April 9, 2009

If the GOP dumped its anti-science, anti-evolution wingnut fringe, could it re-emerge into a viable national party again?

Or are the wounds inflicted on the nation and the party by Dick Cheney and George Bush fatal, no matter what it does, no matter who it kicks out?


patrat said...

The democrats have gone far to the left. The republicans will have to go further to the middle to win over the majority. Unless, that is, the majority is so devastated and poor that the far left promises blind them to objectivity.

Afterthought said...

As long as they don't have everyone's best interest at heart, they are dead.

Anonymous said...

The neo-cons may regroup and proudly emerge as the War Party.

With the MIC solidly behind them, their campaign fund-raising advantage would be enormous...

Stuck in So Pa said...

The current GOP is a mirror of the U.S. as a whole, dying a slow death, with some expected and predictable rallies along the way, but dying just the same. It's similar to the repeated stock market rallies during the early years of the Great Depression, even as the country finally slid into the abyss; the market yo-yoed up and down, while continually going downward.

I truly believe that the current GOP is unsalvageable.

I try to talk to "conservatives" in my area about why Repug's lost congress in 06, and the presidency in 08, AND THEY STILL DON'T GET IT!

Conservative pundit Cal Thomas actually had a pretty insightful (for him,) article on the editor's page today. He said, in effect, that once the religious right (”moral” conservatives) aligned themselves with one party, on one particular issue (abortion for example,) then it became impossible to separate that party and anybody else considering himself right-wing (fiscal conservatives,) even when on other issues they were at polar opposites. It’s the old “you are either ENTIRELY with us on every issue, or you are against us” mentality.

True fiscal conservatives desperately need to form their own party, and let the hate mongering, hypocritical, “moral” conservatives who are obsessed with legislating everybody’s bedroom go rot and die along with the current GOP!

The GOP cannot be saved!

Mitesh Damania said...

It's obvious there was no evolution. Just look at them.

Anonymous said...

What is this anti-science BS you keep peddling Keith? Do you even understand what science is?

According to you science is only what fits your world view. Kind of like Hitler's "race science".

Like "global warming" is a "settled science" as proven by the oil man Al Gore who stands to make a fortune from carbon credits.

Now your messiah is considering using geo-engineering to fix the imaginary problem of "global warming" and "climate change".

First of all - what is it? Is it "global warming" or is it "climate change". Idiots like you who believe they are "scientific" don't even know. You just accept this mass media promoted doctrine.

Then you ignore all of the very real environmental and health dangers like the GMO foods, terminator seeds, Codex Alimentarius and bird flu in vaccines.

What Obama's scientists propose to do by attempting to modify the climate could real dire consequences for life forms on Earth. If what they intend to do makes rapid changes to climate it could destabilize entire ecosystems. It's madness and people like you are just mindless idiots who believe they are on the right side.

You certainly have been unable to elucidate how "global warming" is presenting itself. Sounds a lot like the "global war on terror" and the elusive Al Qaeda to me. But you probably believe that baloney as well.

Anonymous said...

BTW - Here is the article on Obama's "climate scientists" plans for "fixing" global warming:

Obama's Climate Engineers Want to Spray the Atmosphere with Sulfur to Save Us from the Nonexistant Problem of Global Warming

Anonymous said...

Freeman Dyson doesn't buy your and Al Gore's "Science", Keith

David Bellamy Doesn't Buy Your "Science"

John Stossel Puts Global Warming into Perspective for Idiots Like Keith and Al Gore

There is definitely NOT a consensus or convincing argument amongst the scientific community:

Scientific Opinion on Climate Change

So stop being such a pathetic blowhard Keith. Your "climate science" is just another application of the Hegelian Dialectic used by con artists like Al Gore and the global elite - Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Global warming and the "Global war on terror" are constructs used by
globalists to present problems to humanity that can only be solved by consolidating power under a one world government.

Markus Arelius said...

Keith, God answers all prayers the same way every time, without fail:

God's answers - regardless of the prayer or request itself - will always be in multiple choice form, and will always be three results:

a.) Yes.
b.) No.
c.) Wait.

So go right ahead. Pray for an economic recovery. Pray for government cheese. Pray that the earth really is only 6,000 years old. Pray for intelligent design to be worthy of publishing and global scientific scrutiny.

