March 24, 2009

It's funny to see the country up in arms about AIG's $150 million in bonuses. Folks, Angelo Mozilo HIMSELF took us for over $300 million

Angelo Mozilo, the world's biggest mortgage fraudster ever, stole over $300 million from Americans via his Countrywide scam, and we are now paying for his fraud to the tune of trillions. Trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions.

So while Congress is busy writing 90% tax plans on AIG bonuses, maybe the corrupted pigs could do an Angelo Mozilo Tax Act of 2009, clawing back 100% of his ill-gotten gains. While also urging Obama to throw Mozilo's orange ass in jail.

But no, that won't happen. After all, the people in charge of our laws are Friends of Angelo. They were paid to look the other way during his heist, and they still are.

I don't know where Mozilo is these days. Probably growing a long beard, hiding out on a beach in Mexico or Nicaragua or Ooompa Loompa land, you know, somewhere where orange people blend in, outside the reach of the feds.

But we need people to refocus their anger and outrage, away from the chump change of AIG. And we need people around the world to focus on the REAL enemy. The REAL scum of the earth. The real force behind this epic and historic financial collapse.

Angelo Mozilo.

The World's Biggest Mortgage Fraudster™.


Anonymous said...

"Congress is busy writing 90% tax plans on AIG bonuses"

Seriously? The only way they can stop outrageous bonuses is to take their money back? Backwards. That's backwards and appalling.

RICO said...

Tangelo Manzilo has temporarily side-stepped prosecution due to his past *relationships* with Goldman Sachs.

He'll never serve prison time.

They'll take him out when the time is right. but he'll be *lionized* at his funeral as a 'pioneer' of mortgage securitization.

Honor among thieves.

consultant said...

Everyone, if you haven't read it, read Naomi Klein's, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism".

Start with chapter 5. It will help explain why Obama will probably fail.

The neocons have deconstructed the govt. They subcontracted most functions of the federal govt. out to private companies, not to do the people's business, but to make a profit (see the Iraq War). Bush took this process into warp speed. Now they are continuing this process through Geithner in the financial sector.

Obama's fatal mistake is that he brought on too many Clinton people and he hasn't kicked out the many Bush neocons that remain in high level positions in govt.

Bad, bad moves that I say are going to sink his chances of even having a hope of turning this around.

Read people. Read.

Anonymous said...

The scam of outrage over chicken-scratch works well, because we don't understand(at a gut level) the difference between million, billion, and trillion.

Every $Trillion we hand to the investor class(to cover their losses) is like a million to every man, woman, and child in Dallas or San Diego.

Papers are in maudlin denial about why they are dying. They're unable to admit to themselves that they don't do the job(of protecting society) they tout.

casey said...

But angelo enabled millions of americans to buy homes.He is a saint.I wonder what percent of liar loans default?Hopefully none of you bought countrywide stock at the top.Angelo is thanking you for supporting his lavish lifestyle.Sucks to be broke and have a job doesn't it.

gunny sacker said...

keefer, you are waistng your breath about Orangezilo.

No one cares because no one really understands what he did wrong and why he is any diferent then a typical business person.

You need to articulate a clear explaniation of why you have been keeping a grudge on this guy.

Angelo Mozilos company trusted a lot of losers with loans, casue he like the rest of the world beleived that housing will go up in price.


Batman said...

Good Ticker article on Yahoo

Batman said...

Good Ticker article on Yahoo

Mike Hunt said...


How about a live thread on the Congressional grilling of Bernanke and turbo tax Geithner?

Pure bread and circus, it is.


Anonymous said...

300 million is chickenfeed compared to the tens and hundred of billions being transferred to the banks, AIG, Freddie and Fannie and hedge funds.

Check out Karl Denninger's site for a discussion of how Bernanke has been lying and now wants to take a bunch of the bad MBS crap the FED voluntarily, and arguably illegally, took upon itself and transfer it directly to the Treasury. As in it's the Fed two step. Step one, transfer crap from the banks to the Fed. Step 2, transfer from the Fed to the American citizen. Banks get let off the hook yet again. American citizen left holding the bag to pay off for the next 50 years or so.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi amd Reid,

Hmmm... whose the other monkey?


Oh Yeah.

