April 20, 2009

Here's a cop in Cleveland entering a foreclosed home. I don't think he's looking for the granite countertops.

This is the World Press Photo of the Year for 2008, by Anthony Suau.

Brought to you of course by the realtors on commission of America. "We make money on the way up, and we make money on the way down".

May this photo haunt anyone who's ever pimped real estate for a living.

You had one life. And you were a realtor.



Anonymous said...

Not defending realtors here, but these people that got foreclosed on tried playing the game, lost, and are nothing but sore losers.

Absent sterilizing such people, they should get arrested and put in jail for destroying the property like that.

Did they not read and understand what they were getting themselves into? If not, they had no business buying a home.

Fuck them, they are not victims.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the cop was hunting a Realtwhore?

As Voltaire once said, "Mankind will not be free until the last realtor is strangled with the entrails of the last mortgage originator. Or Angelo Mozillo. Take your pick."

will shill for coin said...

I think many of them just don't realize their industry is corrupt.

I really hate to admit this, but my sister got her realtor license last November. And I think it's unfortunate because prior to that she worked in the software industry.

So that whole thing is so "circling the drain" that she listened to a friend who also is the R word. But I'll tell you she has no idea she just joined a corrupt institution.

Mammoth said...

Too bad you did away with your "Question of the Day" feature. A good question would be this:

"Given their contribution to the current economic woes that are causing immense stressand pressure on people, with regard to the recent spate of mass murders in the US - do realators, mortgage brokers and bankers have blood on their hands?"

Anonymous said...

As predicted by me here, a few weeks back, the crooks on Wall Street waited for the sheep to deposit their hard-earned money into IRAs, by the April 15 deadline, and then has begun today to fleece them all.

Enjoy your retirement in poverty...and don't forget to pay lots of phoney carbon taxes to the same crooks.

Stuck in So Pa said...

I think that this is pretty much S.O.P. when entering a foreclosed building with an eviction notice, especially if there has been no communication with the former "banker's renter" during the whole process.

As we have seen too much lately, the officers are the first one's to take the incoming. There is a lot of rage building in this country of 300 million firearms. Too bad that the bank reps, mortgage brokers and loan originators are not required by law to do the evictions.

Interesting note that I came upon as I was reading the news. In a lot of states, your good name (intent to pay) is the “collateral” for the first mortgage and the house is yours to do with, as you will, as long as you “own” it. Forfeiture of the home for non-payment of the agreed upon monthly bill is simply a matter of contractual obligation.

Officer shows up with an eviction notice and you were right in the middle of “extensive re-modeling:

Hey, not my fault.”

BUT, if you took out a second loan using the value of the home as collateral and damage the collateral in any way, you can be held liable for damages, AND be charged with destruction of the bank’s property.

Too bad, you should have gone to court first!

And had your lawyer utter those “three magic words.”

Singular said...

This is the problem with the American people. Contrary to what Americans think of themselves, they are not individualists, I repeat NOT individualists. They are a bunch of sheep that follow the sentinel sheep. If the sentinel sheep runs west, the rest of the herd runs west; if the sentinel sheep then changes course abruptly, the rest will also change course.

That is why bubbles happen a lot in America.

Americans like jumping on the bandwagon. They like to repeat what an alpha person says - it saves the American from having to think for himself or herself. Americans are highly suggestible people.

Once you understand the nature of the American person, it becomes easy to control the American people.

Americans actually self-police themselves. They do love consensus and are suspicious of anyone who dissents. They as a group will exert peer pressure on the dissenting fellow rather than change their viewpoint because Americans feel uncomfortable when status quo and authority are challenged.

Comes from the Puritan heritage which actually runs very strong in America today.

Mike Oxlong said...

Anon April 20, 2009 5:01 PM:
Thank goodness we now know what Americans are and why there are bubbles in America! For a moment there I thought we weren't all alone, but now I realize no governments have collapsed, no currencies have tanked, and it is simply because the *American* people are sheep that bubbles happen so much here and not everywhere else.

My poor boy, what has led you astray? Certainly not some high school teacher or college professor who led you like a *sheep*, right? Right?

JaneZ said...

Singular said...

Americans like jumping on the bandwagon. They like to repeat what an alpha person says - it saves the American from having to think for himself or herself. Americans are highly suggestible people.

Sort of like hypnotized? How did all of these millions of people become hypnotized at the same time?

Perhaps it is in the water.....

Anonymous said...

I looked through the linked photo essay from Time and living here in Cleveland I can tell you it is much WORSE than the photos depict.

Markus Arelius said...

The photo shows the cop with gun pointed, ready for the worst....

But it's the items that surround the cop in the photo frame that indicate what "worst" has already come to pass.

The cop with firearm raised shows us fear and danger.

The messed up door bell unit to the upper left of the bathroom entryway depicts a story of loss:

This house used to be a "home", and may have been a place of safety, warmth and of welcome to others.