May 8, 2009

Man, it's good to see the results of our 'political party affiliation' poll thus far. Only 23% of Sashers still have their heads up their asses.

The political parties are dead.

They've been discredited, disintermediated and destroyed.

Power to the people.

What are you?


Ostrich said...

"Only 23% of Sashers still have their head up their asses"
It depends upon your point of view!

Bwaha ha ha ha!

Angry Leprechaun said...


Your ego does not represent "23%" of everyone here!

Malcolm said...

But at the same time, a large number of people from the other poll shows FOX as their source of "news".
Kind of cancels out the political affiliations

keith said...

I struggled with the news channel poll

I voted for MSNBC in the end. After that I'd say Fox, then C-span, then al-jazeera, then PBS, then Comedy Central, then BBC

BBC truly is bad. Just repeats the same story over and over, and is like watching an amateurish local news broadcast - knifings, car crashes, etc. Also there's no point of view, so it's boring.

I like Fox - it entertains me. MSNBC I like the personalities. I forgot to list CNBC but I like that, as well as Bloomberg. And CNN - are they still on?

Independent on party affiliation of course. Hate 'em all. Little corrupt mafias that have taken American to the brink of ruin.

Anonymous said...

OT, the fire in Santa Barbara, Ca is getting closer to the orange man's home in Montesito.

Very suspicious I'd say!

Anonymous said...

If you had listed Bloomberg, I would have picked that.

CNBC is just silly! I do look at it, just for entertainment/scoff value. I think this morning they were yelling "the recession is over!". I think I could successfully trade on that at a near-term market TOP contrarian indicator.

Half the time in the morning they are just, like, "WOW! Look at that market! Why is it doing that?"


You only listed TV, I guess, but if I REALLY only could have ONE news source of any type--it would be...

The Economist magazine.

Anonymous said...

every time I watch msnbc I get a tingly feeling that runs up my leg....

Foolz R Us said...

Shouldn't it be termed: political party affliction?

Affiliation doesn't adequately address the insidious nature of indoctrination and the painful process of discovery that you've been misled.

Anonymous said...

You guys are lucky. I have to deal with communist LULA! Just wait until the US elects an union leader for POTUS.

I see that markets are soaring everywhere. Poof! All rosy now, even though the lowest doom and gloom was just back on March 2, 2009. That was almost a couple of months ago, yet global markets fake like everything is fixed in a couple months?

Industrial production in Brazil dropped 18% in April, while delinquency jumped 12% in Q1; yet people are pumping EWZ like crazy? Hilarious!

Oil tankers are lining up off shore Rotterdam's port, as oil consumption is at the lowest level and there's no more storage for oil inland. GM and Chrysler aren't selling cars and bankrupt, which means less oil consumption. Yet the barrel soars to $58?


As usual, let me post the Brazilian video music of the weekend to cheer you guys up:

Pay Lay Ale said...

"I like Fox - it entertains me. MSNBC I like the personalities. I forgot to list CNBC but I like that, as well as Bloomberg. And CNN - are they still on?"

MSNBC is a propaganda machine for the current regime, just like Faux was for the last regime. Oh, and no one except keith watches MSNBC. MSNBC only has about 300,000 viewers on average.

"the running joke in TV news is Fox and CNN are news channels with websites, but MSNBC is a website with a cable channel."

CNBC is a propaganda machine for wall street. It's the financial porn channel, just like HGTV was for housing. Bloomberg seems to, for the most part, be "fair and balanced."

Anonymous said...

is this asking registered party affiliation, or along what party lines one tends to vote? some people vote third party when their favorite candidate doesn't make it to the primaries.

Anonymous said...

correction: "some people vote third party when their favorite candidate doesn't make it [past] the primaries."

keith said...

What I like about CNBC is how much the anchors hate each other

Makes for good TV, even if they're clowns

Anonymous said...


I would have liked to have seen or view your opinion when the Republicans won in 2000. Can you shime in on how you felt when Republicans won in 2000? Was this your view (Heads up their asses), or were you a Independent/Liberitarian back them?

Anyone want to place a bet. I say Keith was a 100% Republican/Bush supporter.


Anonymous said...

I would agree with 'Pay Lay Ale' that Keith is the only person that watches MSNBC.

There are probably a few more expats in foreign countries that watch it too.

Lost Cause said...

Winner-take-all elections give us the two party system. It does not have to be this way.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad the day I realized that I needed to my own thoughts
instead of people who are trying to sell me something . In spite of this , I sometimes get brainwashed without knowing it .The human being is fooled into thinking that it is efficient to get information from another source that has more time to research things .

People should vote the issue ,not the party . A political party is nothing but a self-serving ,self-interested group that just wants power to pad the pockets of the groups that put it in power .

Anonymous said...

ok, so independents are kicking arse in your poll.

why do we still have D's and R's in office?


Anonymous said...

Actually only 13% have their heads up their ass as of 5/9

(5% + 8%)

i've had it said...

Ever since Anderson Cooper made that comment about how hard it is to talk when you're tea bagging - I haven't been able to watch him. Everytime I see him I just think about him having a scrotum shoved down his throat while he"s delivering the news.

He should have been fired for that comment but the liberals and gay lobby would not allow it to happen.

I watch Fox and also enjoy the website.