You have a 33% chance of having a successful result for humbly making the request from the omniscient, judging, deliberating and executing CCTV camera news anchor in the sky.

Gee, maybe we should consider switching back to Ra, Zeus or Apollo?

yoski said...

All you ever need to know is in the bible...except of course that Jesus killed the dinosaurs.

will shill for coin said...

It's time for every man to fend for themselves. Fuck the GOP, they're dead. Fuck the poor and underprivelaged, they'll suffer more when the bill comes due for Obama's spend orgy and inflation hits.

Fuck it all. Fuck the whole world. Prepare to fend for yourself.

Anonymous said...

It's not just their (the GOP) dumb stances on social issues, even though abortion is their strongest suit, its the economy. Its always the economy, the bottom line. Their ideas of trickle down (tax cuts) didn't work so well as the corporations just took their money and invested overseas, creating nice jobs in India and China (nice compared to other Indian/Chinese jobs), they took the tax cuts and cut out on the taxpayer, the Amercian people. Their ideas on de-regulation are a spectacular failure, as the current bush depression we are in can attest to that. Strong foreign policy? Yeah right we have n korea telling us to go f@ck ourselves everytime they launch a missile, Iran has basically been handed large swathes of Shia Iraq, and Obama is doing a bush-like surge in Afghanistan (and secretly Pakistan). No, there is sadly very little the GOP has that survived the last 8 years...

consultant said...

Yes, but they wouldn't be the Republican Party.

Keep in mind, our political party "structures" no longer are working for the American people.

I think we need to level the playing field by putting absolute limits on how much money ANY candidate can spend on a campaign. The lower the better. That would take money out of the equation.

Knock out money and you start to level the amount of influence any one person or group can have on a candidate.

Obviously, this is not a cure all, but it is a start.

If you're Sarah Palin, you're still Sarah Palin-money or no money.

soft landing said...

The list of states that are rebelling against the stmulus keeps growing.
I wonder if denying extended unemployment benefits will be good for the GOP at the state level. Turning down $150 million is a bold move in the face of the trillions being printed.

gutless and lazy said...

No. R.I.P. GOP. Bush killed it.

And Bush also killed America, the way it use to be anyway. It will never be the same.

Amtex said...

No, the GOP in its current form is dead. They have no ability to be anything more than a extremist party.

This is simple....only a Dem or Rep ever has a chance to win. So people are forced to pick their poison.

When they pick a Republican they get wealth transfer to the top 1%, massive spending, and hatred around the world. When they pick a Democrat they get massive spending, a little respect around the world, and at least a little trickle down of money.

So to about 95% of Americans the Dems are the lesser of two evils. And historically the stock market does better under Dems than Reps. So it is a no brainer, at least with Democrats the average Joe has a sliver to show for it, under Republicans they get absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Obama pushes the Bush-McCain immigration reform!

Anonymous said...

You mean like McCain was before he was co-opted? YES they could reemerge. Heck, I might even have trouble not voting for them!


The Party of Death is still in a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" mode, and they want all the warm bodies they can get, as long as they share the same non-rational, hypocritical blood.

As evidence of this, they haven't even denounced and disavowed party leaders Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Dick Cheney yet! (They have mostly disavowed former party leader George Bush, though--it's a start...)

Anonymous said...

Good grief Keith, so now we can credit Darwin with toppling the GOP?

You need to explain your charges a little better and stop insulting the intelligence of your readers.

FYI embryonic stem cell research -as evil as it is - was permitted with no private funding restrictions under Bush so don't lay that one on us either.

Anon at 7.32 and 7.46 is completely correct about your obsessions.

keith said...

The GOP is now known not only as the party that crashed the world, but also the ignorant party that hates science and knowledge and laughably doesn't believe in evolution. Gravity is probably on the bubble too.

They've lost an entire generation. And may be permanently wounded.

Political parties come and go. I think this one just went.

But I'm more interested in what replaces it.

Hopefully it's a pro-science, pro-business, pro-environment, pro-education, limited-government, intellectual party. That one would be a winner.

Anonymous said...


are you aware that your former hero, Ron Paul, also does not believe in evolution?

is this the reason your turned on him?

keith said...

