March 17, 2009

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Here's Glenn Beck, shedding crocodile tears, and his 9-12 Project.

I like Glenn Beck. He entertains me. And he shows some RAGE, which I like. And he agrees with much of what goes on here - about the Fed, and the incompetent monkeys in power, and the corruption.

But damn, that boy is weird.

I think Fox News and the top Republicans now understand that Rush Limbaugh is dead. And that the right needs more of a populist, anti-government voice. If the GOP moves on, it will be something in this vein.

So, I'll shut up now. What do you make of this?


Bryan said...

Re: Principles
1. See 8.
2. For me, absolutely my goal, God forgive my failings; however, not in GB's way, for GB is LDS (Mormon) and we don't see eye-to-eye.
3. "More honest?" I'm honest now.
4. Family="sacred"=LDS. I hold my marriage vows with reverence, but my America has single and divorced people.
5. Yes.
6. Yes, but I am still pro-affirmative action.
7. A safety net is necessary for an orderly society. So it banking. (But those grifters WERE good.)
8. The power of dissent comes in handy when ...
1. ...America changes course from good, however you describe that
9. Sometimes its better to ask what you can do for your country, ...

Fruity Pebbles said...


Ok...I'll take a deep breath now...
As a child of X-treme fundamentalists I have seen this genre of 'preacher/entertainer' before. He even said it himself: "I'm becoming a televangelist!" Well, hell, yeah - because he and his producers know that is what the fundie racist conservatives LOVE! Yes, Rush is losing their interest because he actually uses some facts, and some rationality, to make his points. This guy Beck is being groomed to be the new face of the TV Right. And, of course, the whole rant with the fake Jimmy Swaggert tears just made me nauseous. And a little nervous. They are out there and they want to organize behind someone. And do something.

Amtex said...

I can't watch Beck. His little doughy face just makes me ill. The other right wingers are fun to laugh at. But something about Beck just makes my skin crawl and I turn him off within a minute. He seems like a 'married' guy with a lot of creepy secrets.

For some reason his creep factor is of the charts....almost as high as Shepard Smith, another very creepy dude who looks like a bad plastic surgery experiment.

image009 said...

Is this the same Glenn Beck who yesterday said "..we're in inflation now.."? Americans like this guy because he is a lot like them: fat and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Rush is FAAAAAR from dead.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck may, in fact, help martial the country's outrage and assemble the Silent Majority into correcting a lot of what's gone wrong with our nation. I would think that to be a good thing and something we should welcome. I am cautiously optimistic and willing to support any such efforts to fix ourselves. Bigotry and closed-mindedness towards him simply because one hates Mormons does not seem sufficient justification in my mind to not give this a chance. Do people really think now that Romney could have been that much worse than Obama? Or haven't they learned their lessons yet?

BG said...

Oh my God, that was EXCRUCIATING to watch. But I forced myself to watch this idiot. What fucking moron!!! but it scared me too, just seeing all the people with their "viewing parties". These people could be moved or brainwashed into an uprising of epic proportions. Beck is a son of a father who committed suicide, he's on the ledge, man. what is it about these ultra-conservatives and their fucked up families (ie. Karl Rove's mother committed suicide and he found out his real father had been an illicit affair his mother had)? And here we go again with using 9/11 to fuck with people's heads. Beck is disgusting and will someone please shoot Chuck Norris. He makes me so sick.

I want my mommy now....there are some scary ass, stupid people out there.

Markus Arelius said...

How is it that Americans keep turning back to the moralizing of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Keith Olberman and Bill "Let's Do It Live! F*&k It!" O'Reilly?

Let's drink up every word these d-bags have to say.

Christ, Beck is a guy who was picked on mercilessly as a kid because he was massively overweight and his dad ran a bakery store.

Think about that. Then watch the video again.

Am I surprised that Glenn Beck is angry at the world, and recently turning into an American doomsday, doomsayer?


Should you be surprised? Not really.

The last people anyone should trust right during trying economic times now are the self-appointed, pious moralizers, who somehow knew all along the distinction between right and wrong and have hours and hours to tell you all about it.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just one in the minority of this country who believes America has had quite enough of Creflo Dollar, Colon Detox and most of all - Glenn Beck.

rally 'round the flag said...

Beck is taking Compationate Conservatism to new heights AND lows.

Political bungee-jumping?

That boy's off his meds...

Anonymous said...

OK, I got to admit I like the guy . The part I like is his attacks on the economy remedies should be more in line with the Constitution .

The problem with the bail outs are they are so discriminating and they reward the evildoers . Corruption does need to be purged to restore a functioning system .

I'm sorry if I don't have confidence in Hank Paulson or the current staff of public servents .

When you think about how Paulson and the Feds had to change some laws and their very limited powers to pull the "Blank Check" Plan ,than you get nervous .

