage in big letters, but then never pursue the issue when the Messiah doesn't do a damn thing about his outrage. Funny how that works.

Remember your Messiah's fake salary cap to bankers proposal, which doesn't apply now, not to major bankers, and only in a selective basis but they couldn't explain the parameters of that selection. All they said was, "We get back to you with that info". And the cultists, along with the corrupt media, didn't pursue it.

People, stop going around with your head up your arses. It's ok to say that you 're gamed and naive to believe that he's the savior and that there's a two-party system of us vs them. Really, it's ok for you to feel stupid and realize that both parties serve the same master.

Hellooo, your Prince of Change hired a Raytheon lobbyist to run the DoD, picked a VP who voted for the Iraq war, and voted for GWB/Cheney's wiretapping bill to spy on American citizens. I mean, couldn't you see a big red flag back then?

How long are you going to buy his speeches of "outrage" and "promises", while in reality he does nothing about it?

Anonymous said...

But I also see the humanity in a person like Ben Bernanke. Or Barack Obama. Or even AIG's
poor new CEO Ed Liddy. Maybe they made a deal with the devil. Maybe they didn't understand the powerful interests at play. Maybe they're just human chess pieces in one hell of a sick game.

Seriously Keith, you're either too naive or a disinformation agent. I've been suspecting the latter for a loooong time, because of your constant trolling and psyop games of dualities here. Your constant protection of the empty-suit is a huge giveaway. We pile a $hitload of hard evidence and you still behave like those illiterate cultists, seeing the humanity in Bernanke? Man, take the damn red pill already!

PS: Wanna bet that Madoff will die of a heart attack in jail or any other made up reason, in the next few months, and then the corrupt MSM will bring Sanji Gupta to make it look official on the dumb screen?

always anon said...

Both, these people are corrupt and incompetent. I think the more important point is they are all sociopaths. Corruption and incompentence is a bad combination but add in sociopathic personalities placed in powerful positions and well you can see the result.

Anonymous said...




Lady Di said...

Bernanke = incompetent, from his misdiagnosis of the problem, i.e., liquidity vs insolveny, ordinary recession vs. something worse to his failed Keynesian policies that spending will get us out of this (spending) problem.

Obama = Bush 3rd term. Corrupt to his core, a puppet for his masters. He's got a few more months before people WAKE UP and realize the new boss is the old boss.

Then, the bromance will be OVER.

Sorry, Andrew Sullivan, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and company. He just wasn't that into you...

Anonymous said...

We need to send Bernanke a hooker and get him to blab

Anonymous said...

The incompetence is woven into the conspiracy....plausible deniability.

Anonymous said...

"PS: Wanna bet that Madoff will die of a heart attack in jail or any other made up reason, in the next few months, and then the corrupt MSM will bring Sanji Gupta to make it look official on the dumb screen?

March 16, 2009 9:58 PM"

I thought I was the only one. There are so many guilty in this scam that have gotten rich in high places that are literally shaking in their boots waiting for MadeOff to sell-them-out to career-killing life prison sentence or worse that they will have to silence Bernie and maybe some family members or misc acomplices permanently. In other words, Kill Them.

Like in the movie Casino "why take a chance?"...

Look for an obituary in the NYT soon.

It looks like Bernie has cashed his check...

JaneZ said...

What difference does it make? The corrupt are never held accountable and the incompetent are promoted and re-elected. Really, WTF difference does it make.

We could find out tomorrow that it was one or the other and it wouldn't change a goddamn thing.

Nick would still get his bailout.

Amtex said...

Obama is nothing like Bush. He does not have a VP who rewarded his Halliburton buddies. He did not crush the EPA and allow corporations to go wild. He did not trash the constitution. He did not spend 4200 lives in Iraq for nothing. He did not require the SEC to approve any penalties with the hand picked board first which started this mess. He did not tout housing while in bed with Greenspan. He did not delay alternative energy. He did not play games with vital stem cell research. He did not ignore the infrastructure that is crumbling. He did not use the attorney general's office to crush opposition.

Obama is not Bush 3 at all. Anyone who does not see how Bush is far and away the biggest disaster in history is a moron.

Angry Leprechaun said...

I just failed to get passed his first answer to the first question. What an idiot. He should be a dish washer at a all you can eat Chinese buffet.

Revolution anyone?

If Ron Paul was elected this man's days would be numbered.

clay aikens bitch said...

Is paula abdul quitting idol?Rumor has it she is pissed.I wonder what she will wear tonight.Time for a viagra and budweiser party tonight baby.

Anonymous said...

Scott Pelley's softball "interview" of Bernanke was a spineless joke typical of the MSM. Don't ask hard questions, don't rock the boat, don't upset the corporate masters by playing rough with one of their puppets, etc.

