March 13, 2009

Why won't Republicans take responsibility for the economic and foreign policy destruction that they have brought to America?

"We're sorry."

That's all it would take.

Americans are very forgiving.

"We're sorry."

Not one amongst them.

That should tell you something.


Anonymous said...

Why won't the socialists take responsibility for the devastation wrought by their corrupt and vile overlords Obbammmmyyy and the retards.

Anonymous said...

We've been through this over and over again, Keith. Yes, the Republicans are a bunch of dangerous, corrupt and stupid thugs. But so are the Democrats. They enabled every action that the Republiscum undertook over the last 8 years.

It's not just one party that is at fault.

Go watch the number one video on Google Video right now:

The Obama Deception

Find out how the two-party false paradigm keeps you under the control of the global financial oligarchy that has a stranglehold on the once free and mighty USA.

debt junkie said...

Bush simply thought he could start buying votes like the dems have for ages.

But larger he didn't see the huge consequences of the housing bubble, like Greenspan or the big money boys.

Yet a bunch of misfits on the blogs could see it all too clearly. We'd have all made a ton of money on this clusterfuck if the saying,

Markets can remain irrational longer then you can remain solvent

weren't all too real. Injustice all around. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

What a laugh! Because the problems are bipartisan, and thus far, Obama looks a whole lot worse than Bush.

Anonymous said...

They desrve to go the way of the Wigs!

will shill for coin said...

> Rocket engines perfected for burning hydrogen fuel...

Oh my God, you Lost Cause.

duarte said...

Because the Democrats are also responsible

Anonymous said...

Ex-Repubican since 2006 (because of George W. Bush). You're right Keith, they are sorry. Both parties need to die.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the Democrat/Republican/Liberal/Conservative/You Suck/We Don't/I'm Red/You're Blue/You Fucked-It-All-Up/We Didn't crap.

The fact is, they're all politicians, and apparently, all politicians suck, with the exception of a few who end up squelched, powerless, and irrelevant anyway.

I just don't get how this we/them thing could possibly be productive in any way, shape, or form.

The 2-party system may have served a purpose at one point in time, but that time was a million years ago.

Now it's just an opportunity (and excuse) for grown men and women to (continue to) act like selfish and frightened little children.

"and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Guess good old Abe lost his bet.

And Ooops! He forgot to distinguish between the Donkeys and the Elephants, too. WTF was he thinking?!?

Bukko_in_Australia said...

They won't admit mistakes for the same reason that monkeyPresident Bush wouldn't cop to mistakes, and for the reason that cult leaders won't say "I was wrong about my wacko ideas."

When you're in a cult, it's not about facts, it's about belief. Cultists have chosen to BELIEVE some set of bullshit "principles" and they cannot question them. Not even one tiny bit of them. Because, the logic goes, if you admit to being wrong about ONE thing, perhaps you were wrong about a LOT of things. And that might lead to the unraveling of your entire cultish philosophy, because, after all, it was based on bullshit.

Cult members realise this subconsciously, even if they can't glom the logic straight up. But if they were any good at logic, they wouldn't be in a cult to begin with.

However, think back to Moonies you've known, or adherents of hardcore fundamentalist Christianity or Islam or any other idiot belief system. Did they question ANY tenet of their faith? Hell no. It's no different with Republicans.

Believing in the cult is important to their core personality, for some reason. They lack something inside themselves that the cult fulfills. Usually that lack is filled with some spiritual message, as it is with freakazoid Christians, Muslims and even some boring Buddhists I've known who drone on and on about how enlightened they are. Nationalism can be a cult too -- ask any Serbian who was willing to pick up a meat cleaver and smash it into the head of his longtime neighbour just because that neighbour wanted to create an independent nation of Croatia.

Republicans are a nationalistic cult with religious overtones. The followers are, and a lot of the Gooper top brass too. The ones at the very top, like Republican Party leader Rush Limbaugh, don't believe the crap. They just use it to lead the cult flunkies like sheeple. It's a profitable ploy for Rush and the tippy-top Goopers to make money, hold onto power and score lots of pharmaceutical dope.

Limbaugh is smart enough to know that if he concedes even ONE error, it might lead to questioning of his MANY errors. So there will be no deviation from the party line.

