April 3, 2009

Disgusting. Grotesque. Done in your name. And your children will hate you.

But remember, if you go against them, they kill you.


Mitesh Damania said...

JFK was killed because he released non-interest bearing bills. Damn those bankers!

life lover said...


Had the Disgusting Grotesque Eurotards not been providing unconditional support to the Islamo fascist, we would have balanced our spending differently.

Anonymous said...

chump change in compare to the bailout numbers

Anonymous said...

Summer of Rage and Death USA 2009.

Anonymous said...

Keith - Yeah, and maybe Obama didn't create this mess (although he was in the Senate for a few years, so is at least 1/100th responsible for a part of this mess), but Obama is doing NOTHING to save us from that hatred our children will rightfully bestow on us.

BTW: I'm the one who wrote the comment about knowing Obama and meeting him at Soros' house and elsewhere. You say there's a lot of Obama hatred on this board. You're (I think deliberately) misreading these comments. There is some hatred of Obama, but most of this is just incredulousness at your googly-eyed swooning over his speeches and complete disregard of the facts of his life, his actions and his decision-making. These comments are directed at you and your completely ridiculous statements, like "Obama is a regular guy," "he was broke and an outcast a few years ago." And, your outrage at people like Dodd but ignoring that Obama was goosestepping to AIG and banks right behind Dodd.

You say you don't give Obama carte blanche, but you never mention any criticism of him. It's just "oh my goodness what an amazing speech he gave" with you 24/7.

I certainly don't hate Obama. I don't respect him, but he is what he is. It would be a waste of energy to hate him. His MO is working for him, so why should he try to be a better man. Who I hate are all the dumbasses who blindly support the guy because he can read a speech well and ignore anything else about him - his lapping at the corruption trough along with every other politician in IL; his and his wife's tackiness; his being blindingly obviously bought and paid for by the financial sector; any major embarrasing gaffe he ever makes.

Hey - if Obama wants to live his life that way, more power to him. But, why in the name of Zeus, have so many smart people ignored what's right in front of them and saddled us with this guy?

Anonymous said...

Toadies everywhere; and not very good ones at that.

youtube post: "...the pointless topic..."

The same apologies over and over and over...

Doesn't matter...crazy extremists...incompetent leaders...

Anonymous said...

Ike knew the deal. He was deep in it. Check out some of the stuff he did during/after War Two. You can find it on the net.

Not sure if he really did sign the treaty with the aliens or not. May have. Check that out as well.

Greys ---abductions.

Is it all BS?------hummm? We had rather think so.

Anonymous said...

"...I hate...all the dumbasses who blindly support the guy..."

Because they don't have the time/inclination to go beyond the headline/sound bite...

...or are not elite; privileged to an inside perspective such as yours?

I'd wager the hardcore 30% Bush-lovers did every bit the damage to our country as these fellow-yet-opposite rubes.

You made a good case; time will certainly provide the proof.

Anonymous said...

"But remember, if you go against them, they kill you."

Or they stage a 'terrorist attack'.

Just ask Bush (off the record, of course) about even *suggesting* a reduction in defense spending.

9/11 was an *unofficial* military coup...

Support the troops, MY ASS!

Defense 'interests' have bled this country DRY!

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget that more money was spent on cosmetics during the same time of the Apollo missions to the moon. Also, there has been more money spent on the bailouts than all the wars combined. Ok, so what does that mean(?), well, just maybe we are having a difficult time evolving or maybe we really can’t evolve?

If a society chooses to create death machines and support a war making culture, then, I’d suppose that artists and poets are up the creek. For Gods sake, would someone please tell women you can’t lather-on anymore slop on your face and body, or the ever-present large sunglasses to become a princess. While your’re at it, tell the war nuts that making lots of guns and laser-guided missile butt protruders won’t make lipstick on the war-pig a princess either.

Ok, you could say that Leonardo designed war implements and was fascinated with the engineering of machines to fight wars. And we are supposed to think that Leonardo was the greatest artist or maybe Michelangelo, whom wasn’t into machines. So, even then, there is a migration to war away from humanity. And our great leaders are convinced that making war in the “right” way is better than just leaving them alone.

Yes, ironically, our leaders want to employ us for the betterment of the world in making war, because it’s “good”. War is employment for a people with nothing better to do, because it accomplishes things we want and they, the other side, don’t. We want to make money and send our kids to school and it doesn’t matter that it kills millions of people at the same time. That is why we’ll never evolve, no matter what your grades were in engineering school, you just don’t have what Leonardo had, and that’s the humanity that goes with the advancement of machines and technology along with the other stuff, you know, art.

I hope this doesn’t go on too much longer, but there are a few more things I need to say. I’m an artist, I don’t make a lot of money and the more I starve, the less I care. I have been able to support myself well enough because I work a normal job and with the time it takes to make art, makes me less a normal person, but there is a stigma to even being a surviving artist in this society that even looks like contempt to me.

