April 30, 2009

And then another student, doing the job that journalists refuse to do, questioned Condi Rice about torture

Screw MSM reporters.

No longer needed.

Just give digital cameras and youtube to students and bloggers.

Doing the job that incompetent, corrupt and cowardly paid MSM reporters no longer do.

(btw, notice how defensive and nervous Condi and Barney were when questioned by students, and not the cream-puff MSM?)

Here's Rice, doing her best Frost/Nixon, perhaps getting her testimony points in line before the Torture Hearings this Fall:

"The United States was told, we were told, nothing that violates our obligations under the Convention Against Torture, and so by definition, if it was authorized by the president, it did not violate our obligations under the Convention Against Torture."


BS Central said...

Very defensive and actually kind of rude to a student who's only an undergrad freshman.

"I didn't authorize anything"... priceless.

yoski said...

So in short it always comes down to the same type of reasoning:
- It's only illegal if you get caught.
- Torture (Abu Gareib, Guantanamo) is only wrong if anybody in the media/public finds out about it.
- Accounting fraud is encouraged, unless you're insolvent.
- Playing with fire is all right, until you get burned.
- Ponzi schemes are our preferred economic model, unless they unravel.
- Short term profits are the deal, future be damned.
- Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off today.
Any society operating on those fundamentals will have a very difficult time competing against other societies based on more sound operating principals.
Economic and moral bankruptcy is what follows.

Anonymous said...

Loved the "don't have the luxury" of dealing with Saudi human rights...

We'll stonewall UAE though(maybe even try sell our port ops to the latter.)

"Where's the salt?" asks the sheik.

"No thanks" answers Chainy; "I'm watching my blood pressure."

Then there's that pot-boiler brewing in Uzbekistan.


"...Is waterboarding torture?...""We were told..."


We must try to be civil; after all.

Ross said...


jailtime for cheney said...

Evil acts performed under the banner of 'National Security' and/or prominently displaying "Old Glory' are still evil.

Just like the treasonous rats on the 'hill' wearing flag pins.

What a disgusting maggot heap the GOP turned this country into with their false patriotism, corruption and greed while proclaiming: "Deficits don't matter."

Prosecute. Convict. Imprison.

And, speaking of maggot heaps, how long are we going to allow that crooked f*cking casino on Wall Street (NYSE) to hide behind all those U.S. flags?

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." -Samuel Johnson

Batman said...

Yoski: yes, but it actually takes a long time for some things to crumble. It will be a long slow ride down. Who fills the vacuum? I'm getting a sense that India is better suited to fill the void than China. China can be strong but they have so much bottled up unrest and simmering distrust for the government there. Problem for both will be their strength today: too many people. Oh yeah, and they're both corrupt as hell.

This will take 50 years and like the UK that stayed prominent on the world stage for a century after its apex around 1900, the US won't become a basket case for a long while...it might even change course and hold onto its lead in the world.

Anonymous said...

Show trials in military commissions based on torture confessions don't give justification for anything. The perpetrators of the crimes of 9/11 - mass murder - remain unknown.

True Confessions? The Amazing Tale of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
Anthony D'Amato, Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago


Mike H. said...

Someone should have asked her about building 7 at the WTC and what if the 9/11 attack was known by certain people in our gov't who let it happen? I'm sure she would go ballistic.

Seems like a nice lady though. I liked the actor of her better in Oliver Stone's W.


investorinpa said...

I am going to disagree with you here Keith and others. Condi answered the questions that were presented to her. She answered them in a way that suggests she believes what she said. She was challenged, and answered it honestly based on her beliefs. I will go so far as to say the whole give and take from both the student and Condi is how interviews should be conducted...tough, thorough, and no use of the phrase "no comment". Give her some credit man..she answered what was asked of her.

keith said...

Condi was a good foot soldier. A good little Nazi, following commands.

She's smart. Brilliant as a matter of fact.

