March 17, 2009

Rage? Rage? Did someone mention RAGE? Torches and pitchforks are next for AIG execs

I always thought, when the riots come, they'll be against the corrupt government.

I might be wrong.

They may go after the banks, and the insurance companies, and the realtors. They may converge on their offices. Or they may storm their homes.

If you're looking to join in, remember to keep it legal.

Maybe send them some anchovy pizzas. That's always my favorite.

AIG's corporate HQ address is
  • 70 Pine Street
    Floor 21
    New York, NY 1027
  • Tel: 888-760-9195
    Fax: 866-858-1472

Rage at AIG Swells As Bonuses Go Out

Fed Decided Payouts Couldn't Be Stopped

A tidal wave of public outrage over bonus payments swamped AIG yesterday. Hired guards stood watch outside the suburban Connecticut offices of AIG Financial Products, the division whose exotic derivatives brought the insurance giant to the brink of collapse last year. Inside, death threats and angry letters flooded e-mail inboxes. Irate callers lit up the phone lines. Senior managers submitted their resignations. Some employees didn't show up at all.

"It's a mob effect," one senior executive said. "It's putting people's lives in danger."


Mitesh Damania said...

Managers are leaving? Where are they going?

Not to shabby said...


We are Not Eurotards!

Angry Leprechaun said...

"It's a mob effect," one senior executive said. "It's putting people's lives in danger."

I don't feel sorry for them. Someone needs to put up a live feed. If there is a feed that soemone knows about please post it.

I have my guns, canned food, bottled water, fuel, enough toilet paper to last the rest of my life and I am maybe am finally getting ready to make the first batch of popcorn. I didn't want to be sick of the stuff by the time the action got really good.

Bring it on bitches!!!!!

Mitesh Damania said...

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JaneZ said...

Mitesh Damania said...

Managers are leaving? Where are they going?

To hide under the bed with the terrorists.

Please turn around Mitesh.

miltfreidman said...

I think the bonus thing is as ridiculous as the next guy, but am I the onyl one who is scared at the "mob rule" of changing the tax code for those specifically to take the bonuses back? This seems like it is an emotional reaction to the problem, one which, in effect 1/1000th of the money we lent to AIG. Maybe we should take a look at the other 99.9%.

Oh and we don't need to re-write the tax code. I guarentee these guys committed some crime somewhere. Blow, hookers, cheating on taxes, something. Just investigate them and nail 'em to the wall. We got Capone on Mail Fraud.

Anonymous said...

"..."It's going to blow..."

Meanwhile, we're all worked up about 1/20,000th of the secret $2 Trillion last year.

Never forget, suckups; they'll throw you right under that bus to facilitate the getaway.

BG said...

did you hear that many of those that received the so-called "retention bonuses" have since left AIG. Creeps. I hope they are having nightmares. I kind of enjoyed what Sen. Grassley said about how these execs should do what the Japanese did: either bow, say you're sorry and resign OR committ suicide. ha! I think that is classic. At least the Japanese execs seemed to have some shame....AIG execs are shameless or as you say in Spanish 'sinverguenzas".

head congestion said...

Mitesh Damania,
not sure if someone has already complimented you here.

but figured i'll let ya know.

you look much better from the back,
Slight resemblance to?
Whats his name

C'mon Sashers, help me out here.

fishNchips said...

Europe is toast:


Tick tick tick

Anonymous said...

...and yet, nothing will be done and bailouts to the same crooks will continue. Smoke & Mirrors as usual.

Who do you think will be kicked out of Dancing With The Stars this week?

Anonymous said...




casey said...

There will be no riots.americans are too scared of their govt these days.Business as usual.

SeattleMoose said...

You can tell who is "in on it".

Both Bernanke and Geitner (ex-FED) feigned rage and then said "IN THE FUTURE this will not happen again".



Anonymous said...

American Insurance Group

& Bank of America.

Notice that *America* is a prominent part of the brand name? I wonder if our financial sector will ever have any worldwide credibility again?

Anonymous said...

"I think the bonus thing is as ridiculous as the next guy, but am I the onyl one who is scared at the "mob rule" of changing the tax code for those specifically to take the bonuses back?"

this scares the shit out of me too...using the fracking tax code to get the money back?

in two months...when AIG comes back wanting more money just tell them NO EFFING WAY!!!!!!!

damn people.

Anonymous said...

the "mob" should just storm the place and tear it apart, all of it. then get on over to washington and string up Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, all of them by their nuts (yes, i'm sure Pelosi has nuts). The rage is there already with most Americans, all seem to be waiting to see when it blows then i think others will join in, never has everyone felt such a feeling of being screwed over big time by government and banks. Kill them all, let God sort it out!

Shane Yancre said...

"I wanna order a pizza to go, and no anchovies."

"No anchovies? You've got the wrong man - I spell my name Danger!"