Many a freedon has been lost under the claim of a need for emergency
powers . The Feds had power to give loans to banks and than now the Feds and treasury has the power to aid any entity that would become insolvent because of the crash of a financial Poni Scheme .

The dollars just changed hands and the bagholders were changed in a very illegal manner that violates contract law and the laws of discrimination . Its discrimination to bail out liar loan borrowers ,isn't it ,even if you accept the fact that it's really a bail out for the investor of that loan .

It was a sad day indeed when we saw Congress/Senate give unreal power to the Dream Team of Paulson and the Feds .

The "dream teams " still don't understand that the economy can't be what it use to be . To try to
throw money into a system that crashed ,in part because it was corrupt, is stupid . We have whole new needs after a crash .

If Glenn Beck just stays on a format of trying to protect the
rights of the people and Constitution verses the
Powers of the Dream Teams ,than he might be effective .

Lady Di said...

Glenn Beck sees a growing segment of the population that hates America's big, bloated, failed government, and he is capitalizing on it. He will see his ratings soar as this train wreck headed by Obama, the criminal Fed/banksters and our inept Congress continues.

I'd rather watch Beck than those man-crush Obama freaks at CNN or MSNBC.

As for his tears, Beck is a recovering alcoholic. If you ever spend your time with one this is typical and usually a sign that they're clean and sober. No longer able to numb their feelings with alcohol, they
cry like a baby at the drop of a hat...

Oh, and there's no doubt that Beck has plans to turn Project 9-12 into a book, thus the dramatic intro, aided by his sober tears.
It will probably become a bestseller.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a fraud that is simply trying to co-opt this liberty movement that has been reignited by Ron Paul.

Look at this interview from 08 where he tries to paint Ron Paul and his supporters as dangerous extremists:

Glenn Beck with the Terrorist Ron Paul

And then there's this:

Glenn Beck hates 9/11 Victim's families for questioning 9/11

How dare they question 9/11 and the cursory whitewash that was the 9/11 Commission Report.

Doofus in Tampa said...

Best thing that ever happened to Beck was Bob Lassiter.( )

Lassiter was at odds with WFLA/Clear Channel and finally pissed them off one night. They canned Lassiter and put Beck in his spot in less than 24 hours. Beck inherited his first audience.

I listened to Beck from the first night in December 99 off and on until 2001-ish. He was Ok, he didn't have 1/100th the talent that Lassiter had. Beck's show at times was completely boring. He wasn't nearly the conservative right winger he passes himself off as now. He was a staunch independant back then and allot funnier to boot.

I had to laugh when I heard him after a few years later, it was just before CNN gave him a show I think. he wasn't even the same guy.

I guess like Dennis Miller he figured the money was better appealing to the ultra right wing, particularly on talk radio. They both should have stayed true to themselves and their talents.

Worked for Beck I guess, I mean he has done well for himself after all. I can't watch him or take him seriously though, for me he is too much of a charlatan, fake, or hypocrite that sold out.

Lost Cause said...

What do I make of this?

Look! Over there! Someone is stealing your money!

Jennifer said...

Someone get Beck a couple of Midols . . . and a really good psychiatrist!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he is a joke! he is put in place as the anti-governemtn voice, but also as the pre-conditioning of whats to come. I dont trust him.

Mitesh Damania said...

Don't worry everything will fix itself but not before the giant collapse.

Anonymous said...

glenn beck is better than bush/obama/mccain/congress/REIC

he is a douchebag though.

Anonymous said...

"...Beck is a recovering alcoholic. If you ever spend your time with one..."

Plenty of experience; thank you.

Tell us about the backsliding into betrayal anew; it's a timely topic.

Fooling themselves is no big deal when you're talking about credulous simpletons to begin with.

They feel pressure to form an opinion in seconds, then wail like schoolgirls in self-pity when they realize and acknowledge their folly.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how Glenn Beck has done a 180 since the last few years? He's now transformed himself into a blend of Lou Dobbs and Alex Jones. All for ratings and to get a fat paycheck. A total moron.

Anonymous said...

I actually like GB. He may have evolved his politics. I certainly have. I supported Ron Paul this go round, but I supported Bill Clinton briefly in 1992 until the so-called Assault Weapons Ban. So GB had a pussy moment on live TV. I understand the frustration that a great many of the public don't understand how this country became great and what is needed to keep it so.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a psyop agent trying to control public's rage by turning their attention to fuzzy and warm 12 commandments. This guy shouldn't be trusted.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

i think you are right keith. also i would go a bit further and say that they are attempting to make him the main stream media version of alex jones.... but be it known right now. glenn beck works for the same people who rush limbaugh works for. they are all the same. they all have one purpose and that purpose is controlled opposition. they are safety valves for the angry white street and always have been.

