May 6, 2009

And then California started seriously talking about legalizing and taxing pot


Maybe Americans are finally ready to act like grown-ups?

Schwarzenegger welcomes debate over legalizing pot


Anonymous said...

I think if you want to know the Governators views on Marijuana, just rent the movie "Pumping Iron" - his first movie he made. There is a classic scene of Awnold smoking a joint and talking about how it relxes his muscles.

Anonymous said...

It's about time!

The only problem with pot is = the law

Mike H. said...

If it fixes the budget deficit why not?

Less spending on jail, cops, inmates, courts cases. More revenue from taxes on Pot. Side bonus, the economy is stimulated through increased snack sales.

Obammmmmmyyy, gimmme a donut!

Thanks bro!


Anonymous said...

Another sign of a broke bananna republic is the population smoking dope. I have no problem with passing this law just so it helps with the next law, the Soylent Green feed the world law. That is where we solve the entitlement problem by gassing useless, fat, snapper turtle baby boomer eaters into Soylent Green and feed the whole world.

Ron Paul is right! said...

"My momma had a talk with me she told me how to live"

Love me some Cheech and Chong.

As to the legalization issue, should have been done a LONG time ago. As to those who think it will miraculously fix California's deficit problem, WRONG! It's going to take more than that.

lost it all said...

About 20 years too late.Micheal phelps loves to toke on the bong so why should anyone care.

hashish for all state workers.

Anonymous said...


The only problem with pot is= the typical losers doing it!


Anonymous said...

POT TAX= fix of budget deficit?

Gimme a break

Anonymous said...

Obammmmmmyyy, don't bogart that joint, my mulatto friend, pass it over to me...


Guberville Smack said...

I do not like pot. I think it is bad for people although many are in denial of its addictive nature and harmful "side effects" to say the least.
That being said, I also think it is a total no brainer that it should be legalized.
The government should be enthralled with the idea of a continued "dumbing down" of its citizens.
Then the MSM will be brought to the country in cartoon format as they spend an entire year defining what "under water" on your mortgage means while we get fleeced.

Banana Republicrat said...

Home prices falling, legal pot-- it's time to move back to Oakland!

Devestment said...

Governments endorsement of pot may be motivated by the drugs ability to pacify the workforce and thwart civil unrest.

This being the case I would think it unethical for them to tax it.

On the brighter side, it would give me an advantage while buying distressed assets for pennies on the dollar!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Americans are finally ready to act like grown-ups?"

Dont think would be prudent to hold your breath on that one...

Anonymous said...

I am ok legalizing it, but why tax it? Why am I supposed to get all excited about something when a proponent tells me it could be taxed? I am supposed to be thrilled every time I hear the government might get more money?

Back To The Future said...

Wanna hear something funny. Conservatives want to take us back to 1900. But in 1900 all the supposed 'illegal' drugs of today were quite legal. Could buy opium, cocaine, etc... at any corner drug store, at the turn of the century.

Also, prostitution and gambling was openly available.

the duke said...

Did you tools catch idol last night.I think chris is gone.

Another fire in so cal today.More money to fight it when we are broke.

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

California's budget problems are due primarily to wasteful spending in the public service sector, which will not be fixed by legalizing pot ... Arnold had a big part in this wasteful spending.

If pot were legalized, the drug companies would be up in arms, as well as the medical establishment as a whole.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for those of you that havent spent any time living in CA I can tell you that pot is basically already legal out there. you need a prescription but all that encompasses is walking into a doctors office, telling them you have trouble sleeping or relaxing or have back pain or some other non proveable medical ailment and you get a prescription for legalized weed and can smoke yourself silly. yes, its that easy.

Anonymous said...


DO NOT believe the bullshit below. If caught, you will definitely be standing tall before 'the man' or some facsimile of a man in a dark robe.

Cops, where I live, take their responsibilities SERIOUSLY and will have your ass, your reputation and your record if not careful.


Please pass me the lighter...

Get Real, stupid below.

Anonymous said...
for those of you that havent spent any time living in CA I can tell you that pot is basically already legal out there. you need a prescription but all that encompasses is walking into a doctors office, telling them you have trouble sleeping or relaxing or have back pain or some other non proveable medical ailment and you get a prescription for legalized weed and can smoke yourself silly. yes, its that easy.