Anonymous said...

Because the F**King dems have had control since 2007

Afterthought said...

The tiger cannot change its stripes.

Anonymous said...

Silly Keith & Co, always playing into the psyop dualities of "Republican vs Democrat", "Fox vs MSNBC", "Good Cop vs Bad Cop", etc. Can't you see that this is just another mind control game create with the sole purpose of keeping the sheeple under a leash and for the elite to profit from it?

BTW, listen up and listen up good. I want you all to remember this:


PFL0W said...

well, I'll give you points for optimism, anyway. the question is, really, ridiculous, I hate to say, but really. when have they been responsible adults since Ronald Reagan's administration?

consultant said...

They will not do it. Because they don't think they are wrong.

Contrition. The Republican Party doesn't know or care to know what it means.

While I'm at it, more than a few members of the Democratic Party (my Party), bent over and let the Repubs screw them and the rest of the country.

Our two party system is a wreck because our CULTURE has become a wreck. When you have failure at the cultural level, you have a serious problem. See Mexico, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and any number of other countries.

Michael said...

Simple: Every Republican I've met has a mental block when it comes to admitting that they were wrong. We've seen it recent with Larry Craig, Ted Stevens, David Vitter, etc. It's amazing that they think they can do whatever they want without being accountable. Then, when they're called to account for their behavior, they won't admit to their wrong-doing or ask for forgiveness.
F'ed up people with f'ed up morals that f'ed up America.

W.C. Varones said...

Keith, you got to quit being such a partisan.

Dodd? Frank? Raines? Ring any bells?

Mitesh Damania said...

Obama the robot:

Anonymous said...

OK--thanks to the over/under sight of the Republicans Shambles Government over the last 8 years, we now have people living in Tent Cities. You saw that on the news and on the net.

Here is my question about the Tent Cities:
a. Joe and Jane Overspenders are in there because they bought a big McMansion, and together as a couple they only made $17.50 an hour so SURE they got their asses evicted thru foreclosure, duh!

b. Billy and Mary Dooright, who lived in a modest home and paid their bills quite well, are in there because Billy lost his construction job due to the mess that Joe and Jane Overspender helped make.

They are coexhisting in Tent City, maybe next door neighbors. At some point they will discuss why they are there.

Will Billy and Mary learn that the foreclosures of Joe and Jane, and thousands of others, cost them their homes, lives and jobs? Will Billy and Mary TAR AND FEATHER Joe and Jane?

Will someone write a book or make a movie entitled

Anonymous said...

Was it the Republican party or was it both parties that allowed the de-regulation of lending .

Anonymous said...

"That should tell you something."
Yes. That tells me you're a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

No need for any introspection when it's all somebody else's fault.

Half some body else's???

These hateful fucks won't admit to 1% of the blame; let alone the other 49.

Same assholes that shouted us down '04-'07; now they claim they knew it all along.

They are worthy of nothing more than being ignored.

Much better use of time to focus on what is wrong with the other tribe of traitors; they're the ones holding the levers of power now.

And certainly doing a wonderful job of proving how undeserving they are.

A more cynical person might think our system has problems.

vann said...

the party of small government and fiscal responsibility
( I choke when I hear that)

kevin said...

I think that deep in our hearts of hearts, our leaders (of both parties) need to admit that they have failed us. And perhaps even more criticism should go out to the voters themselves, who 90% of the time vote for whoever has the most commercials on TV. Of course the $ for those commercials comes from special interests, who then control the politicians. Back to your point though, I am a Republican, and we should publicly denounce Neo-Conservativism, and declare the Bush Presidency a disaster never to be repeated, or we will be forced to defend the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

as far as Republicans are concerned, all the destruction that we're seeing was caused by Carter, Clinton and Obama. They're suffering from a strange for of amnesia when it comes to the last 8 years.

debt junkie said...

Isn't it terrific to be able to stick it to the young? I mean, imagine how bad all this economic-type stuff would be if our kids and grandkids hadn't offered to pick up the tab.

Well, OK, they didn't exactly "offer" but they did stand around behind Barack Obama at all those campaign rallies helping him look dynamic and telegenic and earnestly chanting hopey-hopey-changey-changey. And "Yes, we can!"

