May 1, 2009

Gays are marrying all over America now. And the next American Idol is gay. So will Bill "loofah" O'Reilly come out of the closet next?

I've always suspected that Bill O'Reilly is a closet gay.

Hey, not that there's anything wrong with that.

But it always seems that the people espousing the most hate and fear against gays are indeed gay themselves.

Ted Haggard.

Mark Foley.

Ken Mehlman.

Larry Craig.

Bob Allen.

Glenn Murphy.

The Log Cabins.

Bill O'Reilly.

Sean Hannity.

Rush Limbaugh.

Dick Cheney.

The list of gay Republicans goes on and on and on.

(OK, the last few were just guesses).

Bottom line - something has changed. America has finally figured out a couple of hundred years later that our beautiful Constitution grants equal rights under the law, even to gays. And that consenting adults have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - and equal protection under the law.

Even Adam Lambert. Even Bill O'Reilly. Even Ted Haggard. Even Sean Hannity.

(and don't you miss the days when we argued over abortion and gay marriage and Bill O'Reilly's crazed sex habits, and not the collapse of the world?)


Anonymous said...

"Gays are marrying all over America now."

If that's true, then Western Civilization truly is barren, indeed.

Goodbye, Motherhood.

gutless and lazy said...

Radically off topic, but maybe Keith can move this to a new thread.

Kudos to Roubini! Thanks Nouriel, you helped me save a boat load of money!

Where the MSM totally let us down in critical thinking, and spewed only the biased cheerleading of the established financial talking heads, there was a small collection of a few brave souls, thinking outside the box, who dared to blog publically that all was not blue sky:

And he's big enough to even give credit where credit is due. Again, congrats to Roubini.

Anonymous said...

Hannity would make a good bottom for Obama. I wonder if true the rumor about Obama getting head while in college from a guy.

CRASH FLASH!!! said...

Off the subject, but... what about NEWS FLASH"..Friday 4:59pm EST

500,000 US auto supply workers may end up in the streets!

RE: The Chrysler SHUTDOWN Effects!


"It'll be the domino effect. One supplier can take down another which can take down another," said Tom Libby, president of the Society of Automotive Analysts, which Friday predicted widespread bankruptcies in the wake of the Chrysler filing.

"You're talking about thousands of suppliers and they can only guess how much they're dependent on one another," said Henke, who predicted that as much as a third of the auto supplier base could end up in bankruptcy. "There's a lot of risk involved."


OK, back to gay Idol or whatever.

Anonymous said...

And what about the suppliers (that supply) the suppliers?

And just think, this is just "small time" Chryslor!

Just wait until GM implodes in the next 4 weeks! The World's Largest Industrial Manufacturer - turned into a dust bowl.

Anonymous said...

A man will not lie with a man, nor a woman with a woman.

Homosexuals and Adulterers, God will judge.

(Check it out, its in the Book)

keith said...

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It's in the United States Constitution.

"No state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws"

It's in the 14th.

And I could give a sh*t what the Koran or the Bible or the Book of Morman have to say. Last I knew those books had no legal standing in America.

Anonymous said...

Uh, keith, the Log Cabin Republicans have always been openly gay.

Pay Lay Ale said...

""Gays are marrying all over America now."

If that's true, then Western Civilization truly is barren, indeed."

WHY? Most men will never have any attraction to other men. I certainly won't. The human race is not anywhere close to going extinct because 1-5% of the population is gay.

Anonymous said...

The US Constitution wasn't that perfect to start with. To its credit it allowed for itself to be amended to fix a few "mistakes" as time went on.

Motherhood will be just fine, although mothers need to slow down as global population growth is on the steep part of an exponential curve. Of course if enough people are Raptured out of here that should take care of this problem and a bunch of others for that matter.

My Childhood Priests are All In Jail, AMEN. said...

News flash, Bill: Irish-Catholic sensationalist dumbshits are the new gays, and soon after gays get civil unions nationwide, your church is gonna get its ass TAXED, and I will dance on its grave.

Anonymous said...

Keith, give it a rest will ya. Sorry, but we're not teaching five year olds about anal sex like they are now doing in the UK by a new law. Look, it's totally abnormal and should not be promoted. The northeast states that have approved gay nuptials will become backwaters down the road as people gradually leave them.

As for Chrysler: can you believe that it is now run by the unions? Anyone who buys a car from the very people that ruined the company deserves the lemon they will get. I love how BO blamed the union giveaway and govt takeover on the hedge funds when all along he and his crew were scheming to give the company to the unions that got him elected. Everything that comes out of BO's mouth is a lie....everything!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:32,
Who the F cares what the "book" says about gays. Many more worthy concerns out there!

Anonymous said...

Keith you said "But it always seems that the people espousing the most hate and fear against gays are indeed gay themselves."

I've heard this argument made several times but what it always fails to recognize is that it's incredibly insulting to gay men.

