March 31, 2009

The UAW: An incompetent organization that negotiated its way out of existence, while the parasite killed the host

So much destruction in their wake.

When will some of you get it?

What will it take?


Anonymous said...

OBAMA is truly a banker boy... AIG board of directors named to obama tax reform taskforce...


his approval rating will stay the same tho, i mean he can crack on special needs folk and not dip in approval ratings.


how long will the obamabots defend him..

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be OT, Keith, but this is getting to be... a nightmare.

Barack Obama is a Narcissist and a Sociopath.

Trust me...
either one = we're f'cked.

And he's both.

Notice I didn't even touch on his political/social ideology, which is a whole 'nother "we're f'cked."

So, we're f'cked about 3 times over.

Anonymous said...

Why would any company continue to pay a UAW wages and benefits to do monkey work best done by a machine?

Oops, looks like they Won't anymore...




Bye Bye. Union Yes? tick, tick, tick BOOM!

Unemployed Union Members: Try the Fire Dept. They will need all they can get when Detroit begins burning...

You're Welcome.

Anonymous said...


I don't understand your poll, Keith. Not at all.

You've already picked the major contenders for the next election?

With all due respect, you do seem to be all over the map sometimes.


Anonymous said...

The unions have elevated low-level jobs to high-income, protected status way out of line with the actual menial labor itself. In the new American economy there will be no need for unions. Industries will continue to go out of business or leave the country. All management will be done from remote locations such as India. There will be only low level managers to oversee the service workers which will constitute the remaining workforce - handymen, cleaning people, restaurant and minor retail establishments, government workers and delivery people.

Anonymous said...

Deficits don't matter.

Anonymous said...

Wages are goin' down for all Americans! Good luck out there!

Mitesh Damania said...

People who worked at Ford or GM knew what was coming.

soft landing said...

Funny how the rapid decline in membership coincided with the membership voting for Reagan.
They got what they had coming.

Bob Reno said...

Wonder if the same union goons applauding Wagoner's ouster would like it if Obama made Gettelfinger retire early?

Don't think that will happen? Just wait.

emmy said...

Honestly, it wasn't just the unions,
settle down..

Anonymous said...

AIG bonuses had to happen and can't be reversed because contracts for the bonuses were in place and the rule of law cannot be broken. Multi million dollar bonuses to management asshats that flushed the company (and country) down the toilet will stand.

UAW pension contracts must and will be broken because we don't like unions. $25k per year pensions to old people who built cars for 30 years is obscene and will not stand.


Anonymous said...

Labor unions are nothing more than legalized mafia. They do nothing for workers. They are an arm of enforcement that extorts money from labor and uses the proceeds to obtain more power. They cultivate fear and sell insurance to keep workers from "geting hurt".

Thats right, I posted annonopussy so I wont get killed.

I am an annonopussy afraid of the power of unions. Bash me all you want union troll goon.

Anonymous said...

ok keith, what is it you want? do you want people who work on assembly lines, making cars, to work for 5.00 a hour? is that what you want keith? then you do not understand what Henry Ford wanted. He wanted men who worked for him to be able to buy the products that he produced. But obviously keith, you think everyone should be a slave, which i am telling you, that we will all be in due time anyway. the goal by the international corporate owners(whoever they are , ha ha ) to have us working for nothing, so they can make more and more profits. someone may ask, well how much money do they want? they have most of it anway? answer. they want it all, just like george carlin said.......

Anonymous said...


I don't understand your poll, Keith. Not at all.

You've already picked the major contenders for the next election?

With all due respect, you do seem to be all over the map sometimes.


March 31, 2009 3:50 AM<<<<

dobbs is controlled opposition. he works for cnn. he is not presidential material. frankly i don't like any of the choices. maybe keith should add, unknown and none of the above choices. i thought that amerika has had its last election but i was wrong. now, maybe i will be right. 2012, is a long way away in some respects......stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Anon March 31, 2009 4:50 PM:

I don't think anyone here wants to see assembly line workers making $5/hr. Personally, I just don't want them making $25/hr.

I was a PT janitor for a while. Knowing some line workers at Ford, I would say the jobs require about the same amount of skill. But for some reason the janitor makes what the job is worth and the line worker makes some fanciful salary based on the notion that they are worth something.

Ask yourself: if these line workers are so good and so skilled, why can't most of them find jobs in The Real World after leaving UAW-land?

Anonymous said...

This happens with ALL heavily unionized industries.

Airlines? HELLO?
Newspapers? HELLO?
Health care?
Governments at all levels?

Now let's look at the NON union industries--

Consumer electronics (iPods...)

Unions suck the life out of industries, and even though I VERY liberal, I'm anti-union.

Here's one reason why:

An old girlfriend was once up for a bonus for doing extra good work on a reporting assignment.

She didn't get the bonus.


Because the union said: "if we give it to her, it will be an entitlement that we'll have to give to everyone."

So what's her incentive to EVER go beyond the average again? What's her disincentive to leave and go work for a place where her exceptional talents are remunerated?


I'm a non-union professional and I've worked in that capacity for union shops and non-union shops. There's just NO comparison with the level of energy, eagerness, competence, team good will, etc, etc. NIGHT AND DAY.

It's like, let's say you had two companies, say, car dealers. One was staffed by only 25-35 year olds, all trying to make enough money for their Costa Rica surfing trips and trying to impress the opposite sex. One was staffed by 60-65 year olds, just waiting for social security to kick in. Which company is more successful? NO COMPARISON. NIGHT AND DAY.

Anonymous said...

Unions suck the life out of industries, and even though I VERY liberal, I'm anti-union.<<<

well maybe, maybe not. the unions however, are not the main problem. the problem is that the owners of industry do not care about us and want to get the cheapest labor rate, so they can make the largest amount of profits. so to wit, we now they talk of free trade, which is a bad joke on us. no , the problem is that we have a bought off house and a bought off senate, who do the wishes of a few, at the expense of the many. they refuse to put america first and protect our industries and our people. the bubble expansions happened because of credit. now that credit is dying, real worth is coming to the front. real worth is what it is all about, not some inflated money supply that takes you so much of the fiat money to purchase things that you need. when i was a young man, on my first job, i got paid, $1.25 hour. but in 1969, that dollar went far. now fast forward to now. you say, well, they make so much. i say oh really. those figures they use for wages and benefits are in inflated dollars. so, i ask you, have we really advanced in our ability to make money? or are we still treading water? now , the wealth of the baby boomers that has been saved up all these years is being systematically stolen, that number is in the trillions of dollars, yet we continuously discuss unions and executive pay and options. man , can't you people see what is going on? quit bogging down in the manutia of the moment and look at the big picture. my country is dying. can't you see that?

Anonymous said...

Lets all earn what the people in China earn, then we can all walk to work and eat rice mixed with rat droppings.

Yeeha! Sounds like a plan to me. Lets all drop to 25 cents a hour so that all the corporations can survive and not have to offshore us. For we are only worth pennies.