Single said...

Legalize pot = stupid idea.

But there again, if you smoke pot, you are basically pretty stupid. I know, I smoked VERY heavily for almost 20 years and to say I was smart or productive during that time would be a HUGE lie.

However, from the dumbocrats point of view there are two pluses to legalizing it and one negative. The negative MIGHT outweigh the two pluses. The pluses, of course there is more money via taxes on pot that they could waste with abandon. Second plus, their constituents will be so stupid that they will never question anything that the dumbocrats pass. Here is the one negative, the constituents will be so totally unmotivated that they won't show up to vote mindlessly like they do now; which might mean that some of the dumbocrats screw the taxpayer ideas actually won't pass.

Legalize pot = a stupid idea for a stupid nation.

les said...

It's a matter of freedom.

A responsible adult should have the right to enjoy marijuana.

It's funny that 60% of Americans have smoked pot. And roughly 60% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

The anti-pot people should stop drinking the government Kool-Aid. What you have been taught about marijuana is wrong. Try it. You'll realize that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. In fact, smoke it before dinner. Food will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

Never really been into Pot. Don't really have an opinion on it. Guess I believe everyone to there own.....but.....there's something very wrong with the government going 180 in the pursuit of money. I think about all the lives that have been wrecked on needless Pot offenses and the likes. Why does the government have the right to say what wrong and right....and why does that value judgment have to be driven by money.

Anonymous said...

Legalize it, then tax the hell out of it. Close the budget deficit. Then D.C. can bail out more of their banker buddies.

Anonymous said...

Pot is an herb folks (you know woody stem, dies off after growing season).

Get over it!

keith said...

50 years from now they'll laugh at us that we banned pot, and put people in jail for buying and selling it.

Kind of like we do for the idiots who banned alcohol in the 20's. That concept today is so unreal, so stupid, that all we can do is laugh.

Let people who want to drink drink. Let people who want to smoke pot smoke pot. Grow the f*ck up.

Fanny Alger said...

Not only legalize it, but it should also be mandatory for all violent criminals held in prison. Think about it. Have you ever seen a stoner want to fight? Think of how mellow our prisons would be if we required all prisoners to light one up each day. We might have to spend a little more in munchies for them, but since we will release anyone who is in just for cannibus, the money saved will be incredible. Huge drop in violence, less staff for everyone.

Out at the peak said...

This is a tough issue for me because I know I'm going to be negatively effected by the damn stoners driving and walking around in public. Even have neighbors blow the smoke in my direction. And coworkers will become idiots and smell terrible.

I also know that we waste a lot of tax payer money on prosecuting and retaining criminals related to pot.

I was going to say that legalize it, but tax the hell out of it. I just can't let that happen. I think my personal quality of life will be hacked down with it legally available.

Mike Hunt said...

For all you posters having a problem with legalized pot look to the Netherlands. No problems with their economy (beyond other Euro countries), people come to work on time, etc. Pot is more mild than alcohol. It won't be a big deal if it was legal.

Disclosure: I don't smoke pot.


Anonymous said...

Its pretty much already legal. If you are arguing w/me you havent been there. Yes, you need a prescription, but thats about as easy as getting a mortgage used to be.

Logical Solutions said...

If should be under control of the alcohol laws.

You must be 21.

It must be out of reach of the driver in a car. Smoking weed while driving should be basic againt the law (see below)

Open bottle law = Open Joint Law= half of a joint burnt or part of a pipe smoked in YOUR CAR is a $500 fine and up to 30-days in jail.

You can only smoke it in private locations and homes. Smoking a joint "in public places" is against the law just like cigarette SMOKE = $100 fine.

(Some bars, night clubs and coffee houses may have a smoking weed permit) from their State Beer and Wine department for $10,000.

If you provide or sell pot to a minor, its a $7,000 fine and up to 1-year in jail.

If you smoke weed in the "same air space" of a child or minor, $2,500 fine and up to 6-months in jail.

Other then that, light one up!

George Washington did!

Just keep it away from minors.