April 16, 2009

At 4:10 in this video, my faith in America is restored

"Republicans suck too"

Next time Fox News calls a general protest, I want "GOP Sucks", "Democrats Suck", "The Fed Sucks", "Arrest Chris Dodd", "Arrest Angelo Mozilo", "Arrest George Bush", "Let's Take the Fox News Building Over", "Independent Special Prosecutor NOW!" and above all "Fox News and Sean Hannity Can Kiss My Teabag" signs.

Thank you 4:10 guy. Now can we all head over to Fox News' studios and make them regret the day they, Karl Rove and the GOP decided to co-opt the movement?

Fox News Headquarters: 1211 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave). Anyone calling a general protest there?


les said...

It's obvious CNN sent this reporter in to discredit this rally.

Fuck Democrats

Fuck Republicans

ConstructionMike said...

The demonstrators have it mostly right. What real difference is there between the Democrats and the Republicans? The Democrats under Clinton pushed for Nafta. Look what that did to the American working man. The Democrats under Obama want to legalize the illegal immigrants because that will give them a new, growing and compliant voter group. The fact that this legalizes an illegal invasion and hurts the US working man is a moot point. I'm in construction; I see what's happening to wages due to all the (illegal) Hispanic workers being hired in order to cut costs.
The Republicans under Bush got us into war under false pretenses. Obama is continuing that war by enlarging the operations in Afghanistan.
Both parties have global instead of national agendas. And people who want to return to a constitutional republic are slandered as terrorists. It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hannity is not Fox news any more than Bob Herbert is the New York Times.

Anyone who can swallow large doses of either of these is demented.

Anonymous said...

This coming from someone who voted D, and calls Dr. Paul Mr. Irrelevant.

Teenagers sure don't like it when their obscure band gets mainstream popularity.

upon the suwannee river said...

We get video of bad behavior by CNN and the narrative bashes Fox.

It's almost as if there's a coordinated propaganda campaign against the only mass network that doesn't drink the the left leaning Koolaid.

Long time HPer said...

Keefer you have totally lost it..

I was not much a Europe hater before,

But now I am..

I am beginning to hate Europe with a passion, and somehow it feels right..


Anonymous said...

That lady nailed it right in the head. God bless her! Republicans had equal cause in this and since the corrupt GOP is trying to ride the coat tails of this movement bcause they have no movement, the corrupt Democrats and CNN are so stupid and corrupt themselves they haven't even caught on.

Happy in Oregon said...

Fox News is by far not perfect but it’s the only network that does not make you feel bad for being an American..

Its the only News network I watch!

Anonymous said...

Keefer, if you don’t like FOX News then change the channel or create your own news network..


Also; It may be time for some internal reflection, there is something about what FOX news means to you that invokes this reaction.

Were you bullied around as a kid?
Was your daddy too strict?

Anonymous said...


Gimme Cheese.

Anonymous said...

"Fox News and Sean Hannity Can Kiss My Teabag" signs."

Are you sure you last name is not Oberman?

These Foxes are realy getting under you skin....plus they rake in a hell of a ratings...

Cannot argue with success.

I am not a fan of Bush and gang because fan is an abriviation of the word fanatic....

keith said...

Drudge headline:


What else do some of you need to know?

Wake up.

Fight them.

Robert said...

Keith said:
"Drudge headline:
What else do some of you need to know?
Wake up.
Fight them."


Really I don’t get it..

What is your problem?

Ross said...

That was the c*nt I was talking about. Nice dye job you little hooker. Who did you bl0w to get that job?

The two people who are featured on this video bring up a good point about the "Rage" movement. Person #1 clearly did not have his thoughts organized and C*nty McC*ntface interrupted him with her well thought out counter. Person #2 was much more clear headed and her thoughts were salient. She put C*nty in her place.

Those of us who are truly pissed and have good reasons, need to be able to explain them to others. Not just on TV, but to our family, friends and neighbors.

I totally agree that Karl Satan Rove and Sean Godboy Hannity are not welcome in this movement. Keep them out. And what exactly do they have to be upset about anyway? Not having Bush around to steal a third election? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

That reporter is lucky she didn't get bitch slapped by this angry crowd.

