April 18, 2009

Has anyone heard one realtor apologize?

I mean, there are were 1.2 million of the little critters.

Has just ONE said "I'm sorry"?

Has just ONE apologized on behalf of his corrupt industry?

Has just ONE done the right thing, and given her commission back after giving horrific advice to a now-devastated client?

Just ONE?

Don't hold your breath.

After devouring their prey, snakes don't apologize.

They just slither away.


Rob Dawg said...

Jim the Realtor has apologized for other Realtors. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

Do you think George W Bush will apologize for authorizing the torture of children?

Psychopaths and Sociopaths Don't Apologize

randall666flagg said...

Man, realtors are just like maggot, squirmy and stinky. They don't deserve jack-shXts in life. What do they do ? Sell house... ShXts, what kind of a job is that ?

Peahippo said...

Salesmen don't apologize. They just go on seeking other victims.

Remember, it was ALWAYS your responsibility to educate yourself about the BIGGEST PURCHASE YOU'D EVER MAKE. Pointing a finger at a slick salesman (who by definition is ALWAYS LYING) doesn't absolve you. If you can't perform due diligence on the BIGGEST PURCHASE YOU'D EVER MAKE, then there was no hope for you in the first place.

"Wow! Look at this busy intersection in Manhattan! This has got to be the busiest street intersection that I've ever seen! Hey, it seems wise to shut my eyes and trust the guy gesturing across the street for guidance! Here I go!"

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann, Phoenix Realtor
It seems that Greg is now raising the ire of his own.

2008-02-15: Swann should ban himself from Bloodhound Blog
Greg, methinks it is about time you add your own name to the BHB blacklist and ban yourself. You are charged under your own comment bylaws (excerpted below) with first degree flame-baiting, bad behavior and insult — all banishable offenses in your desert blogdom. You are a repeat offender, sir.

Greg on bubble bloggers:
21 reasons to bank on the Phoenix real estate market . . .
"...guilty of nothing except failing to have drunk the BubbleBlogger KoolAde."

"The BubbleBloggers will someday bawl balefully in private, but they will never, ever admit that they have been very publicly very foolish."

"I’ve been writing lovingly about this place since the day I got here, and I’ll keep it up at least until the day before I die here."

Since he's been writing "lovingly" about Phoenix, does that mean he is incapable of writing anything truthful? Incapable of writing about loose lending practices? Incapable of writing about realtors that knowingly put people into homes they cannot possibly afford? Incapable of writing about toxic loan "products"?

And he took the Kool-aid line and used it against us! He can't do that!


transactioon fleas said...

Do hookers give refunds?

Anonymous said...

Peahippo gets it right! Although "Real Estate Agent/Broker" is a rather misleading profession to be in and not an honorable one, the BUYER is ultimately responsible for what they buy. "Everyone else is doing it" was not/is not an excuse.
"But I deserve a McMansion too!" is also not an excuse.


Anonymous said...

Two more banks on the FDIC failed bank list this week.

That makes 25 banks this year


Great Basin Bank of Nevada
American Sterling Bank

Arlene said...

Realtors feel no responsibility. They feel they were "deceived along with everyone else."

If they're that gullible, their expertise is useless. Advice that might have been helpful and which is common sense general knowledge of real estate (such as, "don't buy a house that costs ten times your income") was somehow never offered to clients. So, they're frauds as well? We're shocked, shocked.

Even so, they'll never apologize. Their view of themselves is that they're all-knowing right up until they're Innocence Defiled. And they get to say when that is.