April 8, 2009

Too bad we don't have competent reporters anymore. Because we sure could have used them.

It would have been nice if America had had solid, smart, unyielding investigative journalists, competent in doing their job these past few years.

Because this one is indeed the story of the century.

If we had had good reporters, capable of doing their jobs, movies would have been made about them one day.

Hint - there will be no movies.

What a shame.

Because the story is out there, just waiting to be told.

Too bad we don't have reporters capable of telling it.

All they had to do was follow the money.

It led places that would have shocked us.

If we had reporters capable of finding the truth.


Anonymous said...

You mean like the reporters that cover Obammyyy the god king so objectively/

Anonymous said...

"...we don't have competent reporters..."

Surely you are not conceding the incompetence assertion so widely employed nowadays.

It's not malevolence, greed, bad faith, pre-meditated fraud...

They're just all fuckups, right?

Anonymous said...

We have competent reporters.

They're just not found in print or on the TV.

JaneZ said...

All they had to do was follow the money.

It led places that would have shocked us.
It isn't history. It is happening right this second as I type. That big sucking sound, as our money gets syphoned up into the Goldman Sachs Black Hole. You make it sound like it is over and done with.

Mike Morgan held a seminar the other night and he said on his blog that many of those in attendance thought that Goldman Sachs was a big department store.

The story for history isn't about the bought and paid for MSM missing the boat. The story will be how we all sat and watched reality TV as our country collapsed on top of our heads.

Like taking candy from babies. So easy.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a dare to wanna be writers, when in fact the stories are coming out now.

Indeed, I have read many accounts of fraud, laundering, corruption, greed - as well as compassion, understanding and true grittiness. They may not have been novels on these subjects, but they certainly have value.

I think people's comments on blogs are very enlightening.

Batman said...

With respect, that's what is wrong with blogs. No budget for good reporters.

But now that's killing papers too, no advertising, or only advertising with strings, so all the stories come from central wire services. That kind of politbureau news is about as true as the story of Peter Pan.

I work in science television and it is tough to make good products to compete with reality TV crap man. So the fifth estate is dying, or changing radically, and the system is having trouble coping.

Internet make everybody a reporter but can youtube replace a well told journalistic story?

Anonymous said...

keith, do you believe this rubbish?

like i asked you ? do you really think nixon was outed from the presidency over some silly business at the watergate hotel? keith, did you know that many of the big name reporters at various big name news papers were and are and always will be cia agents ?

so the moral to the story is this. news has always been contrived. news has always been fed to us. real truth is hidden from us. real motives are hidden from us. it has been this way for a long time. as you can see, now, most of the newspapers are controlled by the same kinds of people who did this finanical 911 to us. need i say anything further?

Anonymous said...

"...I trust good, smart reporters are already on the case. And following the dollars that moved around among the leading financial institutions in ways that politicians could not have not known about it. It defies reason to think that Washington didn't know this was happening..."


Anonymous said...

"...Secretary Geithner...knew after negotiations, he couldn't get all the money he needed...

..."The stock is worth zero. The balance sheet is too far negative to continue risking the taxpayer's money." The examiners, somewhat like FDR did in a bank holiday, would examine the depth of the hole in those balance sheets.

Fill that hole with...taxpayer's money, to recapitalize. Send them back out into the marketplace where people know they're wholly capitalized..."


Mitesh Damania said...

I don't think it's incompetence. Is Obama incompetent? It's pressure and unwritten rules which dictate what you can and can't report. The channels are many, but the message is one.

The ones that do real investigations get shunned, discredited, fired, and in some cases, die.

Anonymous said...

The USA is a new COMMUNIST-STYLE country. So sad. The former bush-co boot-lickers are just now understanding that they've been hoodwinked. (although some still dont have the capacity to think)

US GOV Watch Dog #259,125 said...

Remember in 2002 when Dick Cheney said the Iraq war would only last 8to 10-weeks?


Its going on 10-years with a cost of $2,000,000,000,000+

(Thats $2 Trillion!) Gone! Poof!

But hey, many new military supplier millionairs and billionaires were created!

Whats in your wallet?

Thats why rush limbaugh gets paid $22 million per contract. See anything wrong yet?


SPECIAL REPORT: (NEWS (AP) Top Al-Quida leader (#2,758) says he admits to the 9-11 attacks and shopped at a Walmart in Kansas to purchase the 13 box-cutter knives that took down the entire US and global financial system.

Other Top Stories: (AP) National TV ratings for American Idol have reached all time levels this season with a 94.7% of the country now watching. This is great news for the country says director Steven Boristein III. With all the terrorist still attacking the USA and unemploment at 8.5% this comes at a great time.

Anonymous said...

Woodward and Bernstein - yes, true American heroes. And don't forget their editor, Ben Bradlee. Oh and Katherine Graham ("Katie's gonna get her tit caught in a ringer!") All brave people who staked their reps on finding and telling the truth. Now those were JOURNALISTS! They took the chance, did the work, stood up to the goons, and brought down a corrupt President. Who woulda thought two lowly reporters could do that? Such is the power of the truth and the people with the drive to uncover it. Yes, it's too bad we don't have any of those people now.

Anonymous said...


here you go Mitesh. Speaking of reporting, the recent Mumbai so-called terrorist attacks were said by the press to be the work of Pakistan. Yet many of the attackers were white? What is going on here Mitesh? Since a lot of the firing came from and was around the Jewish Center (Nariman House), as reported by witnesses. I do not know why the Rabbi was killed. Maybe he was in on the deal, and he was not aware of the part where he gets killed. Looks to me Mitesh, like they wanted India and Pakistan to exchange nukes and kill a lot of people for nothing. Where have we seen this before? Liberty ship incident were Israeli jets attacked our ship in international waters and then tried to make it look like Egypt did it. yep same mo....

Honica Jewinski said...

All news reported through print or the T.almud V.ision has gone through a jewish filter. If you don't believe this, then why is it do you think, that we never hear much about the genocidal war crimes perpetrated by the israelis in Palestine??????

The anon who said that the news is controlled by the same people who inflicted this financial 911 on us is right. Go ahead and look up who owns and or operates 99% of all newspapers and TV stations for yourselves.

They're from the same group of people that control our foreign policy in the middle east. Our media is state sponsored just as was the Soviet Unions.... Wake up brain dead goyim!

Anonymous said...

"...many...thought that Goldman Sachs was a big department store...The story will be how we all sat and watched reality TV as our country collapsed on top of our heads..."

Maddening; isn't it?

"...many of the big name reporters...are...cia agents...news has always been contrived...

That was my favorite; Novak succesfully assuring us Bush would bail on Iraq just after Nov.'04(no need to vote Kerry):

"...Well-placed sources in the administration are confident Bush's decision will be to get out...

...The Kerry campaign...is not equipped to make sober evaluations of Iraq..."

"...The ones that do real investigations get shunned, discredited, fired, and in some cases, die."

How deep down the Memory Hole do you want to go?

Anonymous said...

Good job with the investigative reporting SFGATE.


This is scary. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that lenders are sitting on hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes that haven’t even been listed yet. If this “shadow inventory” hits the market, we’ll have a new definition of bottomless pit.

— Slowing the free-fall: Banks might be strategically holding back some foreclosures so prices don’t fall as fast. “They want to be careful about not releasing them too quickly so they don’t drive prices down and hurt the values,” O’Toole said.