April 28, 2009

S&A renews its call for the arrest of former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke for documented securities fraud. Period.

"Nobody is above the law"

Yeah, right.

Here we have a clear-cut and documented case of securities fraud committed by Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke, aided by Ken Lewis. NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has them dead in the water.

So where are the indictments?

Where is the frog march?


F*cked over BofA shareholders, having this information now available to them, should be filing civil lawsuits left and right. And pressing for the arrest of the perpetrators.

Busting Bank of America
A case study in how to spread systemic financial risk.
Wall Street Journal

The cavalier use of brute government force has become routine, but the emerging story of how Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke forced CEO Ken Lewis to blow up Bank of America is still shocking. It's a case study in the ways that panicky regulators have so often botched the bailout and made the financial crisis worse.

In the name of containing "systemic risk," our regulators spread it. In order to keep Mr. Lewis quiet, they all but ordered him to deceive his own shareholders. And in the name of restoring financial confidence, they have so mistreated Bank of America that bank executives everywhere have concluded that neither Treasury nor the Federal Reserve can be trusted.


yoski said...

Who is going to arrest the people running this country? Not going to happen unless we have an all out revolution. Of course the chances of that are close to zero. Learn to live with it, this is just the beginning.

i've had it said...

Not sure how I feel about this article. I read it yesterday and felt like it was written by a cheerleader for the banksters.

I'm not absolving Paulson and Bernanke - two financial criminals - from what they've done, it's just that this piece makes BofA and Merrill look like complete victims.

On another note, speaking of BofA, they officially retired the Countrywide Financial name yesterday...wonder if it'll make a difference for them!

Anonymous said...

SandA should be required reading in high schools around our country.

If I owned a business I'd have my employees log on twice a day (30 minutes max, its work ya know).

Keith if half of what you call for comes to fruition we will be a much better country. I'm doing my part, I'm writing my lawmakers.

We need more people calling for law and order and justice!

Keep it up (but lay off the US auto industry).

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

Everything will work out fine!

Peace rules! -

Dont let them suck you into their own mess and madness.

Let the chips fall where they will.

SeattleMoose said...

Those two....public execution!!!

But yoski is right. Criminals run this country. Until the criminals are FORCED from power, nothing can or will change.

Anonymous said...

In America the rich people are above the law. They'll never lay a glove on them.

mayor mcmansion said...

I think that's why they invented mob rule.

Anonymous said...

I need help. I had 20- $20 mer puts when this went down. I want a good securities lawyer. This is for real. Any info would be appreciated. Yours truely,
squicked in Tampa.

jayman01844 said...

Countrywide and Merrill Lynch are two of the most important reasons Bank of America is the most profitable financial services company in the United States so far this year," Lewis said. "Today, I can state without reservation that these acquisitions are not mistakes to be regretted. Both are looking more and more like successes to be celebrated."
Ha Ha Ha HA Ha------fraud!!!

Anonymous said...

Forget arrests. We're too far down the road for that.

After seizing all their assets,and embarrassing their family names, Kill them both.

Execute publicly by hanging until dead.

Throw the remains in an open sewer to the sea.

Fuck you Bernanke and especially you Paulson. You are lowdown dogs.

Scumbags, All.

No trials, no lawyers, no appeals.

Just a miserable cheaters Death.

Summer of Rage '09

tick, tick, tick...