April 27, 2009

Ron Paul, wading into some VERY dangerous waters, has introduced a bill calling for the auditing of the US Federal Reserve - HR1207

Here's the message from RP, on how to stop this "monstrous fraud". His bill now has 91 co-sponsors.

One problem. If this passes, you better have your money out of US dollars and US markets. Because even though we need to know the truth, me thinks the truth will be UGLY.

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

HR 1207 is now in the House Committee on Financial Services. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in this legislation! If it doesn’t get out of committee it will not come to a vote! There are 71 members on this committee and they are all listed below.

We need to let all members of the House Committee on Financial Services know that we want them to allow full House consideration of HR 1207 so it can move forward; we need them to support this. Now is the time.

Call their offices, write to them, email them, etc. Let them know they need to support HR 1207. If you live in their district, let them know. Go to their office.

Start with Barney Frank! His staff said that his office isn’t receiving a lot of calls about HR 1207… let’s change that!

House Committee on Financial Services

Chairman Barney Frank, MA

Republican Members

Rep. Michele Bachmann, MN [co-sponsor]
Rep. Spencer Bachus, AL
Rep. J. Gresham Barrett, SC
Rep. Judy Biggert, IL
Rep. John Campbell, CA
Rep. Michael N. Castle, DE [co-sponsor]
Rep. Scott Garrett, NJ [co-sponsor]
Rep. Jim Gerlach, PA
Rep. Jeb Hensarling, TX
Rep. Lynn Jenkins, KS
Rep. Walter B. Jones , NC [co-sponsor]
Rep. Peter King, NY
Rep. Christopher Lee, NY
Rep. Leonard Lance, NJ
Rep. Frank D. Lucas, OK [co-sponsor]
Rep. Donald A. Manzullo, IL [co-sponsor]
Rep. Kenny Marchant, TX [co-sponsor]
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, MI [co-sponsor]
Rep. Kevin McCarthy, CA
Rep. Patrick T. McHenry, NC
Rep. Gary G. Miller, CA
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, TX
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, WV [co-sponsor]
Rep. Ron Paul, TX [sponsor]
Rep. Erik Paulsen, MN [co-sponsor]
Rep. Bill Posey, FL [co-sponsor]
Rep. Tom Price, GA [co-sponsor]
Rep. Adam Putnam, FL
Rep. Edward R. Royce, CA

Democratic Members

Rep. Gary L. Ackerman, NY
Rep. John Adler, NJ
Rep. Joe Baca, CA
Rep. Melissa L. Bean, IL
Rep. Michael E. Capuano, MA
Rep. Andre Carson, IN
Rep. Travis Childers, MS
Rep. William Lacy Clay, MO
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, MO
Rep. Joe Donnelly, IN
Rep. Steve Driehaus, OH
Rep. Keith Ellison, MN
Rep. Bill Foster, IL
Rep. Alan Grayson, FL [co-sponsor]
Rep. Al Green, TX
Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, IL
Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, TX
Rep. Jim Himes, CT
Rep. Paul W. Hodes, NH
Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski, PA
Rep. Stephen F. Lynch, MA
Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, OH
Rep. Ron Klein, FL
Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, FL
Rep. Dan Maffei, NY
Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, NY
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, NY
Rep. Gregory W. Meeks, NY
Rep. Brad Miller, NC
Rep. Walt Minnick, ID
Rep. Dennis Moore, KS
Rep. Gwen Moore, WI
Rep. Ed Perlmutter, CO
Rep. Gary Peters, MI
Rep. David Scott, GA
Rep. Brad Sherman, CA
Rep. Jackie Speier, CA
Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez, NY
Rep. Maxine Waters, CA
Rep. Melvin L. Watt, NC
Rep. Charles Wilson, OH


Anonymous said...

Don't fight the Fed.

alex3191 said...

Awesome ! Thank you Keith ;)
"Oh, that's great - let me get to work "

vanilla ice said...

It's not dangerous. What's dangerous is continuing to leave the Fed unaudited.

Anonymous said...

No More.

I'll never waste my time and money again to contact any 'of my legislators'.

Fuck that.

They are all crooks, on the take, we know it and nothing is done about it.

America is DEAD. Rightfully so.

America SUCKS.

Ron Paul is right! said...

I seriously don't see how he does it. He continues on his path of the truth, surrounded by people who don't want to tell it or hear it. He continues on his path of common sense surrounded by people who just want to continue the path of denial. No one will listen to him. He must be the most frustrated man on earth.

I couldn't personally do it. When I know the truth and no one will listen, fuck 'em is what I say. He's got more patience then I could ever hope to have. Talk about selfless pursuit and living your life for the needs of the many. He is an amazing man, no doubt about it.

We, as a nation, fucked up last November. I hope he continues to stick to it and doesn't give up and we get a chance at a do-over in 3 1/2 years.

Jasen said...

Aaaaaaaaand this has no chance of making it out of committee.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Mr. Paul better be prepared to audit himself as well ... they're all greedy pigs that need to be taken to the slaughter house.

Anonymous said...

Informed intuition says that this is unlikely to pass. I suspect that even sympathetic congress folk are afraid of anything that might shock the system. That being said, the political opposition might favor policies that could negatively affect Mr Obama's public image. So, it will likely not make it out of committee. The voting pattern would be quite interesting to see.

Angry Leprechaun said...


Thanks for your support in this measure. The sooner we get the Fed under control the better our lives will be. It may show some "ugly" but the ugly needs to be stopped. I feel the Fed is the greatest infringement on our rights. Run by monkeys who are not elected and do the most damage to the dollar than anyone else.

Angry Leprechaun said...

So the best argument against this is the fear of what may be uncovered.

Whether it is uncovered or not the problems will still exist. Just because we are unaware does not mean the consequences will go unnoticed. Mek my words that when the wrath of these problems unfold, people will ask, "Why was there not a measure to check these problems?"

Oh you mean like a f*cking audit!

Ron Paul is one of the few on the hill that have a working brain. He is my President.

Out at the peak said...

We really need this bill to pass. The Fed Res has been ruining our country especially in the last decade. Once we get insight, it might get us closer to abolish the Fed Res altogether.

Anonymous said...

It'll pass. Think about it. When the crap really goes down who are the politicians going to blame? We all need the fed in the open.