Anonymous said...


Gimme cheese.

Anonymous said...

retention bonuses = hush money?

Anonymous said...

Sen. Dodd was AIG’s largest single recipient of campaign donations during the 2008 election cycle with $103,100, according to

Randy the trucker said...

Only dumb loser punks riot when times get tough.

Anyone with a brain spends their time preparing for the future.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or man made disaster spending precious time on blaming and beating up others is stupid.

I.e. after Katrina, some immediately begin to re-build and are now better off then before.

Some spent their energy blaming FEMA or whomever, are still busy blaming someone else; and will never recover.

Very Eurotrash like to always be blaming others.

That said: we're all outraged that our tax dollars are going to bail out losers, but have no worries, to the degree that we support non profitable business's is the degree that our economy will suffer.
More specific those who are on the receiving end are the ones who have lived beyond their means and are up to their eyeballs in debt, they will not find new jobs at other financial companys, and the bonus money is likley already gone to pay another behind payment on that Hampton crappy McMansion.

It is us who elect our goberment!

My point is = i cant wait to kick the teeth out of the first rioter.
my plan is to get there before the cops.

Nicholas Nickerby said...

Legal right. The power of money. Everything is on their side. And there is nothing we can do to stop them.

Anonymous said...

Why blame AIG?

Its the government;s fault (bush and obama).

Where were the caveats and conditions that said that if this bailout money went to bonuses or parties people would be thrown in jail? It wasn;t in there..

cuz our govt failed us again...I anticipate more failures to come...

somehow the market rallies while the nations treasury is looted.

Jon King said...

Plenty of Repubs on that AIG donor list too.

Anonymous said...

retention bonuses = hush money?

Good thought, but no. You could never be sure that EVERYONE would keep quiet.

No AIG bitch said...

How many hours are you tools going to have to work this year so aig can exist.What is 165billion / 300 million americans?

Bend over and meet aig.Do you want lube with that?

Aig execs are laughing thier ass's off over fine wine and cheese.

Angry Leprechaun said...

In the words of Cash:

You can run on for a long time, sooner or later God will cut you down.

I am not saying every individual will get what is coming to them in this mess. But bet assure, mass unrest if this shit continues. It may take some time but sooner or later it will come to chaos. Americans will not continue to allow this bullshit to continue for decades and centuries.

Anonymous said...


If someone gets caught doing something wrong at or with that address you posted, and then tells the police they got the address of this site--

let me know and I'll post some other addresses---of defense lawyers for you.

keith said...

I said don't do anything illegal.

And you can't sue the yellow pages. Or the google.

Meanwhile, I hope some people get creative with what they send (legally). Or I hope some radio station or blog organizes an office takeover or riot outside their gates. If I was in NYC I'd be down there myself.

It's time to take this rage to the next level.

These bastards need to feel the rage. And they need to be afraid.

Bonuses should be the last thing on their minds.

Survival and staying out of jail should be first.

Boiler engeneer said...

You idiot puter geeks have no clue.

At the first news of punks attempting to destroy other people’s property
All the hard skinned blue-collar workers who are out of jobs will come out with baseball bats, hammers, pipes, and big iron wrenches.

Kick and double kick the punk ass rioters so hard they’ll be crying for the police to save them and take them to jail.

We are all pissed on what’s going on.

But we hate nothing more then spoiled brat college kids who are mad for not getting overpaid jobs with undeserved posh bennies.

Our Truckers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, bikers, heavy equipment operators and mechanics, framers and cement workers will come out of the woodwork and split stinking low life spoiled brat ex-overpaid rioters heads open.

Look we are all mad at the government WE ELECTED for messing with our future, but if you dare damaging our properties, WE ARE READY for your punk ass.

RICO said...

"Sen. Dodd was AIG’s largest single recipient of campaign donations during the 2008 election cycle with $103,100, according to"

Speaking of derivatives, aren't big 'campaign donations' a form of hedging -- political insurance premiums?

Anonymous said...

"enough toilet paper to last the rest of my life"

Please post TP formula ASAP!

Jeff said...

Face it, we all worship money. This is God's punishment to us all for our collective idolatry. Our financial system is running on nothing but inertia at this point. The vessel has ruptured and is only above water because it hasn't yet capsized.

If we all took Christ's gospel seriously we would help the poor and throw out the money changers. Soon we all will learn that this is the only path that brings permanent prosperity.

Anonymous said...

"...I hope some people get creative with what they send..."

Old stinky sneakers to the George W. Bush presidenshul library, please.

pumpkiner said...


The reason we’re not gonna see serious anger at the lenders/ lawmakers is because most knew what HPers knew.
That FBers who lied and got in over their heads are responsible,
you cant now be mad at the lender for trusting the FBer and the NAR that the collateral ‘house’ will continue going up in value.

