April 17, 2009

Fox News Headquarters: 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036


Anonymous said...

Who says Americans didn't oppose Bush's bailouts and out of control spending? Of course they did. The problem is that Obama and his crew are just continuing down the same path.
So what is the difference between Bush and Obama? None that I can see.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the same.

Anonymous said...

You're fucking clueless! Yes, you are correct that Fox News has tried to hijack the legitimate outrage by a large portion of this country. They are complete idiots, especially Hannity who is a fricking puppet. You are a fucking idiot for thinking Obama and the left wing Media are not just as guilty for cheerleading the Fraudulent cover up of our corrupt Banking system that engineered this entire OTC Derivates implosion that has put our grandchildren at risk of living in a country that no longer is a beacon for liberty. Don't you get it? This finacnical crisis is just starting and it could have been prevented but both democrats and republicans sold their souls to the devil to make an extra $ and now you have 30 trillion in toxic assets that have to be drained and there is no practical way of doing so. You will get Hyperinflation by 2012.. Stop that thought!!! Soak it into your brain!!! You will get Hyperinflation by 2012.. Shut your mouth.. It is coming whether you want to believe it or not.. This outcome has been set in stone regardless of what you are trying to condure up in your brain. This will change the political landcape in our country over the next 5 years. It will not be fun.. Start reporting the real truth for once and use your brain cells!!!

Anonymous said...

The liberal media isn't reporting exactly the truth about the tea bag rebellions .

For some in the media to say that
supporting Social Security means you can't object to current socialist movements by the far left is absurd .

I don't like it when the left,or the right, supports insanity ,or any violation of the intent of the Constitution .

Big Business has bought off both
parties ,and anything to confuse the issues will be done by the Political Cheerleaders of both parties . To bad important messages will be missed ,like who stole America ,with all this bandstanding .

The question is ...Are the current solutions to the housing crash the proper ones ,and are both parties using this emergency to bandstand a hidden agenda .I just wish that the media could just report news in a objective way .

It appears that the Media doesn't care what the want.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I'm curious to know whether Faux is crowing over the tea-bagging events. Are they making the effort out to be a success, or slinking away from it in embarrassment? Fortunately, there is no Fox here to say anything about it. Rupert Murdoch is an American citizen now, so he's legally barred from owning any Aussie TV network, praise Jeebus.

The tea-bag rallies seem to have been a fizzle, compared to the energy spent promoting it. I didn't see much coverage in the American newspapers I read online, and the left-wing blogs and radio shows I download sneered at it, of course.

What's sad is that there IS a lot of populist anger at the way things are going, from the Left as well as the Right. But when a "movement" like the "tea-bagging" goes balls-up like this (I have to make scrotum puns too!) it only serves to discredit that anger, make it look like a small number of loonies feeling it.

So Keith, you've mentioned that you find Glenn Beck entertaining. Changing your mind any?

I think Beck is the TV equivalent of the 1920s circus geeks who would bite the heads off live chickens -- "Hey, let's see what the sad crazy man is going to do tonight." I suppose that the demographic of people who will end their lives pointing guns out their boarded-up windows shooting at police need a media voice too, but a prime-time hour on a major cable news network?

Gabor said...

Just get rid of your TVs and you will be fine. Why pay for cable, it's nothing but commercials and propaganda.

knarley said...

It's quite evident that the other news networks are flaming liberal.

Fox is the only right wing news network, so the left wing must hammer it incessantly.

I listen to the Communists News Network(CNN) and Fox. I like to get both sides. Of course, the news is selectively fed to us anyway, so the best news is obtained on the internet. At least I think so.

Face it, the leftist media did not embrace the teabag protests because they are all up Obama's and the liberal's behinds. Yes, Fox tried to hijack the thing, but it did not work.

Real grassroots people said, "we have had enough!" The liberal media can't handle that. They want socialism,
progressivism, and
collectivism. The individual is to be sacrificed on the alter of "The Good for All". The problem is that that leads to dictators and the people being slaves of the state.

Damn, can't these liberals read history. What's wrong with their thinking processes?

It just beats the hell out of me.

knarley said...

Just a postscript here.

I'd also like to add that the right wing elites would like to take us down the road to fascism.

We need to be vigilant to seek out the corrupt and unconstitutional on both sides, and stand for the rights of the individual.

Fascism or socialism, they are the same at the very top.

knarley said...

Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian

Anonymous said...

You're fucking clueless! Yes, you are correct that Fox News has tried to hijack the legitimate outrage by a large portion of this country ect,ect...

Writer thanks I agree!!!

W.C. Varones said...

And then the bailouts continued while the media bashed the protesters. But Keith didn't mind because it was his guy in the White House doing the bailouts.