Anonymous said...

the disgusting jokes about the protests didn't rake in the ratings

Angry Leprechaun said...


Maybe I am getting someyhing out of context here. Can you elaborate. At 4:10 I did not see anything that was life changing for you to have restored faith. Was it after the woman talked you felt better? Did you agree with her?

Further more what I don't get is you want people to realize that both parties suck. That has acctualy been the main message on Fox latley. That was the main message at most of the Tea Parties yesterday, it is Ron Paul's message, it has been the feeling of most people here particularly those from the HP days.

You are fighting a battle that does not need to be fought. Poeple is masses are realizing Bush sucked. I don't know any Republicans that are happy with him, whether moderate or far right.

Both side are using the word 'extremist" loosely. No one can open their mouths without being labeled an "extremist". Keith I honestly think you have sold your soul, adopted Obama while compromising your principles in doing so to wage a war with your distaste of Bush. Get the fuck over it.

keith said...

I am furious that Karl Rove (genius) and Fox News are co-opting the libertarian / Ron Paul movement. At 4:10 of that video, I spotted a "Republicans Suck Too" sign. And I was happy again.

The GOP is the one true enemy. It has been defeated, but it must not be allowed to breathe again.

The Dems are also corrupt and evil. But the GOP has a special place in hell. And especially Fox News, for what they did to Ron Paul during the campaign, and for their eight years of propaganda during the Bush/Cheney reign of terror, which continues to this day.

If there's one protest to be had in America, it's a protest outside Fox (News Corp) HQ. Now THAT'S one I'd fly home for.

These bastards need to feel the rage - and they need to see that Americans aren't as stupid as they think they are.

Anonymous said...

They need to see that americans aren't all zombiefied obamamaniacs

mimi said...

The lady at ~3 minutes summed it up the best - the problem is Fed/bankers are running our government - wasn't the reason they were created to avert another depression? It was through no intervention of the Fed that we only narrowly escaped worldwide financial collapse. However, Obama is right in that it has to be a bi-partisan solution - republican ideology about small government and letting the markets control themselves obviously didn't work any better than Democratic overregulation. Still - it seems the majority of the people that attended these events were just pissed about having to pay taxes in general. I don't think the majority of the people understand just how close we were to have any of our dollars become cheaper than toilet paper - but it's hard not to be disappointed that the savers and responsibile citizines get punished while the greedy and monumentally stupid get rewarded.

Angry Leprechaun said...

"I am furious that Karl Rove (genius) and Fox News are co-opting the libertarian / Ron Paul movement."

What do you care Keith, you have denounced Ron Paul for almost a year now.

"At 4:10 of that video, I spotted a "Republicans Suck Too" sign. And I was happy again."

Aside from Hannity, everyone else on Fox latley has been saying the same thing. Everyone at the Tea Party I was at was saying the same thing. But you want to fight a news chanel that you probably haven't watch in a year. Do you know what you are talking about anymore Keith?

"And especially Fox News, for what they did to Ron Paul during the campaign" Once again you haven't said anything nice about Ron Paul in almost a year. In fact you haven't treated him any better. Fox news has acctualy given Dr. Paul a lot of time and props latley while you have not.

"These bastards need to feel the rage - and they need to see that Americans aren't as stupid as they think they are."

Keith the more rage you have the less you have made sense. I don't solely watch Fox for info, nor read this sight. I am here in the US talking to multiple people, and refering to many forms and types of media. You have lost it. Stop fighting against people that mainly agree with you. Stupid!

les said...

I think the Daily Show on Comedy Central may be the best news program on TV.

There is no journalistic integrity on the major networks, they are shills for corporations and political parties.

Wind Farmer said...

I read some where today a great description of the government:
A two-headed giant.

Republican/Democrat doesn't matter...it's the same beast. Stop all the Republican/Democrat nonsense...the government is a TWO-HEADED giant. Get it?

What's with that cnn gal...she's like, "you're getting money, take it and shut up."

Anonymous said...