Perfect example of why fewer and fewer people trust the MSM. They're a total waste of time and never report the real story.

Paul E. Math said...

I'll admit, with that nervous twitch in his face when he speaks, I did at times almost feel some sympathy for Bernanke.

But my overriding reaction is contempt for his arrogance. He really thinks he is smart enough to make this corrupt system function again and that he's smart enough to know a just system when he sees one.

I think Bernanke thinks the great inequalities perpetuated by the system are fair. He thinks that the parasites who benefit from our banking system, when the system is working, deserve their million dollar bonuses.

It is neither that Bernanke is consciously corrupt nor hopelessly incompetent.

Bernanke, in his vanity, has been seduced by the notion that the system is a just one and that it has righteously placed him in a position of power.

Bernanke is a skilled enough economic tactician to execute his office well but lacks the vision and objectivity to see the injustices he perpetuates.

Anonymous said...

GREAT commercial!!!! Knew the market would GO UP today!!!
Made 20% on my money by 1 PM.

MARKET down by 4PM............THANK YOU!!! Bearded monkey!!!!

Feel VERY VERY sorry for the GOOD people of the USA!!!

Please donate $$$ to Feed the Children!!!

Anonymous said...

Today in Rotten history: Mar 16 1190

More than 150 and perhaps as many as 500 Jews, secured in Clifford's Tower at York, die from suicide and massacre after they are sieged by townspeople under Richard Malebys. Malebys was a nobleman who owed money to the Jews; after their siege all records relating to moneylending were destroyed.

Just sayin'.

OnlineBrokerReview said...

Bernanke is no dummy - 1590 SAT, he can string a sentence together unlike that rambling huckster Greenspan. He knows perfectly well how the system works.

So what is his deal?

Here is my guess. He landed at Harvard at 18 and had to decide on a major right away so that he could graduate on time and not completely bankrupt his family. He chose economics because it had math and seemed more interesting than differential equations. At some point he started to figure out that a lot of it was nonsense at best and lies at worst but what good did that do him? Might as well do the best he could without getting on the bad side of his peers and elders. Bit by bit he carried on as he was expected, repeating the mantras as he was told, gaining the approval of the academic community as he rose from student to professor to department chairman by telling them what they wanted to hear.

Fast forward 20 years later... He can rationalize the lies and nonsense by saying to himself that, "Hey, better me in charge than these other guys. I'm not like them, I'm just a regular guy who worked hard to achieve. I will make the best of what I can. I'm a genius, a maestro in the making. I can make this work. I've never failed my whole life."

Anonymous said...

"We need to send Bernanke a hooker and get him to blab"

Nah it wont work again. CNBC got that old hooker Maria Blowerwhoro to get him to talk and it embaressed him silly. Gotta have a new game plan.

straw buyer said...

I H8 them all, Paulson, Bernanke, Mozilo, Fuld, Lewis, Pandit, Prince, Arnall, AIG, CONgreffs...

Anonymous said...


I've actually heard some say Bernanke was a genius and a depression historian.

Well, I once worked with a supposed 'genius' in software engineering....

this guy couldn't even tie his own shoes, had zero personality and was very strange!

So much for genius


Anonymous said...

Look into his eyes. Lifeless. What the he!! did they do to him?

Anonymous said...

Keith said:

"Were they corrupt, or were they incompetent."

Good question, of course, but that's different than the title of your post

"I go back and forth between grand conspiracy and total incompetence"

Corrupt does not equal Grand Conspiracy.

I think it's a forgone conclusion that Corruption permeates every fucking nook and cranny of our government.

Conspiracy is Corruption on a whole 'nother level. As in "macro" or "systemic" or "planned Corruption."

I have no point, other than the above. Just want to say though, Keith, that this:

"I go back and forth between grand conspiracy and total incompetence"

is exactly what I've been doing, and I'd guess there are millions upon millions that are in the same thought process, and more every day.

Maybe that'll be a topic of conversation at the Obama's St. Patrick's Day parties.

Hey, maybe they'll be eating rolled-up little wienies-wrapped-in-$100-fucking-bills for an appetizer.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not Bush 3 at all. Anyone who does not see how Bush is far and away the biggest disaster in history is a moron.

March 16, 2009 10:53 PM


Anonymous said...

Well, I once worked with a supposed 'genius' in software engineering....

this guy couldn't even tie his own shoes, had zero personality and was very strange!

So much for genius


March 17, 2009 3:18 AM

Was his name Bukko?

Mitesh Damania said...

Insider knowledge not to be shared with the public:

The president does not have any control over the black (shadow) budget.


Anonymous said...

