March 21, 2009

In an era of Hank Paulson, Angleo Mozilo, Dick Fuld, George Bush and realtors on commission, I give you Jorge Munoz, school bus driver and saint

The scum inhabiting our earth these days makes you question Western culture, and humanity in general.

We're surrounded by law-breaking, lying, greedy, thieving, cheating, immoral scum.

And then we see someone like Jorge Munoz. And we hopefully remember that even though man is sometimes flawed and evil, at our very core is kindness, humanity and love.

I hope some of you are inspired by Jorge Munoz, and consider how you can help out, starting tomorrow.

Life's too short to be a realtor. Life's too short to be a banker. Life's too short to do a job you hate. Life's too short to screw people for a living. Life's too short to be lying, cheating scum. Life's too short to sit around playing video games and watching Idol.

I give you Jorge Munoz.

If you have an epiphany, let us know. And you can donate to his effort here.

Bus driver delivers free home-cooked meals - He spends $450 of $700 paycheck feeding hungry

Every day, unemployed men gather under the elevated 7 train in Jackson Heights, Queens. Many of them are homeless. All of them are hungry.

Jorge Munoz estimates he has served more than 70,000 free meals since 2004.

At around 9:30 each night, relief comes in the form of Jorge Munoz's white pickup truck, filled with hot food, coffee and hot chocolate.

The men eagerly accept containers of chicken and rice from Munoz, devouring the food on the spot. Quiet gratitude radiates from the crowd.

For many, this is their only hot meal of the day; for some, it's the first food they've eaten since last night.

"I thank God for touching that man's heart," says Eduardo, one of the regulars.

Watching Munoz, 44, distribute meals and offer extra cups of coffee, it's clear he's passionate about bringing food to hungry people. For more than four years, Munoz and his family have been feeding those in need seven nights a week, 365 days a year. To date, he estimates he's served more than 70,000 meals.


born to lose said...

Thanks Jorge,

Now the bums don't have to spend their beer money on food.

Gives them plenty of energy to hang around and harass working people for drinking money.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, it would be better to increase his taxes by $450 and let obama redistribute it on a fairer basis. Plus that would create more jobs (government).

Afterthought said...

The conundrum is to find a way to get people like Munoz in the Board Room and people like Paulson driving a bus.

It sure as hell ain't democracy! (as we know it)

Anonymous said...

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth

Amtex said...

The right wing is amazing...they attempt to claim religion and Christianity?

Didn't Jesus feed the poor and wash the feet of lepers? I supposed he should have told them to get a job.

Guberville Smack said...

"Now the bums don't have to spend their beer money on food."

What that man is doing is truly remarkable. To help others without judgement or worry of personal loss is extremely difficult. How many evenings must he have said to himself, "man I just need a day off", or, "I need this money for my family".
That is the thinking that keeps me from giving someone a dollar on the street half the time. But I will never criticize someone willing to do it. Unfortunately, I also read the moral hazard into it, and find it hard to just give freely.
Thanks Keith for posting this powerful piece.

edgar said...

I agree with you about the immoral scum. Until we bring back public executions en masse it's **never** going to get better.

Mitesh Damania said...

The problem is people like Munoz keep electing in corrupt people that work against his best interests. No pity here.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he is a real "chick magnet"


Anonymous said...

C'mon people, enough of sensationalism and socialism. There's no reason whatsoever to be hungry in the US. A freaking hamburger is $1, and Arby's was giving free sandwiches with a coupon last week, and a Ramen is a freaking $0.25 when you buy a pack of 4 for a $1. I'm so sick of this socialist advertising, this mind game of getting the sheeple comfortable with nanny government through this stories. You're being domesticated with these stories by the corrupt media. They want you to enjoy and get used to nanny government feeding you.

Funny how the media doesn't show how there bills in Congress to put red tape on community vegetable gardens throughout the country. The Agro Mafia bought your Congress and now want to make illegal for us to grow a vegetable garden, so we have to be their slaves. Their excuse: We could be growing marijuana instead of vegetables, so they need to put red tape to make it difficult for people to be self-sufficient. True story, it's a fact, go search for the bills, domesticated morons.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...let's see, Jorge wanting to be Madre Theresa and giving free food away to junkies and lazy a$$, bums getting oceanfront condos in Santa Monica, the King Africano Mombasa The Merciful redistributing our taxes to welfare parasites, octomom buying $1 million dollar home while on welfare and with the face full of plastic surgery.

Tell me again why should we work or pay taxes any longer? F*ck this!

Singular said...

This shows the welfare system is not working. That the money is going to the wrong people. People pay taxes so the money will go to the people at the rock bottom of society. The people who really NEED it - the ones you see begging on the street, the homeless, the old unemployable people who have no family to lean on - the ones who require the alms or else they will starve or die.

Instead it is going to people who have chosen welfare as a lifestyle and career - namely the teenage single mothers and lazy people who have nothing stopping them looking for work but have realized the system 'rewards' them better if they fall pregnant (and have children they do not really want and do not look after well to boot). And their boyfriends also jump on the gravy train.

So we have two classes - the people who never work (although they can) and are supported by the people who do go out and work and pay their taxes ie the slaves.

We have a modern slave class supporting the new leisure classes. It is undeniable this situation exists - when you have welfare moms taking their brood of kids (about six in number) on holiday to India or whatnot (happened with one UK mother).

And then the people who really need the support - say the mentally disordered who cannot look after themselves and whom the system no longer looks after but lets them fend for themselves, putting them on meds and trusting these people to take them - fall through the large cracks and end up depending on the largesse of the taxpayer-slave again through personal charity.

Of course the bureaucrat is paid a humongous salary and has a 'tenured' position administering the welfare payments to the army of people with children who have them knowing they have no intention of supporting them and indeed, reproduce in order to use the existence of their offspring as a means to live off the 'slaves'.

A back to front society where nothing works because it all 'works' backwards. The incompetent and immoral are rewarded by being made the privileged class and the competent and "moral" responsible ones (only spend or reproduce if they can afford it) fall into the slave class.

How long does such a society last? A society that goes against "traditional" evolutionary trends is bound to collapse.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he is a certified food handler,


Blood tests?

Inspected prep facility ?

the whole nine yards!

You republicans just don't get it do you??

Ed said...

There's a man who will see God.