April 21, 2009

Looking back at it, Connie De Groot is actually quite funny

If we didn't have her, we'd have to invent her. The gift that keeps on giving.

If you liked that video, check out her youtube channel for tons and tons of laughs.

Oh, serious question, what's that on her head?


vanilla ice said...

The best part is her versus Schiff.

vanilla ice said...

And I forgot to mention, apparently Schiff is attending Saturday's End the Fed rally at the New York Fed.

Anonymous said...


I have thinking lately that if the purpose of civilization and/or communities is to work together/contribute to the common good, which it is - people like Connie Degroot and others who are clearly shyster types and the like really have no business sharing in the benefits of the community, i.e., the law. In sum, and it may sound harsh, but they should be ostracized or altogether banned from the community.

Singular said...

Actually, buying a home is a good investment as the dollar will plummet in value soon. Soon a home will cost billions of dollars. Lock in the value of the dollar in a home and protect oneself against hyperinflation. It is safer than gold. And you can live in the home. You can't eat gold.

Anonymous said...


Nor can you eat a home.

Just having fun. :)

Anonymous said...

That hair reminds me of someone."...I'm not going to be ignored..."

Anonymous said...

"...median home price is WAY up...you're really misleading people...""You know what you're talking about."


speaking of whores said...

You know Connie the Bullsh*t Queen paid a lot of money to produce that video you posted Keith. It's like an infomercial for herself. She really is proud of it, doesn't care if some might see her as a train wreck. She's not selling to them, she is targeting the others (sheep) who admire what she's putting out as spunk and- er, knowledge. Keeps moving, throwing BS out there 'til she finds one.

Remember, all she needs is one fool. One fool at a time. That's how they're getting by now. Enough to live on until wrangling another. A parasitic life.

She really perceives herself as a self-made brand. And all the Botox, hair extensions, photo shoots with herself in leased convertibles, etc. are an investment into the brand. Seriously, I'll bet she buries a lot of the spa treatments and make up as write offs on her 1040. She'll worry about it later if it's questioned.

Greg Swann does the same type of thing, 'cept he targets any POS sale in Phoenix. Has a different angle.

They are not selling real estate per se, they are simply SELLING. If the NAR blew up today and there were no more realtors, Connie would move right on to the Home Shopping Channel and Swann might try hawking golf clubs sets. But they would SELL. It doesn't matter what, and they don't care much.

casey said...

I want to pull her hair while I give her sexytime.she is quite the professional.Anyone know where I can get a cock ring for our fun?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to comment on her latest BS, like the April 5 Fox News interview? Here's her web site blog, no need to register:


will shill for coin said...

She speaks good sheep. Didn't realize that's its own language til now.

Guberville Smack said...

She, like all the other crooks, want to talk all day about fear and psychology of the market. Like that has a darn thing to do with anything.
People don't buy and people don't qualify for loans because houses are overpriced and people are broke.
Yeah, lets see. I'm broke, but lets think positive and go buy a wide screen TV because one should not live in fear.
I think she used to sing "do the locomotion" back in the 80's.

Mike Hunt said...

I went to ALta Vista Babel fish and put in "Connie De Groot" and translated from Dutch to English:

The translation came back as "Connie Large". No joke. Must be referring to the hair.


-Mike H.

Anonymous said...

check out the S&P and Dow averages at the bottom of the screen...ouch

Anonymous said...

Not as funny as my Senator.

Who is MORE dishonest?

Senator Feinstein Offers Help To FDIC Who Then Awards Above Market Contract To Husband
April 21st, 2009 • Related • Filed

Folks, whatever your political leanings, you need to watch what is happening in Washington DC these days. The government is getting more and more into the business of the business of America. And this includes real estate.

Senator Feinstein of California has arranged 25 billion dollars to go to the FDIC, which then awarded a contract to her husbands company at above market rates to sell foreclosures. Even if this is on the up and up, it is still shady.

But with the government forcing itself into the private sector and using it’s influence to choose the winners and the losers, you have to start watching Washington.

And you have 3 choices:

You can play the game and buy influence and business,
You can ignore it and lose out to your rivals, or
You can work to change Washington and it’s dynamics.
But the days of ignoring government and hoping it stays out of your way are disappearing fast. And if you do not believe me, try to sell foreclosures while competing against Senator Feinstein’s husband.

On the day the new Congress convened this year, Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to route $25 billion in taxpayer money to a government agency that had just awarded her husband’s real estate firm a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.

