May 19, 2009

Jesse Ventura takes out sissy-boy Sean Hannity

Man, I'm digging Ventura these days.

Don't agree with him on everything, but I think it's time for an honest, shoot-from-the-hip, clear-talking, surfing, anti-establishment guy. Especially one eager and ready to stand up to girlie-men like Hannity.


Anonymous said...

did ventura slip up and say "McCain and Osama bin Laden election"?

Dark Matter said...

Ventura is flogging his book, Hannity is flapping his gums, and meanwhile Rome burns. Let me know when they start shooting at each other, then it might be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Keith, but Ventura's argument is weak that it is not BOs fault because he inherited a deficit from bush.

like hanity said, we will see next year when they can't possibly blame bush anymore (but that won't stop them from trying).

BO INCREASED spending, growing the deficit even more than it would have by itself.

Then ventura won't accept that bush received an economy from clinton that was in decline.

you can't have it both ways. well, if your liberal you think you can.

ventura said he would like to have a hundred incidents of the president lying under oath (the monica reference) than one iraq.

i say they are both bad and that having a president lie under oath, in a court of law, a hundred times, is pretty damn bad.

The sitting president, lying under oath, in a court of law.

That is pretty Fing bad. and ventura gives him a pass on it. that lowers my opinion of ventura.

Anonymous said...

looks like I am buying GM, along with all of you others as partners.

word is that GM will sell viable assets to the federal government, which makes us share holders in a way.

i wonder how many shares I own? will I get a shareholders meeting notice?

Angry Leprechaun said...

"That is pretty Fing bad. and ventura gives him a pass on it. that lowers my opinion of ventura."

Ventura was defending anyone as much as he was making points. I think you took a lot of what he said out of context and he was using those points to be abrasive to Hannity. I agree with what he said entirely. He summed up why Hannity does not get and why conservative republicans don't get while libertarian conservatives do.

Hannity is too defensive torwards the crap that republicans do to have any credibility anymore. Libertarians, like myself, are bery conservative, but we will not sell out our beleifs to defend one of the two parties in a two party system.

The problem with Hannity is he will go to any lenghts to defend the Republicans right or wrong. While guys who are very conservative like Ventura, Paul, and others can acctually get along with democrats and meet on a common ground and get things done. Republicans don't like libertarians for that. republicans don't like Dems, and Dems don't like Repubs. There has beenn quite a bit of tension lately between the Repubs and the Libertarians. But the Dems and the Libertarians acctually tend to get along pretty well. Meanwhile I believe that Libertarians are the most conservative in line with the Constitution and with the thinking of our forefathers, and are truley the defenders of liberty and freedom.

Why am I going around in circles. It is the best way i can describe why the repubs are loosing there bsae and are floundering and are not relating to the people anymore.

I think this was a great intreveiw and as Ventura stated it was not long enough. I think it was supposed to be longer and the producers cut it short cause Hannity was getting his man package handed to him. the segment on last nights showe with his All American Panel or what ever it is called was really long as well. Maybe I am wrong but Ventrua was prepared for that segemtn to go on and Hannity had it coming.

Angry Leprechaun said...

"looks like I am buying GM, along with all of you others as partners.

word is that GM will sell viable assets to the federal government, which makes us share holders in a way.

i wonder how many shares I own? will I get a shareholders meeting notice?"

No, and if Obama and his admin keep this shit up who knows how bad the summer of rage could get and how long it could last. he is really fucking with the constitution and his powers and the gun owning conservatives of this country are going to get close to flipping their lid.

Supernintendo Chalmers said...

Jesse talking about Bush: “Did you know he took over 900 days of vacation?”

Hanjobbity: “So what? A president's never off.”

Jesse: “This one was.”

i like Ventura. straight shooter. all about accountability and transparency.

Amtex said...

Hannity is the ultimate coward. Jesse is right on.

The latest talking point by the right dingos is "next year they can't blame Bush anymore".

Of course we can and should. Bush and his crew set this mess in motion and Obama had no choice but to spend what he is spending to avoid total collapse. Right wingers are cowardly, traitorous, and not all that bright.

yoski said...

Ventura seems pretty well informed and makes good points.
The economy, the country and the budget where in much better shape when Bush took over than when he left office. Anybody who can't see that is a fool, plain and simple.
BO took over a horrible situation. Unfortunately he might turn it into an even worse situation by the time he leaves office, but of course that remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Won't someone rid the world of His Pestilence?

Stuck in So Pa said...

Why not? Hanity and the rest of the right wingnuts have NEVER stopped blaming Clinton for the last eight-year fiasco under BushCo.

"Right" wing talk show hosts are just preaching to the choir anyway.

You have to give them one thing though. Their fan base is hard core devoted. Brainless, bigoted, knuckle dragging devoted, but devoted nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Jesse is da Man!

Anonymous said...


This is Keefer reporting live from MSNBC

Anonymous said...

Ventura did nothing for Minnesota

Anonymous said...

You blame Bush for Spending?

B Husein Obama is well on his way to topping that in a very short period of time!

Angry Leprechaun said...

"Obama had no choice but to spend what he is spending to avoid total collapse."

No, he did not need to spend this money any more than Bush allowed TARP. Period.

yoski said...

anonymous fool says:
"like hanity said, we will see next year when they can't possibly blame bush anymore (but that won't stop them from trying)."

Republicans still blamed Clinton after 8 years, but BO can't blame Bush after one year? No wonder Bush got elected for a second term, the majority of voters are fools. Now you got what you deserve!

