March 17, 2009

So the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the most REIC-infested newspaper in the US, is shutting down its print operation, and firing most of its workers.

See what happens folks when you snuggle up with realtors? When your real estate articles are cheerleading pieces meant to drive realtor commissions and fake home prices, instead of protecting consumers? When your economic model rested on real estate ads and furthering a classic Ponzi Scheme?

You die.

Good riddance.

Good riddance to the reporters who didn't do their jobs. Good riddance to the editors who screwed a city. Good riddance to the sales execs who couldn't say no to unethical and misleading REIC ads. Good riddance to a failed business model and a defective product.

Seattle PI and the Rocky Mountain News down. Hundreds more to go. Say goodbye to your local real estate infested rags newspapers folks. They got in bed with the REIC, and they got realtor AIDS.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer ends 146 years of print product, goes Web-only

SEATTLE (AP) -- The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which has chronicled the news of the city since logs slid down its steep streets to the harbor and miners caroused in its bars before heading north to Alaska's gold fields, will print its final edition Tuesday.

The P-I had 181 employees, but Managing Editor David McCumber said the Web site would employ about 20 in the newsroom operation and another 20 to sell ads. He said he would not be working on the new site.


Mitesh Damania said...

Poll: How much longer until music cd's stop getting produced?

People still going in their stagecoach over to their local Tower Records?

Went2puke said...

"Seattle Post-Intelligencer ends 146 years of print product, goes Web-only."

Yup! Those tens of thousands of readers who thought a dime was too much to pay for that REIC-subsidized paper are now going to turn on their computers and start looking for PI's website!

PI is gone! Done! In a few months they'll close that website as well. Many more MSM papers (and TV stations) will soon die of their own venom!

Anonymous said...

One of the SREP bloggers there would be a great candidate for IHB's heloc abuse NOD's.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the abomination named the San Jose Mercury News suffers the same fate as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Fucking, dishonest, crooked and shameless REIC does what it does Best. . .

Kills anything and everything even remotely honest in its path and destroys many, many more lives for the enrichment of the 6% set.

The PI got what it deserved. It went into the bathroom at the airport and picked up a toe-tapper named Barney, hit it in the seat, got AIDS and died an agonizing demeaning undignified death.

End of Story.

Who's NEXT? Cheneyburton?

America is DEAD.

Stuck in So Pa said...

Interesting that the only paper in York county, in the ONLY article I recall about the housing bubble, had as it's only source of info the head of the local county RealtWhores assoc, who based his data for the article on the most stable and non-bubble area of the county.

That Ba$tard didn't touch our neck of the woods, where the credit crunch and the God almighty teacher's union taxes from the housing overgrowth, just off the interstate at the far end of the county, are devastating the district.

Another rag that would die if it weren't for the real estate auction ads and the sheriff dept's foreclosure/seizure/tax auction sections. Had two and a half complete sections for the last lot.