Bernanke can not explain why just a continuing of smaller loans to these institutions on a monthly basis until a examination of the problem could be explored wasn't done. Paulson and Bernanke have no explaination as to why they just gave big big big amounts without question . What Companies got the 160 billion from AIG that they owed ? Why couldn't they of just stepped in and g1ve money to the institutions that were burned by the default of AIG and only if they were regulated ? Why should the Government bail out any institution that isn't regulated and were part of that group of high leverage Casino Betters.

I think Paulson had his way with the Chairman . The Feds should of only bailed out regulated banks anyway .

Sometimes its wrong to study history because what would of worked in one situation doesn't work in another .

The problem with the Depression was that Banks failed and all the money went bye bye because they didn't have FDIC in those days and there was a run on banks for people to pay their margin calls .

Currently we had FDIC ,so a Bank run was not as likely ,so getting rid of bad banks and contracting the banking system or merging banks would of worked .

It is far more important that this economy has job replacement for the jobs that were lost ,yet the Chairman thinks the most important thing to save was bad insolvent banks .I won't say that FDIC would not of needed to be shored up when bad banks closed or merged ,but it would not of cost as much as trying to save bad banks to stay in operation ,or outfits like AIG.

This recovery of real estate BS or thinking that the toxic paper had a overvalue ,was also faulty thinking on the part of the Chairman . If he studied the Great Depression he would know that prices didn't bounce back on real estate . People were standing in soup lines because they didn't have jobs ,not because they didn't have credit or a bank to borrow from.

And what would it matter if Banks could lend ,but people couldn't borrower because they were already in to much debt or they didn't have a job anymore ?

Basnks take in deposits or they loan . Banks take in deposits if people have money . Banks loan if people have jobs to pay the debt back . If the people have neither money or jobs ,than Banks are useless . So,no, Banks are not the most importatant thing to save as the Chairman said . When you save a economy ,you save what makes the economy tick ,and that is jobs that generate money that buys products and puts savings in banks and takes out loans .

Banks are just a service for a economy that is working .The banks try to make money off the deposits that are put in the bank by charging interest ,or make a fee selling that loan to some other party that wants to charge interest .

Sure ATM's are needed and people need banking so they can pay their
bills by check and all the other things that banks do that they charge a fee for .

Big Wall Street investment firms would need to contract if people didn't have money to invest ,so its more important to have jobs that generate money than investment firms . The point is that if the Country needed a loan sourse the Treasury could of stepped in with government sponsered loans or even government funded loans until the economy picked up or corrected or whatever.
Saving corrupt and insolvent institutions on Main Streets dime is a joke . Wait until the whole matter is written about in the history books .

Anonymous said...

corrupt, evil P.O.S.!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, we've been watching CEOs who are crooks, psychopaths, misfits, secret society types, selfish a$$holes, evil bastards, etc, throughout history...

...and yet, nobody believes that individuals with the same above profile would find their way into key positions in gov or could be running an independent private bank, set up by crooked bankers in 1913 and above Congress and the law. guys are hilarious. Now I let you all go back to church to prey for American greatness.

Anonymous said...

The problem was that Paulson and Bernanke were trying too change who the bagholders were .

All the laws were set in place as to what would happen if there was a crash . The unregulated Banks that had highly leveraged investors would of loss their ass .
This would of served them right for going for the higher yields that weren't insured . Hanl Paulson would of most likely been sued for peeding bad paper and bad faith in business because of his prior business dealings .

If they wanted to sue the Company that sold them junk paper ,so be it ,that is what you call Civil or
criminal Justice .

The FDIC would of needed some public funds of course and some banks would of needed to be taken over to provide banking and ATM service for the public until the
banks could of been taken over by other banks or closed .

Liar loan borrowers being bailed out is another example of shooting money at a loss cause . The investor will default on his loan if he doesn't make the short term profit that they expected. You don't reward fraud anyway and the government will find out just how many of those loans will default anyway ,no matter how much money you sink into these gamblers .

And allowing Corruption to remaim will be the biggest mistake of the policymakers and law changers .

The Public marvels at Companies that continue to spend money in a corrupt way after they get bail-outs . Thats because you gave money to the corrupt and the insolvent stupid .

Ford Moter Compnay will be producing their new car in Mexico .What about the plead that they needed government money to save all those jobs for Americans ?

Paulsons motives were sinister ,but Bernanke is just being lead around by the nose .

Anonymous said...




void_genesis said...

His face is strangely lifeless. Either he has been intensively coached in avoiding micro-expressions or given a very careful dose of drugs. He has never looked this zonked before in other appearances.

The only give away was when he looked down *after* answering the question about whether the major banks are insolvent. Looking down normally means the brain is accessing factual information, looking up means making something up. But the fact that he did it after he answered tells me he couldn't avoid turning the awful truth over in his mind after the question was answered with a soothing and well rehearsed lie.