No matter how many people protest, write to their legislators, etc... Our elected officials will not listen to the will of the people. So now what will you do? Protest even more? LOL.

Anonymous said...

That was beyond appalling.

Best laugh by far: CNN stooge asserting "you really don't need to be so antagonistic"...

moments after haranguing that guy who yelled "fuck" holding his 2-year-old.

What a circus.

moretroops said...

Dude, Keith, your readers are either (1) virtual nihilists who define themselves only by what they hate; or (2) flat out ig'nant Bush apologists.

I'm pretty sure this must annoy you.

What's so staggering is that the vast majority of those teabaggers are getting a TAX BREAK under Obama -- ie, they are paying less taxes now than under Bush, because they make less than $250k.

True story. The ones who make more than that are seeing a tax hike ... to 10% below Reagan levels.

So ... are these people dumb? I don't think so. I blame religion and general ignorance (redundant, I know). All of this illogical nonsense -- teabagging and facism talk -- stems from those frailties.

Them folks are just weak. What can you do? This too shall pass. The ignorant villagers never win in the end.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Seeing this clip actually made me think more highly of the tea-bagging protests. The woman who was speaking after the televised CNN segment was to the right of me politically, but I agree with a lot of what she says about the Fed, etc.

I can see why the CNN newsbabe went after the guy with the baby. Good visuals. He had a sign and a prop in his hands -- you need that for TV imagery. He was also angry, white and somewhat incoherent. (I've been on live TV, and I know it's not easy to come across as normal when you're amped-up, so I can excuse him.)

The guy on CNN fit the stereotype that the network wanted to show of the demonstrations promoted by its rival network -- crazy anti-everything white people. What surprised me most was how the newsbabe was so aggro and partisan with her questioning of the first guy. Usually these "reporters" are bland and non-ideological. I gather she was trying to goad the guy with the baby to make him sputter, which makes for better TV. Why can't reporters get that narky when they're questioning Geithner and Bernanke about giving trillions to banks?

The rational woman at the end was talking about how the government, including Obama, favours big banks. That's a message that a corporate TV network cannot push. Mustn't irritate the masters.

Thanks for the clip, Keith. I don't get to see much American TV here, aside from what's broadcast on Aussie channels. (There is a surprising amount, though.) And I don't spend time searching for YouTube clips. However, I enjoy getting these windows into what's going on back there.

vanilla ice said...

The video is encouraging, and the reporter lady at least seemed interested as to why her broadcast went so badly.

"End the Fed." Wow, so there are others out there besides the handful on this blog and Ron Paul.

Tyrone said...

I couldn't understand the ignorance of that CNN reporter.

"The state of Lincoln gets 50 billion out of this stimulus."

Ok, I don't know of a 'Lincoln' state, but doesn't she understand that THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAVE MONEY! It is OUR MONEY from FUTURE PRODUCTION.

patrat said...

Yep they hijacked it. The tea parties were a blend of people.

The message that future taxes will kill us is a good one, except that right now people aren't experiencing that. (Until the states start taxing us to death to make up for the shortfalls.)

Right now the message should be: We the middle class have been F*cked.

Where are our rewards for being responsible and doing everything right?

Where are the prosecutions of the people who committed fraud, and there were many.

Why should I pay my irresponsible neighbor's mortgage? Where is my lower adjusted mortgage rate?

Why are our credit card rates going up to usury rates when we always pay on time? Supposedly this is to make up for the ones who don't. Criminal! (These are the very same banks that we are bailing out - the credit cards are owned by the banks.)

Why do the taxpayers get almost nothing for the bank bailout - (60 cents on the dollar or less)?

Why can't there be some regulation to protect our 401k's from the gamblers in the stock market - Oh you could do an option here and put there - and then you could short there...and drive the price down there. They are doing that with our money!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't a person simply invest without having their money go to Las Vegas?

These are some of the issues and reasons for tea parties now, in my opinion. Federal taxes will come later.

patrat said...

And this has almost nothing to do with Political parties. It's almost too late for the American worker to be saved. Neither party gave a damn for too long. TPTB had their way.

