April 9, 2009

Bulls are loose!!

May you try to protect your wealth in interesting times.

One word: Casino.


Anonymous said...

Bulls are loose !!

Not for long !!

Anonymous said...

If you care to protect what you’ve accumulated thus far in your life..

Stay the hell away from Europe.

Things are going to get real ugly across the pond…

review your potfolios and redirect your investments to a safer place..

it hath been fortold

born to lose said...

I think it's Kick Ass that Wells Fargo made record profits after getting Tarp money.

They just need permission to start paying it back, or some some sht.

Good for them. God Bless WFC

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this party will be over in 2 months when the worst inflation the world has ever seen takes hold.

When stocks go up money comes out of long bonds which means interest rates go up.

Watch out for the bear trap!

hp fan said...

Casino is right.

Bulls lose, Bears lose, House wins.

Lost 20% of my chips and calling it quits.

Mammoth said...

How is this for Bull?

Washington State’s tuition is slated to increase by 14% this year, and another 14% in 2010! Given the large annual increases in college tuition – which are disproportionate to the rate of inflation – one may assume that the cost of putting one’s child through college 15 years from now will be horrific.

Well, we just signed up our 3-year old for Washington State’s Guaranteed Tuition program (GET). The way it works - is that you pay for your kid’s college tuition at today’s prices, and then when you are older and close to retirement you are not saddled with education costs.

This program is guaranteed by Washington state law, so in the event there is a budget shortfall, the state is required to make up the difference.

On the GET program’s website, it says that the tuition of the program’s participants who are in college today, is being mostly paid by those whose kids are still in grade school. Hmmm…can anybody say “Pyramid Scheme?” The state can’t possibly default on its’s college tuition guarantee, can it?

Can it?
Can it?

Oh, sh!t!

But then again, since our little one is being raised by Soot & Ash’ers, she will be so smart that she’ll receive scholarships which will pay her way through college.


Anonymous said...


Gimme Cheese.

Tony said...


I'm going to report you to PITA..

This is no way to treat an animal.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate American ingenuity as we perfect the art of kicking the can down the street. The banksters got everything they wanted and now most of them can weather this storm. Unlike Bernie Madoff, the banksters have the full faith and credit of the US to back them up. A few of them will go down but Wall Street lives to fight another day. We will fix medicare and social security the hard way. There will be losers and winners but life goes on. Taxes will rise, the dollar will weaken. Much wealth was lost, the standard of living will change over time. Some inflation in the near future seems likely, but the Peter Schiff doomsday scenario has been postponed for now. The growing national debt is a problem to be dealt with later, preferably alot later.

Guberville Smack said...

Total no-brainer all the banks will window dress all the numbers for the quarter. Real sources have already predicted these numbers will be brought forward by the banks, more will follow. No accident Wells Fargo decided to break the news today (before Goldman- Sachs)instead of the
22nd either.
But go ahead, as usual they have sent Kramer out to spread the propoganda.
See you at 5200.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the fix is in. The crooks (and that includes the Fed and gov) are just waiting for all the 401 (k) and IRA fools to deposit their hard-earned money into Madoff's casino before April 15. After that the crooks will fleece them all, AGAIN.

Watch the corrupt main stream media give cover with "sudden bad news" around the world that will sink the market. The amount of shorting out there by the crooks is through the roof!

Mitesh Damania said...

You can say that the geedy people got gored by the 2000's bull.

Anonymous said...

Is not sell in May and go away just around the corner. Soooo, time to get the market up a few thousand points before the casino takes your chips away for the summer.:)

RICO said...

The bulls have been severely constipated for months on end.

Dr. Ben's laxative remedy of *quantitive easing* has unleashed a hellish sh*tstorm.

The smell of 'cooked' earnings has been temporarily masked by an overwhelming stench of bullsh*t CONfidence.

Late Night Cheeseburger w/fries said...

"Moos and Ashes!" Reinventing America after the Cow.

RE: Moooooo-Milk are loose!!!!

Chocolate milk sales down 2.3%, but hey, tell the sheep it went up 1.8%!

Can bulls actually moo?

Mr. Moose (moo-se)

Andrew from Russia said...

I think I've already pointed that out before, but let me repeat: it smells like the Spring of 1930. There is no chance of a V-shaped recovery at this point, but a halfway-back rally is well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith
Did you not say you saw green shoots . You flip flop like your hero obama his name does not even deserve a capital O

keith said...

Last anon - huh?

Yes, green shoots. We bought 'em. Cost us about $10 trillion. So enjoy them (for now).

Meanwhile, watch the banks like Wells Fargo rake it in hand over fist going forward, once they dump the crap on the taxpayer.

Invest wisely.

Anonymous said...

Washington State’s tuition is slated to increase by 14% this year, and another 14% in 2010! Given the large annual increases in college tuition – which are disproportionate to the rate of inflation – one may assume that the cost of putting one’s child through college 15 years from now will be horrific.

Hey, you idiots love union parasites. Now pay up suckers, while they dumb down your kids with fairytales of global warming and how bad is capitalism!

Those union parasites live in luxury while brainwashing your kids to be commies. That's why you have a commie for president and all your dumb kids sucking his Indonesian d!ck like hysterical cheerleaders.

Oh, and don't forget to teach your kids espanol because they will be taking orders from Mexicans pretty soon at McDonalds.