March 18, 2009

Want to stop the AIG bonus debacle? Get the list of traders of who stole taxpayer money, and where they live. Then post it on the internet.

The threat of public shaming and mob rule will get those bonuses back.

Come on internets, do your thing!

AIG chief says he asked execs to return bonuses

The chairman of AIG has told Congress he's asked executives to give back their bonuses. The chief executive officer of the failed insurance conglomerate acknowledged Wednesday that the company's multimillion-dollar bonuses were "distasteful" to many and had provoked a firestorm of wrath. "I share that anger," Edward Liddy, chairman and CEO of the American International Group Inc., said in testimony prepared for Congress.


Anonymous said...


Senior directior said...

Hello, Sashers.

I am an exec at AIG and received $2.3 mil as a bonus for warming my leather chair 3-4 days out of the week.

I have donated all the bonus money to a charitable organization that helps convert infidels to Islam, they are a Not for profit group (tax exempt)

Good luck getting that money back

Anonymous said...


ya missed the boat again


CallToAction said...

SO where are the counter-culture hackers of genius who brag about their ability to hack into any system?

I guess big ole AIG is just too tough of a nut for any hacker to crack.

All that bragging by hackers must have been just talk. All it takes is a bunch of middle-aged stiffs in designer suits to block any hacker...

RICO said...

There also needs to be more attention 'paid' to the Goldman Sachs bonuses.

They were *indirectly* paid by taxpayers via AIG's $20B settlement of GS's counterparty windfall.

Goldman's fingerprints are all over this derivatives casino action going back to day one.

It's time to nail these slippery motherf*ckers to the wall!

Wind Farmer said...

Let's see now...
Amid AIG Furor, Dodd Tries To Undo Bonus Protections He Put In. “While the Senate was constructing the $787 billion stimulus last month, Dodd added an executive-compensation restriction to the bill. That amendment provides an ‘exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb. 11, 2009′ — which exempts the very AIG bonuses Dodd and others are now seeking to tax. . . . Separately, Sen. Dodd was AIG’s largest single recipient of campaign donations during the 2008 election cycle with $103,100, according to”

Let's ask ourselves WHY would Dowd exempt the AIG bonuses in the stimulus bill? Aside from the fact that he was given $103,100 from AIG...

Things are much clearer when you look at every move the Obama administration makes in terms of a POWER GRAB. Right now, AIG is the BAD GUY in the fact the best example of bad behavior. Everyone's screaming or pitch fork wielding over the bonuses...instead of being FURIOUS at the bailout itself. So, businesses are BAD, capitalism is BAD that we should cap all private business salaries, cap all bonuses, restrict capitalism itself. You wait, business/greed is BAD, government (socialism) is good. This will be another opportunity that the government will use to restrict private business.

It's like what someone told me when I lived in New York. If someone is going to rob you, they want your money and you want to get away. So, always keep 2 wallets in your purse. You pull out the wallet that just has a few bucks and throw it as far as you can, then run away (with your real wallet, credit cards and cash). Chances are quite good the robber will go for the wallet and let you run away. Right now, we're all running after the wallet while the government runs away. I guarantee we will soon see all sorts of new anti-business proposals.

And finally, AIG really is a despicable company and no bonuses should be awarded, but let's not get too distracted.

no one died for my sins said...

Wait, Wait.

Edward Liddy has accepted christ in his heart.

Anonymous said...

Hey; anyone outraged about the genocide in Darfur?

Nahh, doesn’t impact our wallets

Anonymous said...

pardon...make that tripled my buy low money in three weeks..............

keith said...

Right on schedule...

Lawmakers also said they were planning to issue a subpoena for the names of AIG executives who received the $165 million in bonus payments. House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D., Mass.), said he would ask Mr. Liddy for the names of bonus recipients. If the company does not provide those names, he said, Congress will formally subpoena them from the company.

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Jason Reed/Reuters

AIG CEO Edward Liddy prepared for his testimony Wednesday afternoon.

The request sparked a tense exchange between Messrs. Frank and Liddy over whether the names would be kept confidential. Reading what he said were threats that have been made against his employees, Mr. Liddy said he was concerned for the safety of bonus recipients if the names are made public.

Rep. Frank said he would consult with law-enforcement officials about the "despicable" threats, but he said the information should be made public.

Anonymous said...

"Kids, do you want to pay extra taxes for the rest of your lives so the government can pay the bonuses of Wall Streeters to buy more sailboats with?"



Anonymous said...

Hey Stupid(s),

IF YOU had a contract denied by someone, WHY have a contract.