I read that Nafta destroyed the small farmer and shop owner in Mexico and that started the migration. Gotta look into it a little more.

patrat said...

Well, here are my last 2 cents. It relates to the post a while back about marijauna.
The mistake we made was making it illegal in the first place. By making it illegal we created a huge black market for it.
Now we have to "decriminalize" it. Not so easy to go back.
There will be a rise in use immmeditely, and it will be a while before people start saying, you know I really don't want to do this any more.

Of course the rich always get away with it and act like it's nothing and the innnocent and ignorant poor go to jail. Don't listen to those rich guys -it's not the same for you.

patrat said...

And how can the Republican party advocate trade with China, a country that forces abortion on people.

When at the same time, they espouse a morality that denounces abortion and even contemplates charging women who choose that in this country, with murder.

Anonymous said...

Obama can be as dismissive as he wants to be.

Now, who's gonna deny he is and always has been an elitist ?

And hooray for Stiglitz for calling it as it is, "The people who designed the (bailout) plans are either in the pocket of the banks or they're incompetent"

And your Messiah is sitting on top of the totem pole.


Anonymous said...

this is all a well-timed distraction from the torture memos

borkafatty aka the pig said...

That CNN clip is absolutely nauseating. Is that smear job what passes for journalism in the MSM these days? The first time I saw the average schlub and his kid get railroaded by that poor excuse for a reporter, my blood pressure and pulse went up at least 100 points. She deserved everything she had coming to her from the crowd. She's really lucky they didn't stomp her ass as I'm sure some of them were angry enough. If I could have teleported to Chicago and bitchslapped the snot off her condescending face myself I would have. If CNN had any integrity whatsoever they would fire her (publicly) for her deplorable reporting due to her inability to be objective - a requirement of any good journalist. That said, CNN is just another arm of the DNC's Pravda wing, where such examples of pure bias are encouraged if not rewarded. CNN is a disgrace, 2nd only to MSNBC on TV.

Fuck Democrats!

Fuck Republicans!

www.lp.org - the truth!

Brandine said...


What else do some of you need to know?

Wake up.

Fight them.

Keith, I'm beginning to think you are a babe in the woods.

Anonymous said...

"Why can't reporters get that narky when they're questioning Geithner and Bernanke about giving trillions to banks?"

Because some bullies are smart enough to know who butters their bread. That guy is a nobody and she could act as tough as she wanted with him. But if the did that with any of the elite, one phone call and she'd be on the street. It's kind of sad really, but America never really was of, for, and by the people.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the corrupt media and fake economic indicators:

Oregon and Michigan push past 12% jobless

Unemployment rises in 46 states and D.C.; Michigan leads nation at 12.6%, while Oregon shoots to second worst at 12.1%.
And this is the other headline right below the first:

The Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment rose to 61.9, the second straight gain, from 57.3 in March.Hoooweee, that consumer sentiment index from Michigan has sooo much credibility!

Greg said...

Irony = constantly trashing the journalistic integrity of Fox News while regularly posting MSNBC videos.

Anonymous said...

american idiot is alive and well, ha-ha.

Brian Miller said...

What's so staggering is that the vast majority of those teabaggers are getting a TAX BREAK under Obama Why do people keep mindlessly repeating this propaganda?

Tax rates will be going up as a result of the present policy.

You cannot pour trillions into banks, borrow trillions more, and spend like a drunken sailor and NOT raise taxes eventually.

Taxes will surely increase as a result of the Obama policy -- either in the future to cover the interest and principal payments, or in the form of inflation as the government prints money to service the debt, or indirectly in the form of defaults on Social Security/Medicare (yes, "means testing" and "hiking the eligibility requirements" is a default).

I wish people would stop repeating talking points they hear from "party central" and start thinking for themselves for a change.

How can taxes *decrease* when spending is increasing massively while average income is going down and borrowing is going up?


Anyone home?


Brian Miller said...

PS -- CNN/FOX, at any given time, has fewer viewers than the most popular political blogs, YouTube, and Twitter.

They're losing relevance, and they know it.