Are you preparing your madness at those responsible for the coming collapse in Gold and Oil prices?

Is the SEC/ Treasury on top of the cronies in the Oil and Gold business?
You know its gonna crash..

Anonymous said...

General question...

It might just be my skewed perception, but it seems like the collective psyche of the blogosphere has been less doom and gloom the last week +/- (well, maybe prior to the latest AIG crap, anyway).

And I can't figure out why... what changed to make somebody/anybody "feel better?"
(Or maybe it's just fatigue?)

Is it me, or has anyone else noticed the same thing?

Anonymous said...

why the outrage at AIG?

the rage should be directed at BO and congress. AIG fully disclosed the bonus liabilities to BO and congress before the latest 30 Billion handout last month.

Anonymous said...

AIG job opening for a loan risk manager.....

hp fan said...

The only question I have is why AIG stock has tripled in the last week?

There's no way this bear rally is real.

Anonymous said...'s that whole "hopey-changey" thing working out for all of ya??

Stuck in So Pa said...

I'm assuming that those quitting managers ALREADY received and cashed their bonus checks. I understand they come out every Jan 31 in the banking industry!

May they all eat death and die!

Paul E. Math said...

I want to repeat what I saw a few other post: these bonuses are an infinitesimally small portion of the overall bailout money.

The problem is not just with a bunch of selfish and irresponsible individuals at AIG. Even if we got their bonus money back and publicly flogged them nothing of significance would be accomplished.

AIG bonuses seem like a very convenient diversion from the larger outrage of the other companies the AIG passed their bailout money along to. Most of the other companies weren't even American - why are we spending our tax dollars to bail out Societe Generale of France?

Afterthought said...

Seppuku would be much simpler.

Anonymous said...

The rich employees and realtors will leave the U.S. and the poor and average will get the sh*t kicked out of them. People will die. Think back to all the sorry f*cks that went nuts when their daytrading accounts crashed. The housing bubble is ten times bigger and includes a lot more violent/crazy folks. Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Pitchforks sound good, but that would be too easy.
What about making them work at a low wage job where they make too much too to qualify for government handouts, but never enough to make their lives and the lives of their family any better, no matter how hard they try? That's the hell they put a lot of families through for the last 8 years while these assholes lived it up, so it sounds like a good payback to me.

i've had it said...


that was the wrong number. if you call the one you gave, ask for the ceo's office and they will give you the main number. you can't get through to the ceo's office (they ask for your name and phone number)...looks like you need to be on a list of "accepted people". I can only imagine the calls they are getting!

I simply told the cretin operator that they were all criminals and aig should go bankrupt.

What we really need is a massive pitchfork and torches rally on the capitol building.

Mitesh Damania said...

Your money hard at work.

Mitesh Damania said...

The new guy is the same old guy:

Mitesh Damania said...

MAD I tell you MAD!

Anonymous said...

The economic “stimulus” is the latest phase of an overarching effort to foment another Great Depression, or rather a Greater Depression. It is a debt and inflation tool designed to pump up another bubble in the economy. It is a built-in demolition of an already stressed economy. It is how the global elite and the banksters will take control and create a world banking empire and one-world government that is accountable to no one.

Lamaria said...

"Only dumb loser punks riot when times get tough."

I would like to address this reply because there has been at least one of these in every single comment section. This person just says the same thing over and over again.

First, only so many people can prepare and prepare for only so much.

Second, it would be great if there was nothing to prepare for in the first place. IE it would be ideal if bad things did not come to pass to begin with... and the simple act of hoarding food does nothing for you here.

Protests are a legitimate way to get attention and have your argument heard, possibly averting some sort of disaster.

Buying 50 packages of toilet paper and burying your head in the sand isn't going to change a damn thing, what you are getting at is extreme pacifism. Sorry, try again.

Anonymous said...

Keith you are so naïve. They knew these contracts were in the provisions! Cmon you cannot be that stupid. They pulled the card and you and the rest of the sheeple jumped. I watched the Gibbs press conference today. Some reporter actually asked him if AIG's bonuses were discussed during the Transition's meeting with Paulson. His reponse: "Uhhh uhhh I cannot answer that." Now Drudge has the Admin claiming they only found about the bonuses LAST MONTH! Cmon. These rookies cannot even lie good.

Anonymous said...

I am more upset at giving the money to AIG in the first place. It was done to bail out Eurotrash banks and member banks of the Federal Reserve here.

Obama expressing "outrage" is a joke.

Paige Turner said...

RE: Rage at AIG Swells As Bonuses Go Out...

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws."
-- Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

In spite of global banker Rothschild's statement, we all know that there is no plan by the world's trillionaire elite families to create a single global government that will be controlled by a single global bank. But if there were such a conspiracy, the elitist game plan might go something like this:

All banking regulations would be removed and interest rates would be lowered to zero. This would allow greedy bankers, insurance companies and investment firms to create massive, unsustainable debt bubbles, financed with borrowed money. Then, the entire debt bubble would collapse, leaving all businesses and all citizens of all countries so deeply in debt that they could never get out.