Which is a pretty open-ended commitment.

Are you sure you young folks will be able to pay off this massive Mount Spendmore of multitrillion-dollar debts we've piled up on you?

"Yes, we can!"

mimi said...

Again - for all of the Obama bashers - and I have yet to form an opinion of how he's doing because he's only been doing it for <60 days - What have the Republicans brought to the table as a remedy and what would McCain have done except continue to give tax cuts to the wealthy and igore the fact that millions of people have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet? Would letting the entire economy collapse by not bailing out the banks have been better? Would 50% unemployment and world hunger be better than 8-10% unemployment? What did you guys expect would happen after the last 8 years of complete lack of oversight and fiscal irresponsibility??? Wasn't it Paulson that started with the bailouts - $700 billion back in November??? Wasn't he a Republican? If just one republican would come forth with a viable plan - that would be far more effective than just bashing away at a President that didn't cause this fiasco. But all they seem to want is to let the entire system collapse... The people have spoken - they want things fixed and they want them fixed fairly instead of a system rigged for cronies. There would be more than enough to go around in this world if people didn't try to hoard it all for themselves at the expense of others.

Wind Farmer said...

I can't believe how naive you are. The party system is just a giant head fake. Bush was able to push the peanut forward in the establishment of an authoritarian government. The torch has been handed over to Obama, and he will destroy America.

There are only 2 teams now: Citizens vs Government.

We need to find our balls and get in the game.

vanilla ice said...

Citi and BofA are profitable. I'm besides myself, this is amazing.

Why won't Citigroup and BofA take responsibility for their actions? Until they have paid all their debts, any profit they make should be dispersed as checks to taxpayers

vanilla ice said...

Republicans suck.

Anonymous said...

How can you blame the new administration when it's been in office less than 2 months, and we've had Republicans running the country by, for, and with large corporations for close to 30 years, with the exception of Clinton as president, though with a Rep congress.


Yes, the dreaded government has thrown a lot of money in the pot. Who else has any? Got any? You think they like it? EVERYONE but the straggling Republicans who are left seems to know WE THE PEOPLE, have to save their lousy fannies because basically, THEY BLEW UP THE WORLD. There isn't going to be any saving it in my opinion.

Now am I happy with the limp biscuits the Dems have been? NO!
But at least they seem to have awakened a bit.

THIS COUNTRY IS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE AND WORK HERE. IT IS NOT FOR THE FEW AT THE TOP WHO SUCK OFF 99 PERCENT OF THE CREAM. It's just that our entire lives and public decisions have been for the benefit of business, business, business. LARGE BUSINESS. I am not at all against small and medium, average size businesses. But scale exerts great leverage over decisions of all kinds.

Aren't there things we value that
aren't being addressed that don't make profits? Life is larger.

If I could make one point most pertinent, it's this: life does not require money to exist except within the context of human culture. It needs clean water, and air, and normal amounts of sun, and normal ozone. I swear Life, nature, the universe must be getting really sick of us, and will shake us off like the wretched
nest foulers we are. And then what will our money, power, and general bs get us.

Grandma pkk

Anonymous said...

"Wasn't it Paulson that started with the bailouts - $700 billion back in November??"

Well, there was a democratic congress that voted for it too .. sarcasm .

Look at the actions and not the labels.

Anonymous said...

"...What have the Republicans brought to the table as a remedy and what would McCain have done..."

Keep HAMMERING this over and over and over; because it goes right to the heart of what is wrong: NOBODY has even a decent plan.

"...Would letting the entire economy collapse by not bailing out the banks have been better?..."

ABSOLUTELY. More debt to cover up/prolong the result of too much debt is insane.

We need to find our balls and get in the game:

Take the money that we bailed out the banks with, pool it locally in non-profits, lend it out and stimulate that way.

While of course letting our bloated, greedy competitors fail.

Something wrong with free markets?

bank dick said...

