May 10, 2009


Too bad McCain didn't win. Because Halliburton sure had one hell of a run with it's man-on-the-inside Cheney.

Dick Cheney is a traitor to America. He is a war criminal. And he should be treated as such.

Halliburton Stock Performance - Cheney Bubble


Anonymous said...

Why we had to suffer through 8 years of snide contempt when this guy was/is SO much smoother is beyond me.

Christ almighty was Bush an embarrassment. I guess that was the lion's share of his effectiveness though.

With Cheney, it's just the content. Bush was the master at taunting.

hal said...


Europe is ‘evil’..

So get your facts straight before you start repeating the MSM nonsense.

Anonymous said...

He'd bend the needles/peg the polygraph; for sure.

Really enjoyed seeing that; especially the AQ Khan mention.

Tickled a vague memory somewhere.

Q: "...Are you talk to the Congress..."

"...If I don't speak out...then the critics have free run and there isn't anybody there on the other side to tell the truth..."Q: "...under oath?..." {faint smile}

"...well I'd have to see what the circumstances are and what kind of precedent we were setting...

...there was nothing devious or deceitful or dishonest or illegal..."
So "...Afghanistan became an al-Qaida training ground..."

True enough. What year was that, who paid for it, and why?

On message Not So Much.

I don't know why it's such a tough sell for this GOP stalwart to have Obama release Gitmo prisoners here.

Maybe secessionist Texas would enjoy the opportunity to stick it to the (Democratic)man.

"...we have certain things we believe in...good solid conservative principles..."

keith said...

Who's evil?

Deal with the truth. Dick Cheney took America to war to enrich Halliburton.

Couldn't be clearer than that.

Here's military spending by nation though.

Follow the money.

Rank ↓ ↓ Country ↓ Military expenditures (USD) ↓ Date of information ↓

— World Total 1,470,000,000,000 2008[2]
— NATO Total 1,049,875,309,000 [citation needed]
1 Flag of the United States United States 651,163,000,000 2009[3][4]
— Flag of Europe European Union Total 312,259,000,000 2008-2009
2 Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China 70,242,645,000 2009[5]
3 Flag of France France 61,571,330,000 2008-2009[6]
4 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 56,889,000,000 FY 2009-10[7]
5 Flag of Japan Japan 48,860,000,000 2008[8]
6 Flag of Germany Germany 45,930,000,000 2008[9]
7 Flag of Italy Italy 40,050,000,000 2008[10]
8 Flag of Russia Russian Federation 40,000,000,000 2009[11]
9 Flag of India India 32,700,000,000 2009-2010[12]
10 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 31,050,000,000 2008[13]
11 Flag of Turkey Turkey 30,936,000,000 2008[14]
12 Flag of South Korea South Korea 28,500,000,000 2008[15]
13 Flag of Brazil Brazil 23,972,836,012 2009[16]
14 Flag of Spain Spain 18,974,000,000 2008 (est.)[17]
15 Flag of Iraq Iraq 17,900,000,000 2008
16 Flag of Canada Canada 16,061,762,400 2009-2010[18]
17 Flag of Australia Australia 15,744,500,000 2008[19]
18 Flag of Israel Israel 13,300,000,000 2009[20]
19 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 12,000,000,000 2008[21]
20 Flag of Poland Poland 11,791,000,000 200

Anonymous said...

Richard 'the dick' Cheney exploited and abused his official capacity to the detriment of past, present and future Americans.

He should be treated like the criminal he is, stripped of his ill-gotten luxurious lifestyle, and thrown into prison.

This corporate whore is a vile piece of shit.

Bust his ass!

consultant said...

George Bush=F.O.O.L.

Dick Cheney=E.V.I.L.

People who voted for Bush-twice-stupid fools, some of whom were E.V.I.L.

To all the people who voted for Bush-twice-shut up and quit complaining. You got the economy you voted for.

Anonymous said...

Listen he thinks he can force the Republicans to form a coalition after they split because that is the only way the criminals can maintain any power at all in the party. That is why he is out there, that and hoping to make some allies to help him thwart the International War Crimes Tribunal.

Ross said...

What a pig. Seriously, he is swine.

Anonymous said...

Cheney is a hawk but he is not a religious nut. He probably did break a lot of rules while in office but the intent was to create a tough guy image of America. But who re-elected that dangerous regime in 2004 ? And come to think of it, everythign we know about Cheney today & detest was known in 2004 itself. Why all the fuss today ? The American people who re-elected this ruthless man and his boss are answerable for all his misdeeds.

Worse than Cheney are Gingrich,Tom DeLay and Rudy Giuliani who are opportunists and hypocrites.

RICO said...

Former VP Cheney was a man on a mission - to set up his 'former' employer with iron-clad contracts that guaranteed Halliburon/KBR exorbitant profits way into the future.

One must ask the question: Were these contracts written/approved BEFORE 9/11 and the 'war on terror'?


What will Obama do with KBR?

By Pratap Chatterjee

"...If Obama wants to find out why KBR civilian workers can be found in every nook and cranny of US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, he might be better off visiting the Rock Island Arsenal in western Illinois. It's located on the biggest island in the Mississippi River, the place where Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk nation was once born.

The arsenal's modern stone buildings house the offices of the US Army Materiel Command from which KBR's multibillion dollar Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program contract (LOGCAP) have been managed for the last seven years. This is the mega-contract that has, since the September 11, 2001 attacks, generated more than $25 billion for KBR to set up and manage military bases overseas..."

Anonymous said...

A grassy Knoll.

No less than.

DIE CHENEY I hope your weak heart stops tonight and you hear the last beat like a thunderclap and then:


The wicked bitch is DEAD.

Mike Hunt said...

Al Qweefer said:

Dick Cheney took US to war to enrich Halliburton.

By that logic what about your boy Obama taking the US and the next 7 generations into bonded slavery (so ironic, no?) by enriching Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan?

Why don't you come out and say it...? Obama is also evil!

He just doesn't look like Darth Vader!


vanilla ice said...

Remember the constant touting of Halliburton by Cramer?! Bwahahahah!

wind solar and sugarsnaps said...

The stock graph looks pretty similar to about a thousand other companies.

So what pearl of wisdom am I missing?

Anonymous said...

War Criminal? What, the entire democrat leadership listening in on the intel reports that resulted from water boarding? Gasp! All the Al Queda suspects should of been shot anyways.

katnmouse said...

unfriggin believable that the spawn of satan still gets air time.
Every time he opens his mouth all the shame and humiliation that now defines this country falls out of his mouth.

I can't imagine being one the poor schmucks that voted for these idiots not once, but twice.
Fool me once shame on you-fool me twice shame on me.
Idiots all of them!!

Anonymous said...

"...All the Al Queda suspects should of(sic) been shot anyways."But who would have fought the Russians for us then?Excellent book that he wrote.

On the jacket: written by "the man who trained bin-Ladin."