April 22, 2009

Remember when life was simpler? You know, before Goldman Sachs took over the world, we lost trillions and trillions, and everyone lost their jobs.

Good Goldman updates here (even though Goldman is trying to shut them down)

Now a couple of videos back from our simpler, more care-free days...


Anonymous said...

what do vanilla ice and billy have in common with REALTORS?

they all milked a good thing until they became a joke.

Anonymous said...

Life is simpler. For instance, watch this Onion video of how American employees are outsourcing their own work overseas:


Anonymous said...

Who is Mike Morgan


David Vs Goliath / Mike Morgan Vs Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs fingerprints are all over the massive economic meltdown crime scene and subsequent bailout of Wall Street and Mike Morgan has dared to tell the truth in his interview with Mike Whitney which just may be the pebble of truth that brings Goldman to its knees: Allen L Roland


Goldman Sachs takes on blogger

"People don't realize how much Goldman Sachs has infiltrated the world of politics and finance," he tells the Connecticut Law Tribune.

He launched the site in March to provide "a place to pull together all that scattered information."


Anonymous said...

Do you want to take a look at some charts and figures.


More Goldman Sachs Secrets that Tim Geithner Might Not Share with You!

Hmmm! 16% of Goldman's equity is in Alt-A and subprime assets. Alt-a doesn't look to good.

Hmmm! 16% of Goldman's equity is in Alt-A and subprime assets.
Hmmmm! $40 billion dollars in real estate related assets and nearly $9 billion in loss exposure, and that's JUST THE OFF BALANCE SHEET EDITION!

Hmmmm! Their biggest non-VaR risk is real estate, primarily commercial real estate, but they have plenty of other juicy stuff as well.