Global bankers would now come out of hiding and offer salvation to the very governments and corporations that they have brought to financial ruin.

After that, global bankers would loan massive amounts of money to the world's governments and this "government" bailout money would be loaned to the bankrupt corporations, knowing full well that these "loans" would never be repaid. As a result, all major industries, banks, insurance companies and investment firms would become nationalized.

At this point, the bankers will have taken control of most of the nations of the world. Kings, presidents, senators, congressmen and all other government officials would be no more than puppets dancing on strings pulled by the global bankers. A multi-racial president or king might even be used to deceive all nations of the world into believing that a single global government would be in their best interest.

Next, global bankers would demonize the top executives of all failed corporations and throw them to the wolves. After all, they have served their purpose and are no longer wanted or needed. Now, they can be stripped of their wealth. AIG would be the first of many companies to have its management destroyed and stripped of its wealth.

Finally, the world would consist of a few thousand elitists who have total control over a world of slaves.

Rothschild's dream will have come true.


Anonymous said...

We are lead by idiots.

Irish PM begins Obama's speach that was not taken off the teleprompter;_ylt=Aoci6qlXyDlnE1TD2YD.LSgD5gcF

Mark said...

So I phoned the AIG number and -would you believe- they don't have a complaint number, unless you are a policy holder! At first it didn't make sense, but then I realized: "Of course! All of the counterparties have been made whole by US taxpayers, so what would they have to complain about? Nothing!"

Unbowed, I got the number of the Financial Products division and phoned them. Incredibly, they explained that the $170B is 'just a loan'! So, I did some research into how long it would take AIG to pay back $170B. Ready?

If AIG can string together 17 consecutive years of profits equal to the average of the 5 best years they ever had, then -YES= the loan will be paid back! Now the "challenges":

(1) Counting on 17 consecutive years of high performance is exactly the kind of idiotic thinking that finds them (and now us) in this mess.
(2) The days when those kind of profits can be made are long gone, not to return until people my age are doddering old fools just like the oldsters we ignored.
(3) The 17 year payback assumes every bit of profit goes to pay it down. That can't happen if AIG wants to grow through acquisition because they'd have to get the stock price up, say through dividends.

Thank you AIG frausters. You are all trash, but yeah you look good in your Brooks Brother's suits.

repo transactions said...

The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt
- by Matthias Chang - 2009-03-10

Scary stuff...

upthecreek said...

..Because this country is currently UPSIDE DOWN .

I have turned my license plate upside down on my car until this country is restored to its original Glory...spread the word.

Anonymous said...

How do you like Geitners plan?

They will let them have the bonuses and then AIG will pay the government back with it's operating profits.

And this is supposed to appease people?

What a farce.

Anonymous said...

well placed little pieces of lead, born of a lead delivery mechanism, delivered at high speed and velocity between the eyes of just two or three of these "executives" would go a long way toward sending a message.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the AIG Bail-Out sold on the fact that the Taxpayers were going to make money on the deal because we were going to charge AIG interest for this big loan .

In addition weren
we suppose to make money on toxic underpriced assets that Hank Paulson was suppose to buy that had great value in the future ?

The investors that invested in the Biggest Wall Street Poni -scheme in history are being paid off and the bagholders are the innocent . I would like to know why my granddaughter has to pay .

The powers added Public debt to us all and in the future the taxes will be raised ,programs will be cut ,lives will be shattered ,all because the Money Changers and their foreign or domestic investors are being appeased ,if they are the chosen ones .

Anonymous said...

The b*stards in Washington put it in a contract that these shysters could have those bonuses.

Now, they want to be fakes and squawk about it. It's a PR stunt. A contract is a legal binding agreement. If they go taking it back, what precedent does that set?

And, let's not even talk about the billions given to banks in other countries. Let's take the heat off the whole shooting match with this AIG bonus thing.

Don't get me wrong, approving these bonuses was sorry as hell. But, there are bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous said...

So I phoned the AIG number and -would you believe- they don't have a complaint number, unless you are a policy holder! At first it didn't make sense, but then I realized: "Of course! All of the counterparties have been made whole by US taxpayers, so what would they have to complain about? Nothing!"

not correct. you need to call their investor relations since we all are shareholders.

hmmm. should AIG be mailing annual reports to all americans? well, perhaps only the 60% or so that pay taxes?

Anonymous said...

it's about time. keep up the email an telephone barrage!!!!

Anonymous said...

"...What a farce..." "...It's a PR stunt..."

We assure you, these bonuses are distasteful to us.

We hate taking that money, but we have to.