May 8, 2009

Don't you wish America's leaders debated like this?

Every four years, in a controlled made-for-TV environment, is not enough.

McCain actually said he'd be for something like this. It'd be nice if Obama would take the idea and run with it. Not sure who the now-dead GOP would send up, but it'd be good TV for sure. And America would be better for it.


Mike Hunt said...

I'd like to see someone challenge Obama on his terrible economic policies. But instead it's all small talk and anyone who challenges Obama is labeled UnAmerican and a non-team player.



Mike H. said...

Compare this to Pelosi & Dodd standing behind Obama, looking smug as a cat that ate the canary and giving a standing ovation every 5 minutes.

America could use some of this chaos in our politics.


Anonymous said...

no; they both seemed life buffoons. they weren't doing anything important.

Qvhman said...

Notice how they have to ask a question rather than make a direct statement in their crticism of the Prime Minister.

In Parliament you are not allowed to call an MP an outright liar but you can say he is "being economical with the truth!"

will shill for coin said...

I'm not sure. Politics is so intrinsically about being the better bullshitter, since the people don't really have the intellectual capacity to understand the issues.

Just listen to Barney Frank spin a yarn about how he had no part of creating the sub-prime mess. Shit like that completely snows the average viewer, and is a negative for the overall discourse.

borkafatty aka the pig said...

If we could have something like this on TV in the States, I bet it would be bigger than Idol. All the drama and trash talk would make for awesome TV. In a way its like the spectacle of 2 guys bitching each other out in the schoolyard just before it gets physical. What red blooded 'murican wouldn't enjoy seeing that on TV?

Angry Leprechaun said...

Yes, I would like to see Obama get his own d^*k handed to him.

Anonymous said...

"...I'd like to see someone challenge Obama on his terrible economic policies..."Hear, hear. Some managed to go a WHOLE HUNDRED DAYS while pretending(in bad faith) to give him a chance.

Normally I'd say we should go a bit longer, but these are not normal times.

We are in SERIOUS trouble. What we've seen so far boils down to "more debt; to get us out of what too much debt caused."


What we really need; above all: crooks prosecuted, but much, much more important: debt defaulted, and those holding it get wiped out WITHOUT getting in my pocket any further.

What will happen? The polar opposite, which will both prolong and worsen the debacle considerably.