If the most virulent anti-gays are actually gay; then you're simply saying that gay men as a category are vicious, deceitful, arrogant, dishonest and incapable of leading lives of dignity.

In your efforts to defend gay men you wind up castigating a large number of them at the same time.

I like your blog but I'm not so crazy about the polemics.

keith said...

The gay Log Cabin boys (and girls) are part of a (now-dead) political party that openly promotes legal discrimination against them

Talk about confused.

That would be like a black environmentalist woman on welfare being a Republican.

Meanwhile, this whole gay issue is over. Give gays and straights the legal right to a legal civil union, and get the government out of the marriage business 100% - leave that ceremony up to the churches.

Jon King said...

Rush, Sheppard Smith, O'Reilly, and Bush Sr. are so feminine it is scary. Bush Sr. is the best one of all....a fighter pilot from a rich family can have any women he wanted and he marries the manliest women (beard) on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It's in the United States Constitution.

"No state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws"

Oh Keith, you are soooo correct. So we need to let the polygamists, the communes, the child molesters, those who get joy from sex with animals and those enjoy a dead corpus; we need to let all of them have their way because the Constitution says - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why should 'marriage' be limited to gays and hetro couples. Why not all the rest? Those who see the entire picture want to know WHY you would discriminate those other lifestyles.

Anonymous said...


ANY civilization that embraced the Homosexual lifestyle didn't last very long

A generation, about 20 to 30 years

Anonymous said...

no way. bo will appear on american idol before o'reilly comes out....

uh oh, wait a sec....

december 2008

Ross said...

Don't care. Perez Hilton can lick my,, uhhhhhh never mind.

Anyway, don't care.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

I hope all those "conservative" types you listed ARE gay! Because I like women...

Meaning that, not only do I like women in a hetro way, but I like women as a group. And I wouldn't want O'Lielly, Limpballs et. al. to be inflected on the fairer sex. OTOH, I'm a bit misandrystic. So fuck it. By which I mean "let those losers go fuck men. They deserve it."

If it was good enough for Larry Craig...

Anonymous said...

Because it actually matters who wins "American Idol." Because it's like a presidential election. What if one of the contestants gets the swine flu?

Too bad there isn't real news out there for the American public to be considered with, like disasters in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq....

geeski said...

i am still amazed at how much time and effort is wasted by bigots on the whole gay rights issue. i guess it is one of the few topics remaining for the right-wing-nut-cases to foam at the mouth about.

look, there are gay people, always have been, always will.

this stupid-ass jump to ridiculous conclusions about gay rights threatening the rights of others is just plain bigotry. pure and simple.

in this country, we're free to dislike or like anyone or anything we want.

the whole issue can be solved oh so simply. any two consenting adults, gay, straight, black, white, whatever can enter into a legally recognized and protected marriage.

that marriage has all the legal benefits from the states and the federal government, i.e. social security benefits and inheritance.

if you want some sort of blessing from a church, then go for it. in fact, in a church wedding, the church handles the paperwork for you for the state. go figure.

gay marriage is not only the right thing to do, it is inevitable, due to the 14th amendment.

for the love, get over it already.

Lost Cause said...

Bill O'Reilly just has intimate knowledge and an unnatural attachment to dildos. Gay is acceptance and loving yourself for who you are -- which is a little different.

I don't hate gays said...

Oh please, nobody cares what they do in their bedrooms.

They just want their lifestyles socially accepted. Why change the meaning of marriage only for "gays"? Change it to mean a marriage between any number of people or lifestyles, else it is discrimination.

If two men or two women getting "married" doesn't look silly, I don't know what does.

We have been bombarded with the gay agenda for so long that people don't even think to use common sense any longer.

Guberville Smack said...

I watched the video. Was that supposed to be an example of hate towards gays?
Maybe I need to watch it again?

Even funnier, the whole segment is created by the producers of Fox to push the American Idol craze.
Ever hear of "any publicity is good publicity".
Do you really think O'Reilly personally gives a f*ck about anything talked about in that segment?
He is laughing all the way to the bank.
This blog is starting to spin issues the same way that has made Olberman and O'Reilly become unwatchable.

Anonymous said...


Beware the Trojan horse of 'Tolerance'!


Anonymous said...

Gay's are only less than 3% of the population.

How the Hell do they ave such a loud voice?

Anonymous said...





will shill for coin said...

Keith, you're just about to lose your center right audience for that reason.

gutless and lazy said...

<\Sarcasm On>

Who cares. Let Gays loose tons in divorce court too. Heck, let a women or man marry their Great Dane too and have sex with them nightly while we are at it. Equal protect you know.

I guess that means the same sex marriages get all the financial benefits too.

Just don't come belly aching to me our society's financial resources are diluted away from hetero marriages even more. You know, the people who try to raise children. Ahh, screw those hetero sexual marriages and kids anyway. Equal protection is more important then creating the next generation. We can just import in third worlders to breed anyway.

<\Sarcasm Off>