April 12, 2009

Scenes from ThailandPANIC and GeorgiaPANIC: The Summer of Rage™ - Presented by Goldman Sachs

It's sad to see these scenes in Thailand and Georgia, when in America, at the root of the evil (Goldman Sachs' HQ, the NAR's HQ, AIG's HQ, Fox News' HQ, Chris Dodd's office, Angelo Mozilo's house, Halliburton's HQ), nothing. No protests. No demonstrations. Nothing.

What will it take? Idol being canceled?

Here's today's scenes from ThailandPANIC and GeorgiaPANIC. Citizens showing people around the world that if you want serious change against corrupt and entrenched governments, organizations and businesses, you need to rise up and hit the streets.

Welcome to the Summer of Rage
™. Presented by Goldman Sachs.

BANGKOK – Swarms of anti-government protesters attacked the prime minister's car, seized control of major intersections in the capital and commandeered buses, bringing new chaos to the Thai capital as the country's ousted leader threatened to return from exile to lead a revolution.

GEORGIA, TBILISI - The opposition leaders told supporters on Saturday that they planned “new wave” of protest rallies from April 13. Scenario of the third day of rallies on Saturday is mainly similar to the one of April 10 – simultaneous demonstrations outside the Parliament, public TV and the presidential residence. Protesters also marched towards the Rustavi 2 TV.


RICO said...

"... nothing. No protests. No demonstrations. Nothing."

While trhe MSM may be downplaying the level of anger at the WS scumbags, you can be certain that intense pressure is being exerted at our 'formerly' bought-and-paid-for DOJ.

Something's gonna give soon...like the whole Justice Dept. erupting like a volcano with 'waves' of mass firings and resignations.

Book it.

Anonymous said...

"...the protesters were trying to hurt me(!!!)..."


At least taunt them like the London bankers.

Anonymous said...

fluoride in water only in us

vanilla ice said...

Pedestrian road rage, does not a revolution make.

Mike Hunt said...


In Thailand the protests are not directly related to the economy. It's only because Thaksin Shinawatra is paying protesters 1000 Thai baht (about US $28) per day to come out and protest. Some mulletheaded punks get too into it and get violent.

Get it?


Anonymous said...

One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble;

can't be too careful with your company

Tyrone said...

Protesters vs Tank

Awesome! LOL

Bukko_in_Australia said...

fluoride in water only in us

Oh, it's not just in the U.S.! They fluoridate water here, too. That's why Australians aren't rioting. Has nothing to do with the fact that this is a democratic, relatively prosperous society where people believe the government is working in their best interest. No. it's just because those goddamn fluoridating commies are mucking with our precious bodily fluids.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

On a serious note, the Thailand panic gets a lot of attention down here because lots of people travel to Thailand for a relatively close yet exotic holiday. Especially since the Bali bombings and increasingly stroppy Islamic tenor of Indonesia has made that country less attractive. When many people of a nation like Oz have gone to a place, it gets more coverage in the news.

I don't see the current riots in Thailand as a progressive thing. The "Red-shirt" mobs now protesting are corporate tools. They're being whipped up by Thaksin Shinawatra, who was a corrupt billionaire along the lines of Silvio Berlusconi.

Like Silvio, Thaksin had a media empire which he rode to political power. He sold it for a billion-sized profit during the peak of the bubble, and used his clout in the government to avoid paying taxes. That's part of why he was driven from power by the "Yellow-shirt" mobs three years ago.

There's also a class division at play with this Thailand Panic. The Red-shirt mobs supporting Thaksin are from the poor, rural class. He did a lot for the country folks, in addition to his financial corruption. The Yellow-shirt mobs that drove Thaksin (and then his brother-in-law, who was Thaksin's puppet) from power are the richer, urban Yuppie-types.

So you've got a country vs. city thing going on. Who do you favour? Rednecks who like a corrupt rich guy, or snotty city Yups? No easy choice.

The problem is, these years of conflict are starting to tear up Thai society. The country had been a relatively peaceful place in a region of shitholes like war-torn Vietnam, genocidal Cambodia, primitive dictatorship Burma, etc. The Thais used to be kick-arse warriors with a local empire in the days when wars were fought with armies of guys shooting arrows from the back of battle elephants. But in recent times, they've more or less agreed to live as a land of nice Buddhists under the guidance of benevolent kings. The army would step in with coups every few years if governmental affairs started getting too turbulent, but there was not massive machine-gunning like the Chinese communists did in Tienanmen Square.

As this goes on, and the political climate heats up, it might come to Thais killing other Thais. Throw in tensions from a Muslim secession movement in south Thailand and it's more messed up. Complex; no good outcomes likely. Panic is going to mean massive deaths in a basically good society. "Summer of rage" this year and in the future is going to mean lots of pain and spilt blood, all over the world.

What's that sticky red shit on my popcorn?!?

Anonymous said...

Will there be an IndiaPanic as manufacturing jobs get cut oversea.


ArcelorMittal said Wednesday it would not lift its sharp production cuts as long as steel demand remains low and until stocks are used up.

The Associated Press reported ArcelorMittal, which owns operations in Weirton, cut back output by 45 percent worldwide in the fourth quarter last year and the first quarter this year. Maintaining the level of production unchanged implies another 45 percent cut in the second quarter.

Demand for the steel that goes into new cars, buildings and machinery has slumped during the economic downturn as companies and households cut back on big purchases.

John said...

Is 2009 going to be a repeat of 1848?

Anonymous said...

only problem is:
the guys running the opposition seem to be the ones who were in power a year or
two ago, and prolly got tossed out because they were totally corrupt...
hmmmm... does that remind anyone of anything???