March 18, 2009









Goldman Sachs
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The bailout is a response to a banking crisis that resulted from the radical deregulation pushed by former Goldman Sachs honcho Robert Rubin when he was President Bill Clinton's treasury secretary. Another Goldman Sachs chairman-turned-treasury-secretary, Henry Paulson, in the Bush administration designed the trillion-dollar bank bailout that will go down as the greatest swindle in U.S. history.

It was because of Paulson that AIG was saved from bankruptcy hours after Goldman rival Lehman Brothers was allowed to go down the drain. Why that reversal of strategy in a top-secret meeting called by then-New York Fed Chair Timothy Geithner, a Rubin protege and now Barack Obama's treasury secretary? Why was Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein the only financial industry CEO in attendance? When that news leaked out, his role was defended as that of a noninvolved concerned citizen with expert knowledge and whose firm had no direct monetary stake in the outcome.

That was a lie.

Goldman Sachs was into AIG insurance policies for at least $20 billion, which is why the firm got that $12.8 billion while Paulson was in charge. It took six months for the embarrassing facts to finally come out. The bailout program was administered by Neel Kashkari, a former Goldman Sachs VP - why are we not surprised at that?


Anonymous said...

"Since AIG is an insurance company and not a bank, it is not subject to the same oversight."

Great now we have insurance companies playing bank AND banks playing insurance company (derivatives).

Bob said...


Post after post of nothing but instigating anger.

Any Eurotard can do that.

How about a solution for a change.

Wind Farmer said...

Come on Keith...there are lots of other good pictures of Uncle Fester!!!

keith said...


Don't you see?

Anger and riots ARE the solution.

It's time.

Anonymous said...

Only China and Japan can stop us from our folly now.

We are begging you China and Japan please save us from our own self destruction.

You are the only one who can save us. We can't control ourselves. We have to spend! But we know we shouldn't.

All you have to do is stop buying our treasuries. That's it! Nothing more nothing less.

Spend your money on your own people! They need you!

Please save us from ourselves!

RICO said...

Another GS shill player...

AIG's new CEO Liddy is the insider's insider.

Liddy retired as Allstate CEO in December 2006 and as chairman of the nation's biggest publicly traded home and auto insurer in 2008. He joined buyout firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. Besides being on the Goldman board, he is/was a director of 3M Co. and Boeing Co.

Nope, no conflict of interest there.

Just a good ol' boy *retired* Goldman grifter DONATING his time to cover Goldman's smelly ass.

keith said...

Just look at those two guys in the picture.

Just look at them.


Ross said...

Watched "The Obama Deception."

Won't happen.

gutless and lazy said...

Time to pass a new law. All GS employees are to be publically dismembered.

All former employees also.

James Cramer, pls report to the GS alumni personnel office!

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

"riots ARE the solution.

It's time."

Not time for that yet.

First we tried petioning against the bailout.

Then we tried voting against the bailout.

Now its time to use boycotts to break the bailout.

Boycott the Finance/Insurance/Real Estate segment of the economy! Make them lose more than they gained in the bailout!

1. Stop using credit cards.
2. Cancell insurance policies.
3. STOP RENTING! Live with relatives, live in a tent, live under an overpass, live with 12 roommates. You'll save money faster, and home prices will drop when over-extended landlords go bankrupt.

If the Kleptocrats resort to violence to stop us, THEN it will be time to respond in kind.

Anonymous said...


You are a fucking retard and wuss. It is really rather simple.

Just fucking kill them all and then render their corpses into fuel.

Not only is this the only and best solution, but it is simple, cost effective and serves as an important deterrent. Note that it is also good for the planet. I really do not see any negatives.

I would only add, if you are not angry by now, then maybe we should do the same to you.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

Boycott - its how our ancestors forced Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act

Anonymous said...

keef should be at the front line. qw're right behind ya keef!

"Blogger keith said...

Just look at those two guys in the picture.

Just look at them.


Anonymous said...

F U sheeple!!

GS runs this shit!!!!!

vanilla ice said...

"Anger and riots ARE the solution."

Yeah! Fuck yeah! First stop, the Federal Reserve.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream. A fully fueled Boeing 767 plunged into the Goldman Sachs building collapsint it immedietely, killing all inside. There were no horrified witnesses outside, just people with tears in their eyes. Tears of joy.

Ponzi or Paulson? said...

Why do I get the feeling we will be learning more about old Hank & Co on a future episode of "American Greed".

He Pulled a Paulson and split town...

West Coast Willie said...

Do you have to be bald to work for these guys?

Anonymous said...

keith said...

Don't you see?

Anger and riots ARE the solution.

It's time.

March 18, 2009 8:49 PM



Anonymous said...

Bam Bam had to suck Goldman's dick to get into the white house, I hardly think he wants the pictures published.

Anonymous said...

Love the headlines taunting us:

-Kash Carried Away
-Madeoff With the Funds
-Bankers Find Bonuses Distasteful

Somewhere, somebody is having a sinister, hearty laugh on our tab.

Mitesh Damania said...

Kashkari used to run a 7/11. Now he helps run the Fed.

People won't stand up until they've looted everything and left the bones.

patrat said...

As far as Congress doing anything about AIG - well they may be forced to because of the internet and media. But, in general Congress deliberately doesn't read bills so that they can't be held accountable. They lie and pretend to support or go against something just for their constituents' votes and then at the last minute, usually late on a Friday night or just before Christmas when everyone else has gone home, they push things through that they really want and claimed they didn't want. There are lots of favors to be repaid in Congress. Liars, lawyers, disengenuous people. Most are only interested in their own gain in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

That crazy eyed SOB on the left looks like a Terrorist just add the beard and robe and wah-la Taliban warrior!

Anonymous said...

I use to post all the time about good old Hank Paulson and what a fox in the hen house he was. They are all evil .
If I have to watch Senator Dodds outraged one more time over something he created himself I will scream .

Unregulated insurance Companies paying off bets to Investments Firms and the Feds were only suppose to be the lender of last resort to regulated banks .

Anonymous said...

Have you ever once, just once, looked into either of their eyes, in any picture, and found them to be "trustworthy" eyes?

les said...

The Fed Reserve is a private bank with "secret" owners. Goldman Sachs is one of those secret owners.