April 8, 2009

And then, all over the world, the people figured out how to use text messaging and twitter to organize and overthrow their corrupt governments

Lot of people.

Not a lot of cops and soldiers (willing to shoot their people).

Welcome to the Summer of Rage.

Brought to you by Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Blogger and the Internet.

They can't stop it now.

Except in America.

Idol is on.

Protests over Moldova's election have gathered pace, fueled by Facebook and Twitter.

Moldova's president Wednesday accused Romania of involvement in a huge anti-communist protest, much of it coordinated on Facebook and Twitter, which saw government buildings ransacked and police arrest scores of demonstrators.

An estimated 10,000 mainly students gathered Tuesday to protest what they say was a rigged election. Many in the crowd were summoned using social networking tools, particularly Twitter.


Tony said...


No one gives a shit why the Eurotards are ‘outraged’; they are always outraged about something or other.

Europe died with WWII and will never recover.

This is not a bad thing just reality..

Love said...

Tony, Amen!

May the Eurotrash riots mushroom into full blown civil wars.

This time the world will watch with pleasure..

Nature has its ways..

Mammoth said...

Speaking of Romania, didn't the people there rise up and hang their leader, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife on Christmas Day in 1989?

But of course that couldn't ever happen in any other country, right?



keith said...

Ah, the days when they would hang their corrupt leaders

Then why does that concept shock us so much?

Mitesh Damania said...

Weed them out! RISE UP! Last one in's a rotten egg!

nenwerd said...

I want heads on pikes! Right NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

flash crowds. old stuff.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Romania, didn’t the people slaughter their neighbors in the 1930s?

And approx. once every 50 or so years prior.

Anonymous said...


No worries, under Martial Law those sites won't work! Remember last year when Housing Panic, Calculated Risk, ML Implodometer and a host of other "information" blogs didn't work for a number of hours? That was the test run.

BTW you never really spoke about it at the time. You do remember don't you?

Anyone else remember?


Anonymous said...

The US govt will shut down the cell net and internet. They will not let this happen here.