While you were paying attention to the insignificant bullshit, Russia just cut a deal with Cuba and Venezuela to base strategic bombers in those countries. Yes, Putin and Chavez just dropped big, steaming turds in Obama's cereal bowl, again, and your man of action looks as helpless as a puppy in a blanket. Nothing like having a few H-bombs parked 90 miles away - LOL

Say what you like about W, at least he didn't have Putin and petty dictators messing with him on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

California run by democrats and look at what they have done to the cities, schools, roads, etc. They would like more open borders and more hand out. The great liberal of cali sent me at age 10 in the 80's from my home school 2 blocks from my house and sent me and friends to the ghetto of south central 1 1/2 one way on a bus and almost destroyed our neighborhood. family and friend who could not afford private schools in the area moved. Great liberal idea, while i'm sure all the liberals sent their kids to private schools.

Anonymous said...

California run by democrats and look at what they have done to the cities, schools, roads, etc. They would like more open borders and more hand out. The great liberal of cali sent me at age 10 in the 80's from my home school 2 blocks from my house and sent me and friends to the ghetto of south central 1 1/2 one way on a bus and almost destroyed our neighborhood. family and friend who could not afford private schools in the area moved. Great liberal idea, while i'm sure all the liberals sent their kids to private schools.

Anonymous said...

Keith, are you that stupid or simply trying to stir up responses?

Obama has added more to the debt in 2 months than the prior administration did in 6 years.

The democrats have controlled Congress since 2007. When exactly did the economic collapse start?

The democrats ran on two platforms. Returning the troops home and lower oil prices. There are more troops in Iraq now, and oil went to 140 a barrel.

Do the names Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Jefferson, Waters, Obama, and Reed ring a bell?

How many of Obama's appointments have withdrawn? How many are tax cheats? How many scandals has he had in 2 months? How many campaign promises has be broken so far?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

"...the devastation wrought by...Obbammmmyyy..."

How could we not cower before such awesome destruction?

He took prosperity from us in just 60 days; we had not a care back in January.

Wind Farmer said...

Like this...Billy vs Vince (Shamwow)

Anonymous said...

"...for Republicans it's 2 percent about the future, and 98 percent hope that the people have amnesia."..."


"...Ari Fleischer [on Obama]"...he was the one who talked about getting past partisanship."..."

TRANSLATION: nothing bad can be attributed to our last eight years; any criticism is both unfounded and partisan.

I had a chance at a La Jolla booksigning to ask for the inscription "Watch what you say", but didn't want the risk the al-Zaidi.

RentinginScottsdale said...

Keith, here is a website you should take a look at. I had a conversation with a person on an airplane the other day and we were discussing this idea. Plugged it into Google and this is what I found:

The idea is to change the election process of this country so that every federal election ballot would be required to feature "None of the Above" as a choice. If "None of the Above" were to receive a majority of the votes, the election would have to be repeated, maybe three months later, and none of the candidates appearing on the ballot the first time would be allowed back on the ballot.

I think this would go a long way towards reforming the government of this country. Every election cycle, the 20% of the people of this country who are Republicans choose their POS candidate who represents their POS "social conservative" ideas like gay marriage bans, flag burning amendments, and a host of other bullsh!t, and throws out the fiscally conservative values that they supposidly espouse (but actually don't) such as limited government, government accountability, and lower taxes (which can only be accomplished morally by first liquidating the government debt and then drastically cutting spending).

Similarly, the 20% of the country who are Democrats choose their POS political candidate who allegedly supports keeping government out of the personal "moral" decisions of individuals, but unfortunately supports massive government entitlement programs and other forms of social welfare that effectively reward people who are personally irresponsible at the expense of those who are responsible.

Another 20% of the electorate are probably going to be tuned out no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, the remaining 40% of the electorate is left to choose between the conservative christian wing-nut the Republicans picked, and the big-government liberal the Democrats picked.

The political process in this country is broken. The Republican and Democrat political parties are a blight upon this nation. They are corrupt and incompetent, and don't represent the majority of the citizens of this country.

Aside from eliminating the death-grip that the parasitical Republican and Democratic parties have on the political process in this country, I think this measure would also reduce the influence of special interest money in political process. Many special interests these days play both sides, contributing to the candidate proffered by each major policical party. I think it would be much less likely to try to buy influence if it were highly likely that BOTH of their "investments" go down the tubes.