April 30, 2009

Obama on Torture

I hope when you watch this you will come to understand how frankly dumb George W. Bush was.

It's nice to have someone cerebral in the White House again.

Regardless of your disagreements with Obama on policy, and I have many, I think in the future we should have a basic IQ qualification for Presidents. No more dumb guys.


Anonymous said...

They're born every minute.

alex3191 said...

100-day timeframe passed for new pres. gee, so much improvement. for banksters, i guess :)
so far he havent done anything for american ppl. he never will.

Anonymous said...

"...it corrodes the character of a country...Heh; that was a good one. AS IF we still had any.

Anonymous said...

funny thing is that GB has a tested IQ that is higher than BO.

go figure.

Anonymous said...

"It's nice to have someone cerebral in the White House again."

No thanks. I'd rather have stupid George than Chairman MaoBama BoJangles.

The mixed-race miracle 1 termer.


LM said...

"how frankly dumb" ?

Anonymous said...

The new method of torture should be having to watch Obama speeches every day .

Mike Hunt said...

Obama should take care of diplomacy and foreign affairs.

For economic and fiscal policy we need a different leader altogether.


Mike Hunt said...

Fascinating that Professor Obama uses his mad constitutional law skillz on this issue while his critical thinking skills are in abeyance on any financial / bailout issue.

PWNED America.... are you sick enough of it already?


Just Me said...

I just don't understand why everyone thinks BO is so intelligent.

He can't even make a speech or come up with anything original to say. He has a teleprompter tied to his hip at all times.

His grand intelligence is regurgitated everywhere, but where is the actual proof? I guess if something is repeated long enough and often enough, it will be believed.

Oh sure, he can "act cool". So can the boys in the hood.

Don't get me wrong, Dubya didn't seem particularly intelligent, either.

S.C. said...

He is no more intelligent than any other politician that knows how to side-step a question.

Reporter - "Did you read the memo's Cheney referred of that gave the results of torture?"

BO - "The question is not 'Did it work'; but rather....Hey looky here, it's our new family dog! Isn't he cute? Say, do we have room in the budget for a trainer? Yeah? Great! Now back to wate...opps....he's not house broken yet. Sorry about that Chuck."

Anonymous said...

listening to him stutter and stammer is torture enough.

not to mention he can't or won't answer a question!

Anonymous said...

Obama is more cerebral than George W Bush. This is meaningless.

Who was George W Bush? How did he become president? He became president because he is the privileged son of a family that has been at the height of Wall St finance - Brown Brothers Harriman - that helped finance the Nazis, a third generation Yalie Skull and Bonesman, a family whos only allegiance is to power and control not the American people. This is a ruthless crew of robber barons.

Dubya is as dumb as he looks but by drawing attention to his lack of intelligence all the time clouds the greater issue. He reached the level of president because of the network of powerful elite financial interests built by his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush and his father Bush 41.

Instead of focusing on Bush's stupidity all the time Keith you should really read a few well researched books on Dubya and his father. Then you will learn how the power structure in the US really works. Once you understand that you will understand who Obama is and how this unknown suddenly shot to power and the presidency.

Here are a few good books to get you started:

George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography.

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America (Hardcover).



Anonymous said...

All i know is i watched him take an oath on the bible or Koran or what ever he was flip flopping on at the time ,to uphold and protect the constitution . That is what i expect him to do .. Anything less is purgery at least ,treason at best

Single said...

While Bush didn't always come across as overly intelligent - Obama is a blithering idiot. Plain and simple he is a first class stooge. He makes some of the established socialists look like capitalists. The man is wrecking this country at light speed. The man is a moron. BTW - there isn't ANYTHING that I like about this man. At least there were a couple things I liked about Bush.