May 4, 2009

Now it's just funny. 4th grader questions Condi Rice on torture. You know, does the job that America's incompetent and corrupt "reporters" didn't do

It's true, the Bush Administration failed America. But America's mainstream media failed it even more.

The crucial breakdown this past decade wasn't in government. It was in reporting.

Nice to see a 4th grader reminding us how it's supposed to be done. And I hope anyone who still has a job as a paid "reporter" remembers what their profession is supposed to be doing all along, and didn't.

4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding

In her first Washington appearance since leaving office, Condoleezza Rice speaks to students at the Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital.

Days after telling students at Stanford University that waterboarding was legal "by definition if it was authorized by the president," former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice was pressed again on the subject yesterday by a fourth-grader at a Washington school.


les said...


Anonymous said...

'Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital'


Is this a federally-funded babysitting service for AIPAC staffers?

Anonymous said...

MUCH better inquiry: "Your administration has invoked the 'ticking bomb' hypothetical MANY times as justification, and now we hear that Bush would do NOTHING illegal... Nothing.

Ergo, the President would let Americans die before he would torture, right?"

Just trying to get a little clarity/consistency using YOUR OWN CONSTRUCTS.

will shill for coin said...

Are you out of your f'ing mind Keith.

You're confusing the "No reporters talking about real estate corruption" issue with the "Three quarters of all journalists obsessed for the last 2 years with the definition of torture" issue.

Which is pretty sloppy. And I'll wager the fourth grader barely even knows 9/11 happened. Another good expert source.

Anonymous said...

I call BS.

4th graders simply aren't concerned with torture or know what the fuck it is - unless, of course, they are prodded by their fucking parents to ask the question. I compare this to people who take their kids to anti-abortion protests and shit - the kids have no fucking idea and are just doing what their parents tell them and/or have been manipulated by their parents. Yeah, like this kid examined all the issues and weighed the pros and cons prior to taking such position.

And, by the way, plunging someone's head under water to to actually drown them IS torture, not simulated drowning via waterboarding.

Get real.

Again, enough with the bashing of one party.