Anonymous said...

keith you ever stop to think why all of this so-called conservative talk suddenly appeared in the late 80's and early 90's. it wasn't by accident. the same brotherhood who own all of the radio stations, also own the newspapers and they run hollywood. they also own our senate and believe in the holohoax. clue number 1, they are not arabs.....

West Coast Willie said...


Please stop featuring this loon. It's bad enough that you are using his quote on your mast.

nke514 said...

Keith..I know you don't like facts, but you are soooo dead wrong on Rush. Just like everyone before you, and everyone after you.

Rush is bigger than ever.

Just last week the latest arbitron numbers came out for the top 15 markets and he is cumulative audience is up 32%.



32% increase over 22 MILLION. You could hope to get 22 million individual visitors to your site

What gets me more than anything is how much you were an Obama cheerleader before, and now anyone reading your site would think you were against him from the beginning.

Ross said...

I don't like the fact that Beck is all over Fox News now.

I do like what Beck has to say on his radio show and steal a listen on my lunch breaks, but FOX!NEWS!??

That's not a good sign.

keith said...

The quote on the masthead is from a citigroup analyst

Went2puke said...

I learned from some masters of journalism that "if your Mom tells you 'I love you,' you'd better double check!"
GB said he's doing this because, as he put it: "I love my country." I'd say America should double check to see if this freak is for real. He's basically saying that those of us who don't share his views don't love America! Scary stuff!

Jon King said...

Limbaugh's ratings are not real. The show is given away for free to any station that will run it. His show loses money and the only advertisers are propped up by right wingers.

Limbaugh has about 2 million regular listeners.

Anonymous said...

If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.
~Mark Twain~

scott in vegas said...

The fact that half of you scorn him means he stands for something!
Dramatic yes, but who isn't weird!? Half of you are self rightous bed wetting homosexualsthat have never deveoloped an original thought in your lives. GB isn't the "end all" but if you hate him = you're gay!

Anonymous said...

I must be fat and stupid. Beck makes perfect sense to me.

Anonymous said...

This blog has lost whatever credibility it once had. Nothing but a bunch of juvenile "name callers" here. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Amtex, you are funny. LOL!!!!!
OK, who is really running this site?
It isn't the Keith from HousingPanic, now is it......
Did Keith sell out to a wannabe Keith blogster?
The tone is totally different, where is the original Keith?


Anonymous said...

I don't hate America ,but I see this crash as a opportunity to get back to the principals that made this Nation strong .

There is a great danger at this
juncture for any Tom ,Dick or Harry nut job to gain power .

We witnessed that people can be brainwashed on a mass level , Get a group powerful enough to overthrow the current order and you can get somthine that is even worse . That is why the Housing Cash should of been solved in a manner that was in accordance with current law . Changing laws after the fact is the first leg of changing bagholders . This obstrution of Justice in the name of emergency will be the greater attack on the Constitution or the rights of the individual since the inception of this Country . It even goes beyond moral hazard to America being overthrown .

Anonymous said...

Glenn gives out some pretty good info that you won't hear anywhere else on the boob tube.

I watch him some for that reason alone.

He's exposing corruption and that works for me.

Anonymous said...

Blogger nke514 said...

Keith..I know you don't like facts, but you are soooo dead wrong on Rush. Just like everyone before you, and everyone after you.

Rush is bigger than ever.

Just last week the latest arbitron numbers came out for the top 15 markets and he is cumulative audience is up 32%.



32% increase over 22 MILLION. You could hope to get 22 million individual visitors to your site

What gets me more than anything is how much you were an Obama cheerleader before, and now anyone reading your site would think you were against him from the beginning.<<<

i saw that fat f*** on CPAC a couple of weeks or so ago, making his little speech. I couldn't beieve my eyes and ears. Those idiots gave Rush a framed copy of a real document signed by Ben Franklin and then they went on to compare this fat tub of lard with Ben Franklin. Rush Limbaugh wouldn't make a pimple on Ben Franklin's ass. I could not believe such stupid genuflecting going on before my eyes on CSPAN. If people are looking to Rush Limbaugh to help them, they will have a long wait. On his watch, over the last 20 years, I ask you. Have things got worse or have they got better? I rest my case.

Noprogram said...

He's shedding crocodile tears for sure....the resonance in his voice is not sincere. He's separated psychologically between his perception of his understanding of his animated performance/persona and his genuine feeling for the country....which I feel is genuine. His intentions are good....just his delivery is a little distorted by the way he perceives the message should be delivered.

Philip said...

Glenn Beck is a piece of shit. He mocked Ron Paul, then saw how much money Paul could raise and jumped on his coat tails as quick as a cat.

F*ck him, and is Chuck Norris an alien? That is one weird dude.

So Ron Paul's message was insane when Norris was puking for Shuckabee, but now Glenn Beck makes sense?