And in this video, she is well spoken, albeit defensive.

The point behind this post was two-fold. One was to point out yet another instance of students doing the job lazy reporters won't do anymore.

The second was to show what her defense will be at the hearings - that she was just following orders. And that if the President says it's legal, it's legal.

Anonymous said...

Get over it and move on. This is just as bad as the Republicans attacking Bill Clinton when he was already out of office. It's over! The Bush administration has been replaced!

lying bitch said...

Remember back in the days after 9/11 when Condi claimed the White House would never have dreamed anyone would use a plane as a weapon, when she had PERSONALLY received a minimum of six specific intelligence reports to that effect in the summer of 2001?

BD said...

BIDEN family has been running a PONZI, teh SEC shut em down yesteryda!@!!! ahahhaah

I wrote a post about Ponta Negra – a hedge fund that I thought was more likely than not to be fraudulent. I did not name Ponta Negra in the post but I put two of their marketing documents on the web and some people found them.

I withdrew that post after threats from lawyers. I also removed the documents from the web.

There's only one small problem - the widdle blogger was right!

I have done this because Francesco Rusciano of Ponta Negra has formally had his assets frozen by a Federal Judge at the request of the SEC. Also see here for the formal charges.

Now this isn't particularly newsworthy. No, the newsworthy part is this:

All of this would not be the biggest story on my blog except that Ponta Negra is marketed out of the office of Paradigm Global – a fund of hedge funds owned and controlled by Hunter Biden and James Biden. Hunter and James are the son and brother of Vice President Joe Biden respectively.

Batman said...

Anon 6:30. Sorry man. Torture isn't a minor offense and the people who did it are still walking around out there. They crossed the line and I think a witch hunt is an entirely appropriate response to a government order to allow state sponsored torture.

Prisoner No. 6 said...

Before you start doing the Snoopy dance on the grave of the MSM, check out these comments by the SEC: http://blogs.reuters.com/summits/2009/04/29/secs-schapiro-says-journalist-job-cuts-worrying/

Basically, the SEC is admitting that a lot of the work that they do - tracking down scam artists like Madoff, Conrad Black - or smaller fish, like Orange County financier Daniel Pang. Or the two Beverly Hills hedge funds (Ruderman) busted for being Ponzi schemes after the press found & reported on an internal communication that the funds actually had no assets.

Students and bloggers will fill the gap?

Dream on.

What would happen to this blog if someone like Mozilo actually flexed his muscles and filed DMCA injunctions? Or tracked you down and sued you in England for libel (where you would have to spend millions defending yourself)?

Someday, maybe, there will be worldwide organizations of bloggers and content creators that act to support & defend each other.

That day is not yet here. The careful digging through records, filing of FOIA request ... well, do you do any of that, Keith? Near as I can tell here, you are just a parasite on the backs of others. You produce nothing original. You just find something someone in the MSM produced, and then you chime in with your 2 cents worth?

When that feed starts getting smaller & smaller ... what will you do then?

I hope you have the guts & ambition to start doing your own original work. And that when you start doing it, you realize what a time/resource burden it is to actually produce something original. And finally, by the time you are forced to do this, that there exists a workable business model that will reward you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

And where do we get most of our information from Keith? The mainstream media. Doesn't that put into question all of our assumptions if they are based on false, misleading and omitted information?

Look up Operation Mockingbird.


California is Burning said...

She is a rude lying bitch. The Supreme Court did not "stop" the tribunals. What the COurt said was that the so called "military tribunals" were illegal because the administration was making up the rules as they went along.

Anonymous said...

I think what Condi was saying that if you think Guantanamo was bad you you don't know the half.


Anonymous said...


Prisoner No.6 is Sean Hannity


Lost Cause said...

Did a murderous tyrant have anything to do with 9/11? That would be a national leader of some kind, which Bin Laden is not. I know who the murderous tyrant is ... I am assuming that is a Fruedian slip from Dr. Rice.