I can tell you right now, that this society wastes money on non-productive things like high-school sports and stadiums, not to mention the subsidation of professional sports. And now that I’m coming back to this competitive nature of people, I want to tell you that sports and war are not the same thing. If you think a society can teach it’s kids that swaggering around on a football field grabbing your crotch ever two minutes is creating an advanced world, you are just plain stupid.

For an analogy, we have our military swaggering around the world fucking everything that lives and you honestly think this is good? They blame us for the financial mess, deservedly so, we have spent non-existent money to solve a problem that should have never occurred. If you don’t think arrogance is not going to cause some problems soon, then you just aren’t aligned with the future.

Personally, I’d like to see the princess pig without any lipstick on, just as I’d like to see the USA quit being the policemen of the world and quite honestly I don’t think we can put it all on the credit card anymore and that is a good thing.

Mr Professor said...

Actually I think they will be happy that they are not privy to invasion by any other country,

just sayin

Anonymous said...

The point is if the rest of the World likes our new President ,that means they figure they will get their way with him and America as we know it is toast .

America was great to fleece ,and throw guilt and envy at . Look at how all those Bankers and Investment dudes from around the World made tons on the Wall Street Casino.

The great movie SEVEN DAYS IN MAY showed what could happen if any power tries to take over .

Now they are talking about a NEW WORLD ORDER . Unless the World adopts our Constitution ,the WOrld will take over America . It's just plain stupid to think that this vast World of different agendas could agree on anything in the final analysis . This is in part due to the different stages different countries are at .

Fine for Countries to be different and trade with each other ,but unless you have the same Constitution and wage scales and rules of law and all that jazz ,its just BS .

The Powers are planning to band
the Corporate World together to insure their power ,because they are in power now . Screw them because this isn't really the will of the people in each Country .

Did anyone think that it was strange that America gave up all its manufacturing to places like China ,who are Communist ? DId anyone wonder why China was willing to give their people 75 cent a hour and pollute their lands ,just to produce junk for America ,while their own people
on average couldn't afford their junk / A great Country tries to uplift their people . Does anybody think that China might have a long range plan ?

Look,I'm all for different Countries trying to get along ,but one WOrld Order is the beginning of the end for America to perserve the self-serving Corporation structure and elite rich that has
expanded world-wide .

Anonymous said...

The USA was thrust into the position of large military spending because of WWII and the aftermath of dealing with an aggressive Soviet Union under Stalin. The United States singularly held together western Europe and the western hemisphere. The downward spiral of fantastic increases in military spending began with the Vietnam war. The main problem now is the obsession with incredibly expensive, technical and complex weapons systems. It is almost like having bragging rights about how complex, technologically advanced and expensive our military is. The Pentagon has never been in favor of simple, effective and low cost anything. Now we have a shortage of man power and basic equipment for our soldiers because of all the money being spent on the next sci-fi super weapon. Why else would families be sending over equipment to their sons and daughters in uniform? What an embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

"...The main problem now is the obsession with incredibly expensive, technical and complex weapons systems..."

Goes well with the pussified whining about how "cowardly terrorist suiciders won't mass and hold still in an empty field for us to slaughter them."

"...What an embarrassment!"

What he said.

an overleveraged sob said...

China 122 billion. Yeah, paying their people $1.50 per day. Keith, sometimes your ability to think analytically is pretty sketchy.

Now, Japan pays the US 75% of the cost of defense there. I imagine there's other such agreements, but you'd never hear about it since the military pr guys and the repubs in congress are even dumber than Suzanne.

Oh yeah, and that budget invented jet aircraft, tele-communications and the internet over the last 50 years. Ike was wrong. JFK had to massively rebuild a delapidated military apparatus as soon as he arrived in the white house.

Anonymous said...

If different Countries did away with their war machines ,within a short time a group would create more and plan on taking over the world .

Weapons have been around since man fought off saper-tooth tigers .Even if the World was under one World order ,you would get a group that didn't like it who would devise weapons to attack. Weapons are natural actually . Just because you get fools that want to take over some other peaceful group because of greed and being power hungry doesn't mean that weapons are bad .

How about the raider cultures that for Centuries would just take from
some other tribe by the raiding takeover . Very much like the Wall Street theives did to the taxpayers this round .

The Constit6ution of the United States had a concept of freedom and freedom from slavery or obression or take-over .Each man had the right to pursuit of being happy ,with the exception of not being allowed to take somebody eleses happiness, or food ,or shelter ,or money . The thieves take from others ,like the taxpayers ,and they really think they are entitled to violate the Constitution .

The only thing that nobody saw coming was that houses would be the downfall of the Constitution of this great land of America . The Lost Ark is the Constitution
and it is being raided on ,crushed ,and violated,

Anonymous said...

Eisenhower was wrong. It's financial government complex that we should have been concerned about. The military industrial complex idea was a red herring to distract our attention.

The federal government was foremost supposed to be about mutual protection of the states. Military expenditures should be by far the largest part of it's budget (although the overall size of that budget should be smaller).