Ron Paul is wrong on abortion policy, and he's confused on evolution. Guess that's what happens when you hang out with wingnuts.

And yes, Ron Paul's support for ultra-right-wing-religious-crazy-wingnut Constitution party dude for president was the last straw. Made Ron Paul unworthy of further support. That and the fact he has no fire in his belly.

fat Amelican said...

Science is the new bitch of politicians worldwide. We are being trained to trust that guy in the white lab coat and believe any damn fool thing he says. After all, he's a "scientist", and he would never lie or lead us astray. Back in 1860 the English satirist Samuel Butler summed up the proclivity of some scientists to bend in political winds:

"What makes all doctrines plain and clear?
About two hundred pounds a year.
And that which was proved true before,
Prove false again? Two hundred more."

So tell me Keith, how is this new tin god of the left any different than the Pope in the middle ages? It's all about control versus freedom. From where I sit it looks like this noble little experiment in personal liberty, aka the U.S.A., is about to come to an end. Oh well, 99% of human history is written in blood and subjugation, why should we expect any different?

Anonymous said...

In a word yes and it likely will return with a vengeance in the upcoming decade.

If things go poorly in the next four years (and it appears that they may well do just that) I think Newt Gingrich (say what you want about Newt but he is a very good political operator) will make a reappearance in national politics. In my opinion, the Democrats had a good candidate in Howard Dean and they threw him under the bus because of a little bit of media pressure - In my opinion, he may well have kicked Bush's ass had the Dem's stuck it out with him - but who knows? Much of what happens now will depend upon the mood of the mob and the unwashed voting masses. They will vote their pocketbooks and emotions.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is wrong on abortion policy

Oh yeah, it's so hard to take a pill with a glass of water, buy a condom at the store, or just pull it out. It's much easier to get pregnant first, go to dirty clinic run by a doctor with degree from the Caribbean, to pull pieces of the fetus with metal instruments, little by little, or use the other procedure that applies acid on the fetus. Hey, but this is the new America, common sense isn't welcomed here any longer!

Funny, the liberals are soooo preoccupied with people's right to choose, but BO and his crew have no problem protecting the wiretapping bill that spies on ALL American citizens. I guess we have no right to choose privacy in our own home, right? Oh and never mind how the same crew loves open borders that brings in millions and millions of the biggest breeders on earth!

If you can't control your vagina or penis, you should be shot, not given rights to choose.

Anonymous said...

Keith wrote: The GOP is now known not only as the party that crashed the world, but also the ignorant party that hates science and knowledge and laughably doesn't believe in evolution. Gravity is probably on the bubble too.

C'mon Keith. The GOP had the misfortune of being at the helm when the credit cycle came unglued. Plain and simple. They tried holding it off as long as they could... like a porn pro holding off ejaculation - thinking about kittens and baseball stats and nuns (ugly nuns). It was a game of musical chairs with both parties doing the hamster dance. When the music ended, the GOP lost out on a seat and the Dem's were the lucky first ones out. Plain and simple. They both helped to create the environment that made the credit bubble possible and they did it to enrich themselves. It was all about money first and timing second. Question: if things don't go well for the next four years, do you think that Obama may well become the Jimmy Carter of his generation? Remember, how Jimmy "Cah-tah" came into office and then how he left. I submit that if the Democrats' policies fail to deliver where jobs, incomes, debt relief, etc., are concerned, they will go out the same way they did post-Carter. They have a mountain of problems in front of them and if they fail, the mob will surely turn on them. Obama already realizes this - why do you think that within a few weeks in office he was talking about how all the problems may require more than one term. Hell, he just found out where the Executive Crapper was located in the White House and he he is talking about Term II? Oh, and by the way, back when Carter got his ass handed to him, he only had to contend with regular newspaper, television and radio coverage... he didn't have to contend with an army of kooky bloggers and web journalists. This should be interesting in deed. Happy trout fishing this Easter Weekend.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

Previous poster wrote: Oh yeah, it's so hard to take a pill with a glass of water, buy a condom at the store, or just pull it out. It's much easier to get pregnant first, go to dirty clinic run by a doctor with degree from the Caribbean, to pull pieces of the fetus with metal instruments, little by little, or use the other procedure that applies acid on the fetus. Hey, but this is the new America, common sense isn't welcomed here any longer!