Mrs. Feinstein’s intervention on behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was unusual: the California Democrat isn’t a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs with jurisdiction over FDIC; and the agency is supposed to operate from money it raises from bank-paid insurance payments - not direct federal dollars. via Washington Times.


Hearing footsteps Dianne?

Anonymous said...

Why are you always picking on the same boozo,

Quoting Mr. Paul B. Farrell,


"March 1999: Harry S. Dent, author of The Roaring 2000s
"There has been a paradigm shift." (Translation: "This time it's different, a New Economy!")

October 1999: James Glassman, author Dow 36,000
"What is dangerous is for Americans not to be in the market. We're going to reach a point where stocks are correctly priced, and we think that's 36,000 ... It's not a bubble. Far from it. The stock market is undervalued." (Warning, don't choke on your popcorn!)

December 1999: Joseph Battipaglia, market analyst
"Some fear a burst Internet bubble, but our analysis shows that Internet companies account for only 7% of the overall Nasdaq market cap but carry expected long-term growth rates twice those of other rapidly growing segments within tech." (The Internet Index lost two-thirds in the next six months.)

December 1999: Larry Wachtel, Prudential
"Most of these stocks are reasonably priced. There's not reason for them to correct violently in the year 2000." (Fact: The Nasdaq lost 50% in 2000.)

December 1999: Ralph Acampora, Prudential Securities
"I'm not saying this is a straight line up. I'm not saying you can't have pauses. I'm saying any kind of declines, buy them!" (He also predicted a 14,000 Dow by the end of 2000 and an 11-year bull.)

February 2000: Larry Kudlow, CNBC commentator
"This correction will run its course until the middle of the year. Then things will pick up again, because not even Greenspan can stop the Internet economy." (He's still an economist, hosting his own show.)

April 2000: Myron Kandel, CNN
September 2000: Jim Cramer, CNBC commentator
"SUNW probably has the best near-term outlook of any company I know." (Within four months Sun Microsystems went from $60 to $30, down to $10 in a year, below $3 in two years.)

November 2000: Louis Rukeyser on CNN
"Over the next year or two [the stock market] will be higher, and I know over the next five to 10 years it will be higher." (We crashed, fell into a recession, and in two years tech lost 70%.)
December 2000: Jeffrey Applegate, Lehman strategist
"The bulk of the correction is behind us, so now is the time to be offensive, not defensive." (That's a sucker's rally.)

December 2000: Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan
"The three- to five-year earnings projections of more than a thousand analysts, though exhibiting some signs of flattening in recent months, have generally held firm. Such expectations, should they persist, bode well for continued capital deepening and sustained growth." (And the curtain opened revealing the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.!)

January 2001: Suze Orman, financial guru
"In the low 60s here, I think the QQQ, they're a buy. They may go down, but if you dollar-cost average, where you put money every single month into them, I think, in the long run, it's the way to play the Nasdaq." (The QQQ fell 60% further.)

March 2001: Maria Bartiromo, CNBC anchor
"The individual out there is actually not throwing money at things that they do not understand, and is actually using the news and using the information out there to make smart decisions." (Yes, she's serious.)

April 2001: Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs
"The time to be nervous was a year ago. The S&P then was overvalued, it's now undervalued." (Unfortunately, the markets continued down for another 18 months).

August 2001: Lou Dobbs, CNN
"Let me make it very clear. I'm a bull, on the market, on the economy. And let me repeat, I am a bull." (Within a year the Dow and Nasdaq lost a third more).

June 2002: Larry Kudlow, CNBC
"The shock therapy of decisive war will elevate the stock market by a couple thousand points." (He also predicted the Dow would hit 35,000 by 2010.)

The Dow didn't bottom until October 2002. The Iraq War started in April 2003. Soon after, Enron, Spitzer and Sarbanes-Oxley were distracting us from all the B.S. of the 2000 crash, the bear market and the 2000-2002 recession.
And today we must listen to reruns, replayed over-and-over in B.S., the official language of all Wall Street cycles."

Anonymous said...

Check out her early days video hit: http://tinyurl.com/dn6zan

Not sure it it is her, but looks just like her.

Markus Arelius said...

Connie De Groot is a Dutch name that translated means:

"Connie The Great".

How appropriate is that?

Anonymous said...

"Nor can you eat a home."

But you can and will eat the inevitable loss you will take on any home you own or buy ever again......

Idiocracy is Now said...

In German her name is Connie die Grosse which in Americano is Connie the Gross.

How Appropriate. Too bad Americanos barely speak their own language let alone any of them Furrin Languages. She tried to warn them.

investorinpa said...

Here's an article that would easily be a blog on Housing Panic...