Anonymous said...




bobby cranston said...

"did ventura slip up and say "McCain and Osama bin Laden election"?"

no; if you remember, the republicans made 9/11 (Osama bin Laden) their number one issue. as Rand Paul said on CNBC, the Republicans can't win by "going after grandmothers."

IMO, Hannity looked like a real jerk; The Republican and Democratic parties are both loosing steam since they both suck; i.e. we need something better since Hannity's Gold Standard ("Bush") makes it look like Americas over.

Fruity Pebbles said...

Wow - what a SMACKDOWN! Finally someone with the facts and the fortitude to throw back at Hannity and shut his smug mouth. He was on the ropes and had to stop the match. Loved it. Arrright, Jesse!

George L said...

Hannity got owned like a little b*tch!

Anonymous said...


What an ASS!

Wears a feather boa for crying out loud!


Anonymous said...

We can't blame Bush for spending; didn't you get the memo?

Listen up and repeat what they tell you to:

"...Bush...he's a big government conservative...willing to spend more and increase the size of government..."

What's wrong with that?

That big sloppy Medicare part D wet kiss to Big Pharma was the best.

Extra style points for having his FDA intercept American-made mail order drugs sold & shipped from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Buh buh buh you said that Fox sux because it's propaganda all the time. How come Jesse can speak his mind freely, and Hanity invites him as a guest?

You won't see that at MSBC.

Anonymous said...

Every single person in combat today, I sent there, and I never forget that for a second. So, no, I don't enjoy my jobLordy, Mr. Secretary; why not be an aloof sociopath like your former Commander and not sweat it?

MelodyofLove said...

I love Jesse and he is right on in my book :)

Markus Arelius said...

These red state vs. blue state comments are really funny to read. I have to laugh.

Instead of thumping your chests about how right you think you are, and about which party is going to win the next election (bla, bla, bla), it might be wise to consider that it doesn't matter. Republican or Democrat, you're all going to grow old, and the next generation of children in this country are probably not going to take care of you, nor pay much heed to your elderly interests in the same way again. Instead this future generation may very well want to beat the ever living snot out of you for having more than they have, and for blowing America's unique fortunes on war, overpriced houses, SUVs, pools, granite, meth and hookers.

But hey, take heart. While picking up your teeth with a broken hand at least you will still be able yell back at those future "hoodlums" about how right you were.

keith said...

Ventura was on the Rachel Maddow show (on msnbc) a few days ago. Remember? I posted it then.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Jesse has been getting a lot of play on the left-wing talk radio broadcasts we download here. (Can't quit that USA politics...) Sound clips from his TV appearances, I should add, because left-wing radio is such a small thing that Bernie Sanders is the only official who ever does interviews on it. Ventura was on "The View" and also chewed a new one into that ditzy chick who sputters the right-wing jive.

I'm with angry leprechaun on the part about leftists having more in common with libertarians than rightists do. At least we're all for personal freedom. The right is just for the rich. And since it won't be long before almost everyone is poor, that's a shrinking fan base.

Anonymous said...

Hannity must have thought Ventura was going to ape the right-wing talking points. Jesse seems to be more independent minded.

Ventura was just warming up - I'd have liked to hear what he had to say, although his book sounds disappointing:

Wind Farmer said...

I thing this is better...
Jesse Venture vs Hulk Hogan

Anonymous said...

"...Jesse can speak his mind freely..."If he could've(that's a contraction of HAVE, dipshits; not could of) gotten more than 2 sentences uninterrupted.

I did notice when he paused for quite a long time to allow Hannity the floor for his statements(not questions) there was a loooong period of dead air.

Asking questions that you won't allow complete answers to: solid indication of dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

Bush and his crew set this mess in motion and Obama had no choice but to spend what he is spending to avoid total collapse.

"no choice but to spend what he is spending"

Now that is a left talking point.

BO had lots of choices, just like bush did.

more deficit spending in order to fix a problem created by deficit spending makes no sense.

don't people realize that BO is owned by the powers that be? the utltra rich all support him because they want to maintain things the way they are with themselves on the top of the heap. Bill gates, warren buffet, soros, hollywood rich, etc etc.

BO knows who signs his pay check

SeattleMoose said...

Hannity is a big bully until a real man confronts him.

Then he is exposed for what he really is....a pasty white soft whimp.

He is the perfect front man for "chickenhawks" everywhere!!!

I would rather have a leader like Ventura than all the processed cheese whiz we have now. And that includes BO who is starting to stink....

Anonymous said...

"Ventura was on the Rachel Maddow show (on msnbc) a few days ago. Remember? I posted it then."

Of course he was. He's saying what MSNBC wants to hear. I want to see MSNBC invite guests with a contrary view of its usual (and tiring) BO Kool-Aid.

At least Fox (yeah, even Hannity!) has guests with different opinions, not that ultraliberal hogwash that bankrupted California, MA, and NYC.

hitfan said...

I kind of liked that exchange.

Hannity would be wise to hire Ventura as his co-host, it would be a ratings goldmine.

Hannity & Ventura?

Neal said...

I thought this was supposed to be a smack down, it was more like two bridge players arguing over a move....boring and I thought Ventura was an outsider with independent ideas, all he did was use all the democrat talking points. I was hopeful for this video and Ventura, now I am just disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Pffft. I thought that Ventura was "an honest, shoot-from-the-hip, clear-talking, surfing, anti-establishment guy" when I voted for him. I was profoundly disappointed with his actual performance.