Well said and can I get an Amen?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - Ben Franklin

Tell that asshat go argue with Ben Franklin's logic and wisdom. I really dislike these sons of bitches who don't know their history and can't find the humility necessary to learn a damned thing for their ancestors. They just repeat the same fu*kin' mistakes over and over again and what's worse is that they decide they are entitled to try to drag everyone else down AssHat Alley to discover that bad consequences are the result to bad and/or reckless actions.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

previous poster wrote: "Science is the new bitch of politicians worldwide. We are being trained to trust that guy in the white lab coat and believe any damn fool thing he says. After all, he's a "scientist", and he would never lie or lead us astray."

Credit Bubble Reminder from Smug Bastard:
A “quant” is a “quantitative analyst”—a person who applies mathematical models to the finance of Wall Street. Many college MBA programs trained “quants,” and these students were often called “quant jocks.” The term “quant” is cited in print from the 1970s; “quant jock” is cited in print from the 1980s. Many “quants” have physics degrees, but William Safire’s speculation (see the July 6. 1986 citation below) that “quant” is from “quantum” does not appear to have any factual support.

“Quants Do It With Models” became a popular T-shirt in the 2000s. In the recession of 2007-2008, quants were blamed for the excessive risks that some financial companies took in subprime mortgages and in related financial instruments.

And we all know how swimmingly that turned out right?

What could possibly go wrong????

Sarcasm off now.

Two quants of who won Nobel Prizes were behind the launch (and failure) of Long Term Capital Management. Sarcasm on again... Wonder what went wrong????

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...

Wells Fargo Earnings suprise. And the lies and bailouts continue. Using their bailout money to manipulate their stock prices and nobody even cares. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Wells-Fargo-projects-record-3-apf-14890348.html;_ylt=AgJPxCKPwOGDHbZ.4PAefBG7YWsA?sec=topStories&pos=1&asset=TBD&ccode=TBD

Humble Trader said...

Keith, you misdiagnose what is wrong with the Republican party.

You focus on this insignificant worldview issue of creationism versus evolutionism, and I won't even go into the fact that the widespread blind acceptance of macroevolution is a RELIGION that tolerates no dissidence.

What is wrong with the Republican party is that they followed the repugnant neo-conservatives straight to hell. They did away with all restraint with regard to the response to 9/11 and juicing the economy with funny money. They propped up mean-spirited shills like Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

Daphne64 said...

Kieth, Have you ever heard that believing in evoluation is not a yes or no issue?

A pure yes would be belief in in unguided evolution.

A pure no would be belief that God created every single genus separately.

Many of us belief (or would like to believe) in life created by God with some level of microevolution or guided evolution.

Please rag ONLY on the pure no group in the future, or else make it plain that you think every nonatheist is a total moron.

PS atheism is a belief - a belief there is no God. A lack of God cannot be proven.

Anonymous said...

Please rag ONLY on the pure no group in the future, or else make it plain that you think every nonatheist is a total moron


Obviously, he does believe that.

Anonymous said...

IMO the GOP screwed up by botching the Contract With America. I figured that once they came into power the mask would come off. If it had to do with evolution, global climate change, or abortion rights the CWA would never had worked.

Then there was the media field day that lasted 8 years. If the GOP had a guy as smooth as Clinton in the White House it wouldn't have become nearly the public spectacle it was. But any Republican would have been skewered by the media to some degree. Still, IMO they could have pulled it off nicely had they just kept their promises.

Why is it so hard to find people that keep their word these days? I find that reciprocated trust is not only personally rewarding but productive. Unfortunately one has to be careful every day with who they trust.

Politics strike me as best approached with lots of cynicysm. What I find funny is when a politician comes to the door and I'm able to get them to state opposing positions on an issue just by asking the same question a different way, leading them to think they know where I stand.

Anonymous said...

Anon April 9, 2009 7:46 AM:

I found this in the Wikipedia article you linked:
"With the release of the revised statement by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in 2007, no remaining scientific body of national or international standing is known to reject the basic findings of human influence on recent climate change.[66]

Despite this, statements by individual scientists opposing the mainstream assessment of global warming do include claims that the observed warming is likely to be attributable to natural causes."

You did read the article and not just the juicy title, right?

Humble Trader said...

Good post, Daphne64.