May 14, 2009

Gotta love Arizona State University. Just when you think it couldn't be more of a joke institution, it becomes more of a joke institution.

I think the funniest thing is that some people actually PAY to go to that school.

One word of advice when choosing a school kids: Return on Investment.

That said, the chicks are hot.

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Anonymous said...

Greg Swann couldn't get into Arizona State

Anonymous said...

Does ASU have a pole dancing Major? These two heiffers would be perfect!

Another reason why America is DEAD



Anonymous said...

Welcome to Turd World America!

CNN -- The U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday that the minority population reached an estimated 104.6 million - or 34% of the nation's total population - on July 1, 2008, compared to 31% when the Census was taken in 2000. Nearly one in six residents, or 46.9 million people, are Hispanic, the agency reported.

Even more telling for the future: 44% of children under age 18 and 47% of children under the age of five are now from minority families.
Do you understand why your country is becoming a huge Tijuana now? Do you understand why the Democrats are in love with illiterate immigrants, so they can manipulate them into anything? Do you understand now why California is bankrupt and the mayor of LA has asked Geithner for TARP money? Do you understand that even GED tests in the US are available in Spanish?

America is dead, thanks to people like Barney Frank and Pelosi and Feisntein and Bill Maher and Huffington, etc. But don't get me wrong, I'm all for "diversity"; just not for a "diversity" 98% Mexican. Do we want to become Mexico? Is Mexico a symbol of a country that really made it? If Mexico should be so great, why are most Mexicans moving into the US and that country is getting loans from the IMF to get by? Don't forget that Hispanics have the highest high school dropout rates in the nation (60%!!!).
Numbers don't lie, and when I say that they are breeding like flies, you know why.

Ross said...

Everything in this video was painfully staged. ASU is a party school, but I am proof that you can get a quality education there. It is what you make it and a lot of people make it in to a boozing and STD fest.

Total tuition I paid there over 4 years as an in-stater was $10,200. My high school now costs more than that to attend for 1 school year.

Anonymous said...

"Everything in this video was painfully staged.'

shhhh...keith thinks jon stewart is genuine.

Anonymous said...

Do you understand why the Democrats are in love with illiterate immigrants?Sounds like they're not the only ones. ;^D

¡Obama and his friends are not on our side; Juan McCaín será may whore!

Fruity Pebbles said...

The extreme heat has clearly fried their brains.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Hey anonymous minority-slagger -- do you see the irony of you crapping out an off-topic cut 'n' paste about how stupid Mexicans are, on a blog post highlighting the drunken ignorance of WHITE AMERICAN college students?

Maybe you don't get it. Let me explain. You're ragging on how stupid people from other countries are. But you're doing it in response to something about how stupid a lot of the American majority is.

You created a contradictory juxtaposition. What you did is unintentionally funny. It's ironic.

Teh stoopid: Look -- You can see it in the mirror!

AZDavidPhx said...

I am a graduate student at ASU; I'm not going to go way out there to defend it, but you can cherry pick morons from just about any college campus and ask them history questions that they won't know. You can also find plenty of bimbos in bikini's or at frat parties at other schools too.

I do think that ASU is run like a business though and they do pretty much let in anything that breathes.

However, once you are in - you make what you want out of it. If you want to be a douchebag and sit in the jacuzzi all day, fine. If you want to read and learn something, whatever.

That has been my impression.

Student said...

You're just calling ASU a party school because we have lots of parties.

* glare *

Reality said...

Anon obsessed with race,

Most of those cherry-picked morons in the video clip are not "minorities." What does race have anything to do with this?

Albania is nearly all white, so is Romania, Bulgaria and Russia; how successful are their economies? Iceland bankrupt despite its demographics being mostly well educated "Nordic Aryans."

The issue is not race. The real issue is the intrinsic inefficiency of government monopolies. That inefficiency applies to education, healthcare . . . as well as any proposed caste system based on race. Here is a hint: all the government redistributors and enforcers would be dead weight on the economy! Their coercive intervention in the society would only serve to mangle the economy even further.