Should have been obvious.

barnyard bill said...

well for all the money mozillio has stolen he sure is not living like it

check out virtual globetrotting

they list his homes in thousand oaks and monticeto ca

I would say his homes are worth 10 MM tops, if even that.

nope I think he like many others put their own money into their own companies to save themselves and got f...... by the fed, how ? that is a mystery for the ages

Anonymous said...

Keith, I would be the last to argue that the whole $150 mil thing is an attempt to distract us from the larger amounts that have been spirited away.

But, I do recognize that it all adds up. I keep reading that people who want to save more should not stop buying their $5/day Starbucks, because what they really need is a mortgage that's $500/mo. cheaper. As usual, the sheeple line up for such tripe. Well guess what? You drop the Starbucks, Mickey D's three times a week, happy hour on Fridays and dinner out once a week and you've got the $500. Dropping the mortgage is easy cake. It takes grown men and women to pull it all together.

speedingpullet said...

Apparently The Orange Man is hanging out at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA.

The NBC Dateline program over the weekend actually had someone try and find him and get him to answer questions.

The reporter was turned away at the gate of the Country Club, natch.

Anonymous said...

But,but Mr. Blogger Guy. He earned the $300 Mil. Right?? Look what a service he provided with his mortgage brokerage company, giving me lots and lots and lots of stuff. No need to have a job he said, just sign here or there. No problem, I said..
Made a commercial for him too, where I sat on my riding lawn mower and showed you people my Mac. Mansion and swimming pool.
Then someone jelled, "How did YOU pay for this" after which I uttered my famous words "I am up to my eyeballs in loans". We all had so much fun back then.
But sadly it all came to end for a while and we had to adjust life by living on my second and third mortgage money. Luckily Happy Days are here again because this very nice man from the government adjusted my mortgage principal and payments to 33.333% of my income. It’s so good that my unemployment payments are extended.
Life is good in America!! What is his name is again….oh yeah, Mr. Motzarella...I’ll vote for him next time. By the way I heard about this tea party today……I hate tea…..I stick with Champagne….Cheers!!

Wind Farmer said...

Orangutangelo Mozilo?

Mitesh Damania said...

The pigs at the trough will take deductions or losses against those bonuses. They won't pay taxes!

les said...

$150 million to 20 AIG executives as "retention" bonuses because only they know where they buried the bodies?!

Why is that trader from Soceite General in jail for losing $16 Billion when these guys at AIG has lost over $150 Billion and maybe $500 Billion more aren't in jail?

These people defrauded investors, destroyed wealth, and are stealing money from taxpayers. With bonuses.

Everyone who had their hand in this mortgage/cdo mess should be charged with a crime and sent to prison. We have plenty of space in the FEMA relief camps.

Some of the bailout money should fund an FBI investigation, fed courts and prisons for all of these people.

Anonymous said...

wow, there it is. a photo showing mozilo, pelosi, and reid together.

I didn't think one existed.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I would be the last to argue that the whole $150 mil thing is an attempt to distract us from the larger amounts that have been spirited away.

yep. and now gold sacks is making noise about paying back the TARP money.

I wonder where this new found money to pay back TARP came from?????? hmmm, maybe from AIG paying on the swaps the gold sacks bought????

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I'd imagine he didn't get to keep all of that 300M. There had to be tons of kickbacks he has to pay.

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Queeferino,

You are one persistent bugger now, aren't you. How many times do I have to tell you this? I am BULLETPROOF. Got it.

Your pal,

Noprogram said...

Godzillo being King of the Oompa-Loompas is probably holed up in Loompaland, a small isolated island situated in the Pacific Ocean, breeding a new generation of orange drones. Waiting to harvest a new generation of 'clients' aka 'hosts' once the heat is off and the populace has been American Idolized once more. Coming soon.....Godzillo II !!!

On a more serious note, the situation is so, audacious, out of hand and outrageous that people just don't grasp what is happening. The only way Godzillo walks the plank is if the systemic clusterfck nature of the game, for anyone not on the inside, is called by who's ever left to do anything about it. And that's pretty much nobody. Rational voices in the wilderness yes. An angry majority yes. But the guys that make the rules win the game...that's part of their rules. They have the game stitched up and they know it.

If not.....what can be done to bring the mighty Godzillo down?

Anonymous said...

Orange monkeys. Cool.