FOLKS we must EAT this money as a nation and NOT attack the contract holders WHO made at great deal!!!!!!!!

YOU and I did not!!!

If YOU and I had a MILLION$$ plus LEGAL contract would YOU turn the money DOWN?????!!!

Would YOU???!!!

Myself I would NOT!!!

IF THE job was performed according to the contract and no matter weather my employer or client made money or NOT is NOT my business,

JUST my LEGAL contract is.

Wanting to HURT people over this is a sign of extreme stupidity.

Those who gave the money and congress should be held responsible and those who received $$$$ should have a party, go on vacation and have a ball.

THIS after all is AMERICA!!!!!

Ye Olde Dollar said...

If an insurance policy fails the state insures it for 100,000, so give them 100,000 for the originally "non guaranteed debt" and give us back 9,999,900,000 tax dollars Golden Shackles.

Anonymous said...

"Wanting to HURT people over this is a sign of extreme stupidity."

You're a retard that should be sterilized. On second thought, and please excuse my extreme stupidity, but maybe we should beat your ass before the sterilization.

i've had it said...

Chris Dodd should resign over this. He wrote into the Stimulus bill that AIG employees would get their bonuses. First Countrywide and now AIG...DODD MUST GO!!!!

AIG CEO Liddy got skewered today in Congress for no reason. This guy wasn't even around when these contracts were written and he's working for only $1!! At the government's recommendation.

What you saw today in Congress was a grandstanding exercise. That's all it was. CONGRESS is the GUILTY party here and they were trying to deflect this to Liddy.

Geithner knew about this too. Kaskari knew about this too. Bernanke knew about this too. They all knew.

What is also outrageous is that Paulson engineered the bailout of AIG so his buddies at Goldman would be saved. Goldman had $20 billion in CDS's with AIG and as part of the bailout they got $13 billion.

Keith, you're spot on: these grifters are good. The best grifters this nation has ever seen. They've perfected grifter-ness.

We are being plundered. Right before out very eyes. And the banksters and Feds say it's all legal and the right thing to do.

When are the American people going to rise up and bring these mother fuckers down?

Angry Leprechaun said...

Dodd admits to writing in loop hole for bonuses in stimulus.

gwk said...

you are crossing the line by asking for names to be posted i can tell you as a retired member of an extremely large police department that by doing so you are placing yourself in jeopardy should something happen to anyone from information that you requested and a third party acted with violence on but hey what do i know and this nonsense over bonus is distracting from the real crime called the obama administration but in the end this country will revert back to some sanity beginning in 2012 and socialism will be put back where it belongs in another time zone

Anonymous said...

Hey; anyone outraged about the genocide in Darfur?

But of course! George Cloney was enraged over his $3,000 dinner with a supermodel model, at some fancy restaurant that blocks commoners from ever getting in. Then he thought more about this terrible situation after banging his supermodel at his $10,000 a night hotel room in Manhattan.

Please slaves, continue to throw your hard-earned money at him because he loves Darfur and magazines say he is cute.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the REAL story Keith???

Anonymous said...

More smoke and mirrors. Listen to the liberal talk radio dork Thom Hartman call to up all bonuses above $10,000 to get taxed at 60%!!

Hey Thom f u !!!

STAY OUT OF MY WALLET, you liberal prick!

Anonymous said...

Email addresses of employees at AIG's Financial Products division:

Mitesh Damania said...

AIG employees scared to show up to work? Now it's getting entertaining! grabs his popcorn

Anonymous said...

" are crossing the line by asking for names to be posted i can tell you as a retired member of an extremely large police department that by doing so you are placing yourself in jeopardy should something happen to anyone from information that you requested and a third party acted with violence..."

What a dope. He must have retired due to a head wound given this dribble.

Now back to reality: merely by making public the names of the bonus-takers, there would be NO CRIMINAL or CIVIL liability for any crime committed against the bonus-takers by third parties. Look-up proximate cause. Look-up superceding, intervening cause. Look-up foreseeability.Look-up and see the sunshine of reality, moo-moo-eyes.

Since you are a retired cop sucking on the state tit with plenty of time on your hands, why don' you use "the Google" and check my assertion.

Its idiots like you who keep re-electing the criminals because "they'll protect my pension rights and maybe even increase my COLA"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the only problem with that idea is that many of those AIG traders who got bonuses are Europeans living in London.

And yes, Europeans hate the US but they gladly take our taxpayer money, just like they will with the cap-and-trade scam.

Pay up suckers, since you voted for it!!!